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ACL Bearing Company is a prime supplier of automotive engine
bearings and powder metallurgy product to the Australian motor
vehicle manufacturers. The company holds the distinction of being
a preferred supplier to Ford Motor Company, Holden (General
Motors), Mitsubishi and the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.
The Company’s Quality Management System has been
implemented to conform to customer requirements on a global
Fundamental to the Company’s success is that the product quality
and process control systems have been developed to embrace
the requirements of the Inter national Automotive Quality
Management System QS 9000 incorporating the Australian and
International Standard AS/NZ ISO 9001 : 2000 and Environmental
accreditation AS/NZ ISO 14001: 1996.
Recognition of the achievements in compliance with these
standards are endorsed by the results of independent quality
assurance audits carried out on a regular basis by customer
representatives, internal auditors and by third party accreditation
auditors, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.