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plaquette 1 SJ .pdf

Nom original: plaquette 1 - SJ.pdf
Titre: Diapositive 1
Auteur: Vaness

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Their dreams, our

My dream, my project
Crossing the US by bicycle with my dog was
my new dream; this is going to be my new
adventure. With this project, we will mix the
beautiful feelings of discoveries, sport,
wildness, and sharing. Sharing each others,
sharing with people on the road, sharing with
family and friends on my blog and sharing with
sick kids that we will visit on
the road. Because a dream
like this one wouldn’t have
sense without sharing it with
all of you.

As I’m realizing one of my dreams, I want to
help sick kids to believe in their dreams too.
I’m raising money for SickKids Foundation
through my blog. And we also want to share
our adventure with them all along the trip to
help them to keep hope.

We will go and meet kids in their hospitals in
as many cities we’re going to cross as possible.
I’m already planning to go to Toronto, New
York, Cincinnati, Omaha, Denver and San
Francisco Children’s Hospitals.

Visit the blog at:

From New York to San Francisco. We will cross America
coast to coast, visiting 12 different states, and
pedalling about 6500km.
Summer 2010. My goal is not to break a record or to
run a race, but to really enjoy a memorable sportive
and human adventure. We will start on the Atlantic
coast beginning of July and plan to arrive on the
Pacific coast mid September.

Pedalling and camping. We will use our legs and a good
bicycle (a good dog trailer for Java) as only mean of
transportation. For sleeping, we’ll camp most of the nights
but also ‘coachsurf’ whenever we can.
Because this is how I love life… Wild, extreme, sometimes
hard but so beautiful!
Because bicycle touring, it’s taking the time to fully feel the
life… Enjoying the beauty of nature, appreciating the
landscape and the hot meal at the end of the day, coming
back to the simplest things, and sharing…



Awesome multi-sports store in
France. You’ll find everything
you need there and more.


A black lab/husky puppy.
She will be one year and an
half this summer and she’s
full of energy. Beside food,
she loves nothing else more
than running.



A girl who decided to give a
chance to her dreams. Her
love for adventure, nature,
sport and life has grown with
her. She likes challenging
herself and can’t wait to be
on the roads.

& Co…

Whoever would like to join us for few
hours, days or weeks is welcome.

SolHuma aims to support
offering smart, technological
solutions that can bring relief
to people in survival situations
environment. We will use
there VitalStove for cooking on
the road.


Metal packaging company (my
work) which did a lot to
support me in this bike trip.

Contact us
Vanessa GUYON
Tel: 905-990-1770
Email :

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