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The picture above represents The Multimedia Fusion interface. The main interface parts are
as follows:
1. The menu bar. This contains all the options available for you through out MMF.
2. The toolbars. These contain icons for quick access to MMF (Multimedia Fusion)
3. The editor toolbar. This toolbar changes depending on the current editor, and allows a
quick access to the editor functions.
4. The project window. This very important part of the interface presents the current project
or application in detail, in a structured way.
5. The property explorer. This window shows all the options available for the currently
selected object.
6. The library window. This show the content of the libraries. (A library contain graphics
and/or objects ready for you to use).
7. The main editor screen. This area displays the currently selected editor.

8. Not shown: the layer toolbar, used in the frame editor.