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For Immediate Release:

“Ellis Stafford” X – 62 Championship Edition

X Factory is proud to announce a special “Ellis Stafford” Championship Edition
X – 62 Conversion Kit has been shipped to dealers in U.K and France. This
limited edition Kit celebrates Ellis fantastic back-to-back BRCA 2WD National
championship titles and TQ at the 2009 Euros.

Now customers have the chance to buy the car that closely represents that which Ellis uses
with all the optional tuning and cosmetic parts found on the champions buggy; however
only one limited run batch of 50 of these special kits has been produced, so customers
must act quickly before they are gone..

The buggy brings together all the standard features of the X6 Squared that have made the
car so successful all over the world, including the mid motored concept, 4 gear
transmission, LIPO-friendly one piece chassis design and many more unique features too.
We have added components from no less than nine outside manufacturers to bring you this
kit, the full list of additional parts over and above the standard “K019 X6 Squared
Conversion” are as follows;
E-Speed – ES001 Blue alloy rear camber links
E-Speed – ES002 Blue alloy motor plate brace
Dirtz Dialled Partz – DDP024 Blue alloy lightweight milled motor plate
Dirtz Dialled Partz – DDP025 Precision alloy suspension shims (2 sets)
Rudebits – Complete Brass Weight Distribution kit
X-Factory – XF1006 Plastic Chassis replaces graphite
X-Factory – XF1225 Quick Change LIPO battery retainer kit
X-Factory/MIP – XF2601 Steel trailing front wheel axles
X-Factory/MIP – XF5661 Extra Droop long rear CVD axles and spacers
Lunsford – complete set Titanium turnbuckles (6)
Lunsford – complete set Titanium broached ball studs (14)
Losi – A6016 Heavy Duty grey ballcups
J Concepts – JC0103 Front air dam/wing
Associated – AS9593 30 Degree front castor blocks
Ellis Spec – Wing mounts and AE Blue flanged washers for wing
Ellis Spec – roll bar mounting kit featuring a special slotted rear bulkhead,
titanium 1” sway bar links, ball joints and HD ballends
Decal Designs – Special Edition Ellis Spec decal sheet
A special addendum to the instruction manual written by Ellis himself!
Step-by-step, Ellis shows you the slight changes that produce Championships.
Purchased separately these option parts would cost over £300 and you still would need the
Conversion Kit!!

The kits have already been shipped form the factory in the USA and are expected to arrive
on December 24th, each kit has been hand signed with the kit number and autographed by
Ellis too!!

XFK020 – “Ellis Stafford Championship Edition” X62
Conversion Kit
UK RRP £334.99
Available to order now at all good X-Factory UK stockists
(only available while stocks last).

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