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Prisoner at the bar: Lewis Hamilton
By Juliette

According to an Autosport article, Lewis Hamilton asserts that he doesn’t know why his team asked
him to stop again.
Since yesterday stories have been published, because Lewis Hamilton is unhappy and wants the world
to know it! Screw the corporate spirit. My teammate beat me, let’s find out why. But there’s one thing
I know for sure, it’s not my fault, for I did one of the finest drives of my career! Take a look:
"I'm happy with the job that I did. I think I honestly drove my heart out today and I think I
deserved better than what I ended up with, but I'll keep fighting to the next race." Lewis Hamilton
Daddy, that’s so unfair.
Plus, when I decided to write about this story, I haven’t read at first a third story, which is rather
significant because it’s McLaren’s view on the story, McLaren which has been criticized by its own
protégé. As Jacques Chirac once said, "This is not a method!"
What we have here is a desperate attempt to defend the protégé. Yes, indeed, it’s a caricature made by
McLaren itself. There’s nothing more grotesque than that, honestly.
"Inimitably in McLaren style, you look at a win and say - 'damn, it could have been a one-two'. It
was disappointing because it was a fantastic drive by Lewis."
These were the words of this good and loyal fellow called Martin.
More seriously, my goal here is not to criticize McLaren. Other bloggers do that so well, in such a
non-respectful manner that I don’t want to interfere with that. Rather, it is a way to say that Lewis
Hamilton, with his image of a devoted McLaren driver, is quite capricious, honestly. He was
convinced he would eat Button alive, as for 95% of the people. But let’s be wary of an eventual pride
burst from his part. This is now the next step Lewis is going to take so as to better his teammate. Can
Jenson manage to keep his current rank or will Lewis take the lead within the team, Jenson thus giving
a sublime answer to the ones who criticized him, by beating one of the best drivers on the 2010 F1
grid? Is he too soft hearted? We’ll see how it goes.
On, we believe in Jenson because he’s got more experience, he’s more
mature and last but not least, as my partner will probably tell you soon, he’s very clever in a race –
something that Lewis isn’t. It’s Jenson who asked for a change of tyres. He bet on it and won. As for
Lewis, he waited for the team’s decision. He lost the bet.

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