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Ayjah is a 32 year old young woman. Her mother is from Guadeloupe
( West indies) and her father is from Ivory Coast. She was born in Moselle
(France) where she spent her whole childhood.
With her experience in custom made clothing and accessories, she decided
to leave her hometown to go to Paris, city of fashion design, artists, and
jewelry in order to improve and to present her work.
In 2006, she attended training in economic management at the chamber of
commerce and industry. Two years later, she started her own microcompany and officially became AyjahTal.
AyjahTal : Local Craft Work (Travail Artisanal Lokal)
Her world reflects her roots and the wealth she got from Africa and the
West Indies. It is a mix of these two ancestral flavors that allows her to
imagine and create, just like a painter with his canvas.
The creator distinguishes herself using noble African and West Indian
materials, and blending in them with wood, calabash, banana leaves,
pearls, seeds and shells…to make unique jewels sometimes glamorous or
sometimes Afro-eccentric.
Perfectionist and meticulous, only the detail counts. And this is the same
detail that would make all the difference.


The jewels

Wearing a creation from AyjahTal is to be proud of your roots.
It’s to be an active, independent woman and housewife.
It’s a woman of character who feels beautiful and powerful.
It’s a woman who dares and has class.
It’s an urban eccentric woman who loves fashion.
It’s an African, European, Asian woman or else.
It’s just a woman.
Each piece is unique and handcrafted with as much passion as patience.
It’s an assemblage of natural materials and textiles that will tell its story as
time goes by. It would be very difficult to part from it.

Ayjah enhances ebony skin and works closely with various photographers
such as: MalonePhotographer, Afrochic by Pantherimage, Dmj Art
Photographe, Olivier Caumartin or Eric Threinen who are specialized in
the ethnic sector.
They put women forward in all their magnificence.
Here is the motto : We accept ourselves and we sweep away stereotypes.

The characters become a strength and a very beautiful concept.

Publication magazine



The website
The website has been opened to the public since 2008 at the following
address :
You will find many sections
Pictures, press reviews, videos...

The store
If you want to purchase an AyjahTal creation, please visit and shop
online :

Individual company under the system of micro-companies non
liable to VAT, according to article 293b of the CGI-SIREN
504 526 658
Tel : +33 6 68 40 50 65


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