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Titre: Newsletter anglais Michelin janvier 2010
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Meilleurs Vœux
Hôtel des Puys – VolcanHôtel – Clermont-Ferrand – Janvier 2010
The direction and the team of Hotel des Puys and VolcanHôtel Hotel present you their best wishes for 2010
wherever you are in the world. You are likely to stay in our hotels during a clermontois stay, thank you for your
loyalty. We want to make knowledge or maintain a privileged by creating and sending a newsletter.You will find
there the current events of our hotels as well as the special offers especially reserved for members of MFP

Confort room Hôtel des Puys :
New soundproofing, bath room,
Some with balcony and panoramic view on the Chaîne des Puys,
TV with CanalSat / TNT and foreign channels,
Free services: Wi-Fi and courtesy tray,
MFP Michelin rate: 104€ including breakfast

Executive room Hôtel des Puys :
Design, spacious, light and cosy with duvet and work plan,
Open bathroom with modern shower, bathrobe and slippers,
TV avec CanalSat / TNT et chaînes étrangères, minibar,
Free services: Wifi, coffee and safe.
MFP MICHELIN rate: 139€ including breakfast

VolcanHôtel room:
Bathroom with shower and hairdryer, workplan,
New bedding and duvets,
TV with CanalSat / TNT and foreign channels,
Free services: Wi-Fi and safe
MFP Michelin rate : 58€ including breakfast



The 4th night is free
Conditions :

For a stay from 18/01 to 06/03 included
Subject to availabilities
Only request to hotel
Code promotion : bib0110


Tell us a credit card number in guarantee, we
make a commitment to confirm the booking
immediately by phone and in the 1 hour by fax
or e-mail (24h/24).

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