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Installation Instructions
9 August 2005

AgGPS EZ-Steer Assisted Steering System: Case IH
AFX Combine and New Holland CX Combine
Installation Instructions
This document provides installation instructions and tips for installing the AgGPS® EZ-Steer™ assisted
steering system on the Case IH AFX 8010 combine and the New Holland CX 840/860/880 combine.
For vehicle setup parameters, enter the values for your vehicle that are provided in the Vehicle
Configuration Settings document. Go to

1. Remove the steering column housing
2. Modify the steering column housing
3. Reinstall the steering column housing
4. Install the EZ-Steer platform kit
5. Install the EZ-Steer motor

Step 1: Removing the steering column housing
1. Use the side lever to tilt the steering column fully down.

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