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Nom original: INFO-GB Romo.pdfTitre: Danish Beach Sailing Association invites you to the 2010 Open X-Sail European Championship Auteur: Tom Dussek

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2010 Open X-Sail European Championship
Danish Beach Sailing Association invites you to the 2010 Open X-Sail European Championship.
The event will be held on the 14th, 15th and 16th of May 2010 at Sonderstrand, Romo, Denmark.
About the racing:
Everyone is welcome. The heats will be short, to ensure that everyone will get as many races as
With only a few simple rules, both children and adults can participate.
The races will be for standard X-sail with standard sail only.
About the venue:
Romo is the southernmost of the Danish Wadden Sea islands in the south-west of Denmark. Its
wonderful sandy beaches makes it not only a popular tourist destination, but also a perfect venue for
beach sailing.
The event will be held on Sonderstrand, which not only provides Denmark's finest beach sailing,
but also ranks amongst the best in the world.
At Sonderstrand you enjoy a magnificent 3 sq km of sand, specially designated for beach sailing,
and you can still sail regardless of wind direction.
You can also drive directly on to the beach.
Accessing the island is via road, and Romo is about 50 km. from the German border.
Registration is via our website, and closes on 1st April 2010.
The price includes meals and registration fee.
Payment is via normal bank transfer to our account. ( See registration on webpage)
General information, navigation rules, accommodation information, participant list, sponsor list and
information about prizes etc. will be posted on the website so please check it regularly.

Danish Beach Sailing Association
Sandvadvej 7, DK-8765 Klovborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 75 76 16 47
Skype: mortenjuul1

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