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talking to active Facebook users on your staff, in your family or in your circle of friends. Odds
are someone around you is a regular user and can troubleshoot issues.

Q. Where can I get help with developing an application
on the Facebook Platform?
A. The Developers Marketplace (http://www.facebook.com/developers/) has an enormous
amount of information for how to get the most out of the Facebook Platform. To access this
information, click ‘Developers’ at the bottom of any page on the site. You can also get help from
the large and active Facebook Developers community through the Facebook Developer
application, which you can add to your account. (You don’t have to be a Developer to add this
application.) If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities involving the Facebook
Platform or are a Direct Sales client, please email advertise@facebook.com.

Facebook Pages
The Insider’s Guide to Viral Marketing