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Second B737 .pdf

Nom original: Second B737.pdf
Auteur: Giovanni

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Second B737-500 for RwandAir
RwandAir taken delivery of its second B737-500 (9XR-WE) ex SP-LKB (LOT Polish
Airlines), on Friday august 20th.
The Boeing joins the other B737-500, that RwandAir has leased from GECAS, which arrived at
Kigali on Monday June 7th. It's registered 9XR-WD and it's also a former LOT Polish Airlines (SPLKA).
The two B737-500s will fill the gap, before the arrival of two B737-800s in 2011.
In the same time, RwandAir has announced that news flights to Dubai (via Mombasa) and
Kinshasa will start in October 2010.

A ceremony was held to celebrate the arrival, of the new Boeing. Thanks go to RwandAir,
to allow me published photos.
1: RwandAir officials are waiting for the plane.

2. After a long flight from Poland (via Cairo), the
Boeing is welcomed by water cannon.

3. Taxing to the gate

4. Awesome engine

5. Engine switch off

6. The B737-500 with the two CRJs (9XRWA and 9XR-WB)

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Second B737.pdf - page 2/2

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