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“Naomi’s Bakery”
Complete with baker figurine.

for Our Collectors!

This limited edition piece is not available in stores, but is yours FREE when you
join the Lemax Collector’s Club for 2009. Join or renew today to receive:

• Exclusive “Naomi’s Bakery” Collector’s Club Building

• Full-color Lemax catalog (for reference only)

• Subscription to quarterly Collector’s Club Journal

• Attractive membership certificate

• Full-color display brochure

Call toll-free to join today!

Join the Lemax Collector’s Club Today!

Complete and mail this application form, or call toll-free 1-888-536-2987 to join over the telephone.
p New Member
p Membership Renewal

p One Year -$35
p Gift Membership
p Two Years - $65 Save $5
Shipping Information

Member’s Name
Address (No PO Boxes)

__________________________Postal code____________ Country___________

p Please check here if this is a new address.
Telephone (_____)____________________


Payment Information (If different from above.)
Payer’s Name
__________________________Postal code____________ Country___________

Membership total:
Shipping charges:

FREE shipping to continental U.S.

Add $18 US per membership, per year for shipping

to AK, HI, Puerto Rico and Canada

Add $25 US per membership, per year for shipping

to all other NON-U.S. destinations


NOTE: Additional NON-U.S. customs duties may be imposed at receiving end and are the sole responsibility of the recipient!

p Check or money order enclosed (Make payable to: Lemax Collector’s Club)

Drawn on U.S. Banks and in U.S. Funds ONLY. A $20 service charge will be issued on all returned checks.

p Please charge my:


p MasterCard




Expiration date:



Check & Money Order payments must be made in U.S. funds and drawn on U.S. banks only. All checks and money orders in foreign currency or drawn on foreign banks will be returned. Foreign credit card payments will
automatically be deducted at the current exchange rate.

Mail this completed application form & payment to: Lemax Collector’s Club, PO Box 502, Canton, MA 02021 USA, or call 1-888-536-2987 to join now!

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