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Configuring vehicles with solenoid boom valves for use with
the EZ-Boom 2010 System
For vehicles equipped with three-wire motorized boom valves, the EZ-Boom 2010
system controller is rated to drive all ten (10) boom sections.
For vehicles with solenoid boom valves, you may need to modify the vehicle, or the
vehicle configuration, to ensure that the total current draw does not exceed 16 Amps.


CAUTION – Before using solenoid boom valves, calculate the maximum total current
draw. Do not allow the total to exceed 16 Amps. A higher current draw can cause the
EZ-Boom controller to overheat and malfunction. To keep below the 16 Amp limit, modify
your vehicle setup or configuration.

Calculating the maximum total current draw

Find the maximum current draw for one of the solenoid boom valves. If there is
no rating in the manufacturer’s documentation, contact the vendor.


Multiply the maximum current draw for one valve by the total number of
solenoid boom valves on the vehicle. For example, if one valve has a maximum
current draw of 3 Amps:
This many boom
valves ...

Would result in a total maximum current
draw of ...


5 x 3 Amp = 15 Amp


9 x 3 Amp = 27 Amp

Reducing the maximum total current draw
If the total current draw is greater than 16 Amps, do one of the following:


Use fewer boom valves on the vehicle.

Add external relays to each of the solenoid valves to reduce the current draw
from the EZ-Boom system.

Replace solenoid valves with three-wire motorized boom valves.

EZ-Boom 2010 System Troubleshooting Guide