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CAUTION – Remove all dirt and debris from the areas of the machine where the
Autopilot system will be installed.

Pre-installation machine preparation


CAUTION – Park the machine on a level, hard surface. Block the front and rear wheels.


CAUTION – Align the steering straight ahead. On articulated machines, install the
articulation locks.


CAUTION – Lower all attachments to the ground.


CAUTION – To avoid burns, allow hot machines to cool before attempting installation.


CAUTION – Relieve all pressure in oil, air and water systems before disconnecting any
lines, fittings or related items.


CAUTION – Be careful when removing fill caps, breathers and hose connections. Hold a
rag over the cap or fitting to prevent being sprayed by liquids that may still be under


CAUTION – Before starting to disconnect hydraulic and electrical components, disconnect
the battery cables and attach a “Do Not Operate” or similar tag in the operator’s cab. A
lockout box should also be installed on the battery terminal to avoid the battery from
being reconnected.


CAUTION – Remove the key from the ignition switch.

Note –


Before you begin the installation, read through these instructions to familiarize
yourself with the installation procedure.

The left and right sides of the machine are referred to as if you are standing
behind the vehicle, facing in the normal direction of travel.

Open all of the kit boxes and check the contents of the box against the packing
list. Lay all parts out on a clean work bench.

AgGPS Autopilot Automated Steering System Installation Instructions