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Islamic civilization has its own view to present, a view that
we believe expresses the highest of possible human values
achievable because it is based on the divine revelation and
guidance from the one and only Creator, the God of Mankind,
Allah the Beneficent, Wise, Sublime and Omniscient, Who
knows all the needs of his creations. He sent His last and final
Prophet and Messenger to mankind, Muhammad ibn
Abdullah (). He inspired him with the revelation and
teachings that were to be a perfect guide and example to the
sincere worshipper, that servant of Allah in righteousness and
obedience, in all the various circumstances and spheres of life.
With humility and humble service Muhammad, the Messenger
of Allah (), delivered the message and fulfilled the huge
responsibility of his mission of beneficence and mercy.
His family and followers, although humans with the
imperfections that are the mark of human frailty, followed his
example of righteousness, fortitude in goodness and selfless
virtue. After the examples of all the Prophets of Allah, which
include Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus (may Allah exalt
their mention), it is they who present for us the best examples.
Successive generations of Muslims have exhibited mixed
behavior, and some have unfortunately deviated horrendously
to the lowest grades of misguidance, wickedness and criminal
behavior. Nevertheless, Muslims remain encouraged and
optimistic because there will never be an era without some
glowing lights of knowledgeable, upright, and virtuous
Muslim men and women, who exhibit the virtues by which the
Islamic message and mission is characterized.
This book was previously published with the title WOMAN
IN THE SHADE OF ISLAM, and we have strived to re-adapt
the work for the benefit of a wider range of English readers.
We ask Allah, the Exalted, to accept our humble efforts and