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Table of Contents

Foreword of Translator
Demands about Women's Rights
Status of Women throughout the Ages: Women in the
Pre-Islamic Societies and Civilizations
Women's Rights in Islam: in general, as children and
daughters, as sisters, as wives, as mothers.
o Care for Women in General, and the Equality of
Men and Women in Islam, and their
complementary nature to one another
o Women as Children and Daughters
o Women as Wives
o Women as Mothers
o Women as Kinfolks and Neighbors
o Misconceptions about Women in Islam
o Polygamy in Islamo Power of Guardianship in the Marriage
o Financial and Moral Responsibilities of the
o Wife Beating
o Honor Killing
o Power to Divorce is with Man
o Women's Rights of Inheritance
o Blood Money
o Testimony of Women
o - Travel Without Closely Related Male Escort
o - Women's Right to Work
o - On Hijab (covering head & face)