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Dear Members and Friends,
Inside this issue
Region Midi-Pyrenees in
What’s new at the FrenchAmerican Chamber of

New Members
The Seminar conducted
by Mr Mulling
The Basketball game
Atlanta Hawks Vs. San
Antonio Spurs
Seminar: Business
opportunities in French
speaking countries
FACC annual meeting
Passport to France
Michèle Olivères
Executive Director
Frédéric Mot
Evandra Semedo
Malikat Rachadi

This winter seems to be endless
with already two snow falls and
very low temperatures. Let’s hope
the economy will not follow this
chilly atmosphere and will start to
pick up very soon.
We certainly started the year on a
very good note with our 6th edition of Crystal Peach. This year’s
awards went to SNF Inc. for the
French investment in Georgia and
Coca-Cola Enterprises for the
American investment in France.
Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you again to the Capital City
Club for hosting the event and
Christophe Joignant and his team
for a superb “cassoulet” and all the
sponsors that made this evening
Since January two new corporate
members join the Chamber, SNF
B-Pack and Roche-Bobois. You
will find their profile on page 3 of
this issue.
Our newest creation is the “Young
Professional Club” for executives
of very small companies. All information pertinent to this club is on
page 4 of this newsflash.

You asked for him so we called him
back. Emory Mulling will conduct a
seminar on “Key business challenges for the international executive”, February 25th. The Oglethorpe Museum of Art is hosting
the event and Mr Lloyd Nick, President of the museum will give us a
private tour of the Henri Matisse’s
Do not miss this opportunity!
This year is the 25th anniversary of
FACC Atlanta Chapter We will be
celebrating this event at Passport to
France on May 14 at the Intercontinental Hotel. Save the date, mark
your calendar. It is an event you do
not want to miss.
We had to say goodbye to Sophie
and Lai, two wonderful interns who
spent six months with us. We wish
them both good luck and a bright
future. We welcomed two new interns, Malikat and Evandra whom
you may have met at the Crystal
Finally thank you to the new
members and members who renewed their membership.
Michèle Olivères

Toulouse is France’s fourth
biggest city with some
440,000 inhabitants and over
1,102,000 for the metropolitan area.
Situated between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic
Ocean, Toulouse is the cultural and economic center of
Southern France.

Twin towns – sister
Atlanta, USA
(Since 1975)
Bologne, Italy
Elche, Spain (Since
Chonquing, China
Kiev, Ukrain
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Also called the “Pink City”
due to the color of the local
construction material, the
terra cotta brick, Toulouse is
a cosmopolitan and enthusiastic city which mixes a rich
lifestyle, great cultural events
and festivals.

EADS’s satellite system subsidiary, also have a significant
presence in Toulouse.
The Airbus A380, the world’s
largest passenger commercial
plane is assembled in Toulouse.

modern and proud of the legacy of its past, open and radiant, you are bound to be seduced by the incomparable
“Toulousain” lifestyle, with
the wealth of its cultural heritage. Toulouse is a city that
satisfies the taste of every enIts world renowned univer- thusiast of the arts.
sity is one of the oldest in
Europe (founded in 1229) Toulouse has various local
and, with around 100,000 celebrities such as Pierre de
students, is with Lille the Fermat, lawyer and mathemathird-largest university cam- tician, Claude Nougaro
pus of France after Paris and (singer), Christine Albanel
Lyon. Very important space (Minister of Culture and
related educational programs Communication), Bernard
are found at the “Grandes Weber (writer) and our PresiEcoles”, also known as dent, Michèle Olivères
“technological universities”,
Main sights
both of whom are European
Place du Capitole
versions of MIT-USA.

Toulouse is the home base of
the European aerospace industry, with the headquarters
of Airbus, Galileo positioning
system, the SPOT satellite Toulouse is a place to visit
system and CNES’s Toulouse for everyone who would like
Space Center (CST), the larg- to explore France. Both
est space centre in Europe.
Thales Alenia Space, Europe’s Largest companies
largest satellite manufacturer
in Toulouse
and EADS Astrium Satellites
Airbus (EADS company)
Coca Cola Enterprises

Saint Etienne Cathedral
Saint Sernin Basilica
Quays of the Garonne
Banks of the Canal du Midi
The Vieux Quartier
Saint Raymond’s Museum
Toulouse Space Center

News Members

SNF Incorporation is a global
leader in the manufacture of
chemical products that have
an outstanding range of uses,
including in paper manufacturing, waste water treatment,
food processing and oil recovery.
Created in 1978 in France,
SNF has a presence in 130
countries with more than 30
000 clients nowadays. The
Riceboro facility represents
some of 40% of SNF’s worldwide activities. Water soluble
polymers produce in Riceboro
are in use in municipal waste,
industrial waste and wastewater treatment facilities around
the world.
The plant has undergone continued expansion and employs
today more than 1000 employees, which makes it one of the
largest French employers in
the state of Georgia. The company is privately-owned. It’s
being awarded for its significant expansion and its key
strategic export base.

1 Chemical Plant Rd.
P.O. Box 250
Riceboro, GA 31323
(912) 884-3366

Created in 2000, B-Pack company
is an industry and market leader
in developing e-business software
and integrating e-procurement solutions with more than 100 successful “purchase-to-pay” implementations.
These installations include some
of the world’s 500 companies
such as Suez, SNCF, La Poste,
AON and Danone, and many
government organizations, including the office of the French Prime
Minister and the city of Paris. The
headquarters are located in Paris
and the company has set up a
subsidiary in Atlanta last year.
In addition, B-Pack offers its customers and partners a unique and
lasting superior level of quality,
responsiveness, expertise and
commitment. The group works in
association with a worldwide network that includes
such as CapGemini, IBM Business
Partner, Logica, Alti and CGI.

303 Perimeter Center North,
Suite 300,
Atlanta, GA 30346

Founded in 1950 by the Roches
and the Chouhans, RocheBobois is among the most internationally renowned and exclusive brands in home furnishings.
Each piece created is the result
of close collaboration between
designers, manufacturers and
Roche-Bobois. Its products are
sold in nearly 30 different countries.
The company is expanding its
reach rapidly, too. In fact, a new
Roche-Bobois store opens every
month somewhere in the world.
Roche-Bobois is prolific as it
introduces a new exclusive collection every six months. In
2001, Roche Bobois has opened
a store in Buckhead area in Atlanta.
3400 Around Lenox Rd Ne
Atlanta, Georgia 30326
Our new individual
Mr Pierre Crozet - S.I.S.E..
Mr Marc Gamby - Nespresso

Calendar Fall
Seminar conducted

Save the

Come celebrate with us
our 25th anniversary !!

By Mr Mulling
February, 25th 2010
From 5pm to 7:45 pm
Oglethorpe Museum

For further information

Passport to France
Friday, May 14th 2010
404 846 2500

at the InterContinental Hotel

In Buckhead

Basket Ball Game
Atlanta Hawks Vs.
San Antonio Spurs
March, 21st 2010


Young Professional Club

At the Philips Arena
Seminar: Business
opportunities in
French speaking
March, 23rd 2010
From 7:00am to
At GBS-Emory
FACC annual
March, 25th 2010
Passport to France
May 14th,2010
From 7pm to 11pm
Hotel in Buckhead

Atlanta is the home base of many very
small to small French companies often
managed by one or two people.
It can be a real challenge for these executives to incorporate and manage the
company here in Georgia.
At Facc we thought it might be useful
for them to get to know one another,
to share their experience, discuss their
needs and get help from professionals.

We decided to create a ‘Young Professional Club” (title to be discussed)
with executives and professional such
as Accounting and tax consulting, IT
consulting, Insurance, logistics and
supply chain specialists, commercial
realtors, bankers, lawyers, etc.
For further information contact

We would like to thank all our members and friends for your coming into our
6th Crystal Peach Awards 2010. We hope that you had a great time during this
Furthermore, we are grateful for all the support of our sponsors: Coca Cola
Enterprises, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Invest in France Agency,
Banta Immigration Law and Delta

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