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Welcome to Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2!
This manual has been written for both Multimedia Fusion 2 and The Games Factory 2: these
products share a number of common features. Within the manual we will be identifying both
products as Multimedia Fusion (or its abreviation of MMF). Any features specified will apply
to both products unless otherwise indicated.
This manual also applies to the MMF2 Developer version. MMF2 Developer adds many
features and capabilities while providing a smooth transition from MMF2 Standard and The
Games Factory
This manual will review in details the most important parts of the product:
• The interface: the workspace toolbar, the property explorer
• The editors: the storyboard editor, the frame editor, the picture and animation editors
• The objects: active, string, counter etc. objects
• The event editor, and the event programming
• And finally in appendixes various considerations about Multimedia Fusion.

The Chocobreak tutorial
Before reading this manual, if you are new to Multimedia Fusion, we strongly suggest that
you go through the Chocobreak tutorial. This tutorial will take around one hour of your time
to complete, and will give you a basic working knowledge of Multimedia Fusion.
You will find other tutorials, for multimedia applications and games on the CDRom in the
tutorial folder.