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English : Summarize a text.
« Adoptions more open for gays and lesbians. »
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The main subject of this article is the adoption for gay and lesbian people in the USA, and
more precisely the fact that these adoptions are becoming easier for them, “more open”,
insofar as the agencies begin to accept adoptions for homosexual people, for instance.
According to Brodzinsky, this phenomenon is due to the religious beliefs of the agencies.
Indeed, the agencies placed under the will and the belief of the Catholic Church (14%), the
Jewish Church (92%), and the Protestant Church (42%) began to accept more and more
adoptions for homosexual people. As for the public agencies, they all said they would accept,
except in States that ban the homosexual adoption, of course.
The fact is that the agencies had instructions: they could only place a child with a married
couple, and therefore, not with single persons and homosexual people.
Nevertheless, it depends on what kind of agency it is. For instance, agencies concerned by
“children with special needs” (such as mental diseases, disabled children) are more opened to
adoptions for homosexual people. We can notice the same behaviour in the international
agencies, except if the country from which the child comes bans the adoption for homosexual
Therefore, this is a positive point, as far as the adoptions for homosexual people are concerned.
However, we should not forget that much prejudices still exist, and that many agencies such
as the agencies under the influence of fundamentalist Church beliefs answer that they will
never accept such a thing. Furthermore, some agencies are still using the “don’t ask don’t tell”
method, which hold back all this “progress” in people’s mind and agencies’ practices.
However, the need of the agencies is becoming bigger and bigger each year, all the more so as
there are more and more children waiting to be adopted. Therefore, many agencies can’t
really refuse adoptions for homosexual people, since it would be counterproductive, and quite
seldom. Indeed, although some beliefs forbid homosexual people to be parents and to have
children (even adopted children), the fact is that these children need to be adopted as quickly
as they can, and that they are becoming more numerous each year. We can’t just think about
our ideologies, we have to think about children’s care according to Brodzinsky.

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