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Brevity is the soul of wit
By Guillaume

It's now official: next year, Bahrain will get back to its former "shorter" track used from 2004
to 2009. To tell you the truth, no one will miss the longer track, and especially not
Hulkenberg and Betrov who ruined their first F1 race; however, this turnaround is once again
quite comical.
We knew the track was monotonous, and there was very little action going on there. So did
organisers. Logically people reproached this lack of action to them. They listened to these
complaints and found the quickest and most rational solution, i.e. use the longer track. But in
the end, nothing happened. Besides, extending the track was something like an UFO in
today's tracks' landscape. The trend is now to create tracks from 5.3 to 5.5 km, and yet in
Bahrain they developed one of 6.3 km long. This resulted in lap times above 2 minutes for the
most part of the weekend, meaning all Bernie hates in Europe and elsewhere because the
media and even certain spectators wish to pay for far more than 48 poor laps per GP.
Finally, once again, this problem in the Middle-East shows -again- how much people
concentrate on the wrong issues. In Manama, the thing is not to add a section, but it would
rather need to be transformed in depth. The track lacks of large curves and especially of
technical challenge for drivers and engineers. Without the ban of testing, Bahrain was
imposing itself outside of Europe as a substitute for Barcelona, which only goes to show that
tracks without savour are really the best to do tests on it.
So mixing everything is losing your character.

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