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PAC Webinar Series:
Global Trends in Cloud
March 31st, 2010

Hosted by:

Mathieu Poujol
Director, PAC Paris
+33 (0)1 56 56 74 17


Why Cloud Computing has emerged

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Market

Cloud Computing Impact


About PAC

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A Fast-Changing World

Silver Wave


Industry Changes
Rise of Services

Global Models

Agile Business




Financial Crisis

Global Crisis


Energy Costs

Public Strategies

Homeland Security

Social Reforms


All of these factors share a strong IT element
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How Cloud Computing has emerged

Business and IT alignment in an innovation-centric economy
4 4


Why Cloud Computing has emerged

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Market

Cloud Computing Impact


About PAC

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What is Cloud Computing?
 Cloud Computing is a game-changing concept

Cloud Computing is the evolution of several technologies, such as service orientation,
virtualization and the internet that is leading to a revolution in software delivery
Cloud computing is provoking important changes in IT
IT is moving from a light industry to a heavy industry

 This has led to marketing hype that seems to relate everything with the Cloud

Hosting, ASP, On-Demand, virtualization…

 A broad definition:

A “Cloud” is an elastic execution environment of resources involving multiple stakeholders
and providing a metered at multiple granularities for a specified level of quality
From the White Paper: “European Expert Group on Cloud Computing” : The Future of Cloud Computing - Opportunities for
European Cloud Computing beyond 2010

 Additional information is required to fully describe the specificities of the “Cloud”

Virtualization is a prerequisite for Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing is an automated on-demand and pay-as-you-use software, platform or
computing delivery model
Multi-tenancy is the main difference with other on-demand and hosting approaches.
It allows important mutualization that ensure the main Cloud Computing benefits

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Different types of Cloud Computing
 Segmentation

SaaS: Software as a Service
- Office (and messaging) applications as a Service (Gmail, Zimbra, Office Live…)
- Business applications as a Service (, BusinessByDesign, NetSuite…)
PaaS: Platform as a Service
- Development (and testing) as a Service (, Springsource, Rational OnDemand
- Middleware as a Service (, Websphere on demand, Morph…)
IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service
- Computing as a Service (Amazon AWS, Elastic Hosts, Google…)
- Storage as a Service (Amazon S3, Iron Mountain STaaS, EMC Atmos Online…)

 3 delivery models for Cloud Computing

Private, within the firewall of an enterprise
- Private Cloud is mostly an IT system architectural model
- Hosted or Internal
Hybrid, a combination of Private and Public Clouds
- The model that will prevail at mid term

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Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

Time to Market
Mutualization of

Dynamic provisioning according to business needs
 Hardware and software optimization
 Elasticity of the computing environment
 Green computing
 Pay as you use
 Data center integration


Data governance
Dependency on the

Software isolation is not complete
 Losing control of IT
 Data leakage
 Data integration is very difficult across firewalls, with
different semantics
 No real SLA
 Dependency on telecom networks

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Why Cloud Computing has emerged

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Market

Cloud Computing Impact


About PAC

© Pierre Audoin Consultants 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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Cloud Computing market structure
 Private Cloud Computing solves most of the problems associated with the Cloud

Security, Information management, control, network dependency…
A private cloud is generally a requisite for better use of public clouds
Most companies are now moving towards Cloud Computing
But contrary to the OPEX based Public Clouds, Private Cloud is CAPEX
based and quite a lot of structuring is needed for an IT department

 Public infrastructure investment will be important

As it was for broadband infrastructure

 Global outsourcing companies will remain the leaders in the field

Customers do not seek only “pure” Cloud Computing
They are looking for solutions and more often than not those solutions will encompass
multiple types of outsourcing: hosting, single tenant, Cloud, on-site, off-site…

 Some differences exist between on the two sides of the Atlantic

More Public Cloud Computing adoption in North America where pure SaaS suppliers are
more mature
In Europe, the telecom operators will shape a large part of the market due to their customer
reach, IT services arms and extended networks
Slide 10

SITS Market Performance

SaaS is the most mature market - mainly around messaging, Office applications, CRM, HR…
PaaS position will be limited until a real standard emerges
IaaS will see growth limited by price pressure

Slide 11

Growth Drivers

Software & IT Services (SITS)
Growth Areas


Consulting, training and process re-engineering
 Global sourcing of IT resources
 Revival of SOA
 “SaaS-ization” of software applications
 Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing

New Architectural IT models

Global security approach
 Information Management at enterprise level
 Critical importance of energy and telecom networks
 Industry and governmental regulations

Security & Governance

New broadband investments
 New efficient data centers that dynamically allocate
resources to the business needs
 Network, system and storage management systems

Optimization of Resources

Consulting and systems integration
 Migration
 New software offers from traditional companies & start-ups
 Standards

Adaptation of IT Systems

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Why Cloud Computing has emerged

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing Market

Cloud Computing Impact


About PAC

© Pierre Audoin Consultants 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Slide 13

Cloud Computing Impact

It implies services orientation
 It needs Service Level Agreements
 Methodologies
 Better integration of processes & technologies within a
company: business, plan, build, run, IT, network…

X as a Service

Cloud Computing is a
“Heavy Industry”

Big investment capacities are needed to build software
 Replacing workforce by automation

e-media companies
 End users
 Telecom operators
 Start-ups

New Entrants

Better utilization of resources means less hardware and
 Less workforce means slower offshore growth
 Stronger importance on the lower OSI layers

Changes in IT
Cost Structure

Cloud Computing is key for the competitiveness of the IT
industry but also for a good number of non-IT enterprises
 Sovereignty and security issues
 Government funding and investment

Political Discussions

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Mathieu Poujol
Director, PAC Paris
+33 (0)1 56 56 74 17

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About PAC:
Founded by Pierre Audoin in
1976 (Paris).
The only European Group
with global coverage: strong
local competences and
global response.
The specialist for the
software and IT services
industry: IT services and
software suppliers, IT users,
influencers and public

An integrated approach
covering the whole value
chain of our customers: offthe-shelf reports, marketing
& consulting services.

PAC supports IT decision makers & suppliers in the development and
implementation of a successful strategy by providing them with a better
understanding of the market, the competition and end-usersʼ behavior.
© Pierre Audoin Consultants 2009 All Rights Reserved.

For detailed info on our global Cloud Computing coverage, please
contact your local office:
PAC Paris
Pierre Audoin Consultants
23, rue de Cronstadt
75015 Paris, France
Tel: +33(0) 1 56 56 63 33
Fax: +33(0) 1 48 28 41 06

PAC Bucharest
Pierre Audoin Consultants
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050536 Bucharest-5 - Romania
Tel.: +40 (0) 21 410 75 80
Fax: +40 (0) 21 410 75 81

PAC London
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PAC New York City
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PAC Sao Paolo
Pierre Audoin Consultants
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Sao Paulo 01418-200 Brazil
Tel.: +55 (11) 3170 3134
Fax: +55 (11) 3170 3134

© Pierre Audoin Consultants 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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