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*Arizona Freeze
*Cow Boy dancing
*Texas Barefootin
*CMR Rah Rumba
*Cow Boy charleston
*Cut a Rug
*Woman Trouble
*Broken Stones
*La cucaracha
*Western Barn Dance
*Step Back
*Stealing the Best
*Jazzy's Joe
*Love Trick
*Easy Come Easy Go
*Skee Bumpus
*This & That
*Grundy Galop
*Broken Stones
*Within Easy Reach
*El Paso
*Woman Trouble
*Cow Girl Twist
*Mamma Maria
*Fisher's Hornpipe
*Irish Stew
*Hooked on Country
*Mini Baker Street
*Some Beach
*Lover Please Come Back
*Live Laugh Love
*Come Dance With me
*Sugar Kane
*Rock Around The Clock
*Country Two Step
*Rodéo Blues
*Oh, suzanna ! (C)
*Let's Chill

*Red Hot Rock'n Roller
*Celtic CT
*The Trail
*Fais Do Do
*Love Trick
*Magic Moon
*Kid Rock Alabama
*Mojo Rhythm
*Cripple Creek
*MG Cha Cha
*This & That
*Copperhead Road
*Polka Dot
*Jailhouse Créole
*Wishfull Thinking
*Fisher's Hornpipe
*Good To be Us
*Walking In The Rain
*River County Stomp
*Whole Again
*Heaven in my Woman Eyes
*Tush Push
*Drunk'n Love Waltz
*International Harvester
*Guitars and Tiki Bars
*Addicted To Love
*Celtic Kittens
*Giddy on Up
*Sally Ann
*Kill The Spider

*Wicked Way
*Everybody's Someone
*Up Country
*Told you So
*Back To Tennessee
*Hot & Hazy
*Baby Come On '(BCO)
*Copperhead Road
*Island in the stream
*Drowsie Maggie
*Original Red Coat Tiger
*MG Cha Cha
*Good To be Us
*Pot of Gold
*6 Foot Teddy Bear
*River County Stomp
*Walking In The Rain
*Take Back
*All Day Long
*Drunk'n Love Waltz
*Why Don't We just Dance
*High Time
*Kill The Spider
*Sally Ann
*Gave It All Away

*Dimension Cha Cha
*Madiba mambo
*Have a Yule, That Cool !
*Jozzy's Funk
*Untill The End
*Come Anytime
*Real Time
*Deep is my Love
*Poker Face
*Bad Attitude
*Just For Fun
*Rain Against My Windows
*Oh Poo Pah Doo
*Dance Like You're The Only One
*Under a Spell
*Broken Heels
*Release Me
*123 Summertime
*Bossa Nova
*Hands Up
*Hands Up (français)
*A Door a Bell
*Love Ya
*Electric Dream

Stages 2007-2009
Respect- Love Trick-Up Country-Ice Breaker –
Never Ever -Rumba Stroll - Billy's DanceCow Boy World -No shoes, no shirt, no problem –
SOTB - Missing You-One More MidnightDo That Again – Nothing Better to Do –
Texas Barefootin' - Take Back- Can't Stop my HeartDrink On Me- Jenny Lee –Woman Trouble –
Mojo Rhythm - Magic Moon – Told You So-

14/11/2009 - Palavas
*1976 –
*This & That
*Hillbilly –
*Baby Come On '(BCO) –
*Hot & Hazy

06/02/10 - Lunel
*Cadillac and caviar
*Chicca Boum Boum
*DJ Play It –
*All I Do Is love U2 Much
08/05/10 - Montpellier
*Quarter After One
*Black Butta

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