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360 ° de soleil...

An International
Ski Resort

France / Italy

Montgenèvre is an international ski resort situated on


the border between France and Italy, along one of the
most prestigious mountain passes in the Alps.


In the northern area of the Southern Alps, the resort
is one of the oldest in France, rich in past history and

Winter 2010/2011

moving into the future in a revolutionary manner.
Take a detour to discover this first class international resort. At the heart of Europe, in the Haute Alpes region,
only 4 1/2 hours from Paris by high speed train, Montgenèvre boasts access to
one of the world’s biggest ski areas, the Milky Way.
Over the past few years, the resort has invested greatly in its modernization.
The best is yet to come……. Montgenèvre has recently joined the short list of
elite resorts that top 3000m.
Join the adventure this winter and in the years to come!




Mountains of history:

At the grand age of 103, Montgenèvre, one of the oldest ski resorts in the world, faces the future with great serenity.

Well before 1907, date of the very first international ski competition, the slopes
of Mount Janus (see inset), were conquered by a man named Hannibal who was
believed to have travelled from Carthage to Rome across the Alps via the Montgenèvre mountain pass.
Montgenèvre: an alpine pass, a village, a name that can be found on some of the
oldest maps. This natural passageway, an ancient historical and geographical link,
offered the valley and its residents a sense of identity that has been preciously
preserved over the centuries.
Montgenèvre was the birthplace of winter sports. It was the military that discovered this strategic manner of travel during the long the winter months. At a
much later date, Montgenèvre, christened “Chamonix in the south”, benefited
from an excellent reputation, much loved by famous people including Jean Gabin,
Colette, Jean Cocoteau and Mistinguette. They all sought in Montgenèvre a haven
of peaceful sunshine.
Several years later war ravaged Montgenèvre as the French troops fought the
Looking upwards from the village one can admire the stars, the blue sky and
sunshine but also the remains of it’s fortified past, the walls of Fort Chaberton
and Fort Janus.
Montgenèvre is a mountain pass, a hive of history and ancient witness to local tales that demonstrate alpine life in these
valleys. The church bell chimes to the rhythm of those that live and work here. Those whose past, rich in history, has forged
their identity and fed their courage.

The place to be……..
Between the two World wars, Montgenèvre was host to aristocrats and
the flamboyant upper class. The creation of the first ski lift in 1936
accelerated the fashion to ski. During the 30’s and the 40’s Montgenèvre
was extremely popular with the wealthy Parisian jet set. Famous writers
and artists resided here. Montgenèvre became the resort in which to be


Montgenevre : birthplace of
competitive skiing
1907: First international
ski competition

Back in 1895, two Norwegian Officers
gave a ski demonstration in Montgenèvre.
They even started to initiate French soldiers to this technique.
In 1904 the Ministry of War created the
1st ski school in Brinaçon. From 1904 to 1914 more than 5000
recruits were trained to ski there. The regiments greatly contributed
to the growing popularity of skiing, offering free skis to villagers from
the high valleys. Numerous soldiers became voluntary instructors. A
wooden pole was used to maintain balance and one simply fell to the
floor in order to stop.
In mid February 1907, under the impulse of the French Alpine Club,
Touring Club and the Army, Montgenèvre hosted its first international
ski competition. Crowds of more than 3000 spectators and officials
came from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden and Norway to encourage competitors

An army of elephants…
Towards the end of year 219, General Hannibal Barca left Spain
with his army of 50 000 infantry (9000 horses and 37 elephants).
He crossed the Pyranees mountains and then the Alps to reach the
north of Italy where he won a series of victories over the Roman legions,
failing however to conquer Rome.
Although it is believed that Hannibal travelled through Montgenèvre,
his exact itinerary is a source of discussion. However, it remains fact
that Julius Cesar passed through Montgenèvre to join the Gaule several
centuries beforehand.

Mount Janus

Janus, the Roman God of doors and openings, gave his name to Montgenèvre. Mount Janus keeps watch of the mountain
pass, a natural passageway between France and Italy. The military heritage here is absolutely exceptional. Vauban, only a few
kilometres away, has recently been classified as world heritage by UNESCO.

The Italian inf luence…
1343 saw the creation of the Republic of Essartons, an independent state composed of 51 towns and villages on
both sides of Mount Viso. Montgenèvre was amongst the villages concerned.
Four centuries of independence were to follow: a unique language, tax collection system, culture and political
environment. The official state documents were preciously kept and are still visible today.

Ideas for media coverage

• Mount Chaberton and its 3130m summit lends its name to the mountain range that surrounds Mont-

genèvre. Skiers will soon be able to reach the Italian border from the summit. More than 70 years ago, Mussolini and his troops
bombarded Briançon from the very same summit.
Today, Mount Chaberton symbolizes a peaceful entente between France and Italy, beautifully incarnated by the resort of Montgenèvre.
Learn more about this period, the history of customs and trans-border relationships. Take the opportunity to meet some of the locals that
experienced war and military operations in the area.

• Franco-Italian Co-operation. Pioneer in the European field Montgenèvre has, for many years,
anticipated the richness of relations with neighbouring Italy. A trans-border Liaison & Co-operation Committee was created in 2001 between Montgenèvre and the neighbouring Italian village of Clavières. Today
Montgenèvre boasts numerous examples of successful co-operation between the two villages:

• A nursery opens to children from Montgenèvre and the neighbouring resort of Clavière in Italy.
The co-management of the cross-country ski area and the 18 hole golf course.
A joint programme of events, protection of the environment, footpaths, prevention, road access and the management of international traffic.


Moving mountains :
News on the snow front !
In less than 5 years Montgenèvre has progressed from a sleeping beauty to one of the
most eventful resorts in the Southern Alps. Today the ski lift company boasts 3rd place in the
turnover ratings.
A vast investment programme has changed the
face of the resort with great consideration for
sustainable development. Far from the effects
of fashion and society, Emile Carles directed
the first campaign for the preservation of
the alpine environment. Montgenèvre is the
doorway to the Clarée Valley. Today it is the
only French valley to be both protected and

Key figures :

• 400 kms of ski slopes along the « MILY WAY » ski area between France and
Italy via Sestrières.
• 103 kms of Nordic trails and 15 kms of footpaths.
• 30% increase in the number of days skiing sold last season, in constant progression since 2005. Turnover of 560 000€ in 2009
• 14 000 tourist capacity
• 12 000 000 € turnover for the ski lift company.
• 55% of the ski area is equipped with artificial snow making facilities. An
investisement of over 30 million Euros over the past 3 years.

Montgenèvre traffic free!
The past years have seen a reduction in traffic as the main road now runs under the
ski slopes. As a result the south-facing snow
front in Montgenèvre is one of the most
pleasant. Beautiful Italian women compete
with the charms of the British or French
clients in a relaxed “Dolce via” atmosphere.

Pop to the top!

Montgenèvre is soon to join
the list of select resorts that
peak at 3000m. The only
resort in the Southern Alps
and one of the rare ski areas
in Europe. A vision for many
not so long ago now a reality
in the near future!

An entire 3000m ski area has bee created
around Mount-Chaberton on the French/Italian border to offer reat
skiing for all levels, sporty slopes and a unique blue run from 3000m
downwards! Perfectly integrated into the natural surroundings skiers
here can enjoy 360° panoramic views from Mont Ventoux to MontBlanc, from the Rhône to the river Pô.
This investment of up to 26 million Euros, one of the biggest projects
in the Alps, is due to officially open in 2012/13.


Cross-Country Crazy!
Montgenèvre also boasts an exceptional cross-country ski area and a
4* Nordic ski label. Discover the
Montgenèvre / La Clavière international Nordic skiing stadium,
the official training area during the
2006 Turin Olympics and for the
French Nordic ski team.
Beginners can enjoy their own special area,
instructional tips and free hot drinks.
80 kms of marked and groomed trails stretch from Les Alberts across
the Clarée Valley.
Experienced skiers can tackle the “Haute Trace des Escartons”, a 100
km trail between St Véran and Névache. This 4 day itinerary runs
across the Izoard and Bousson Mountain passes, both above 2200m.
Montgenèvre is ideally situated on the 3rd day of this 4 day adventure.

Local Champions!
From 1907 to the present day, Montgenèvre continues to
breed champions. Amongst the more famous, Louis Jauffrey, member
of the French national ski team in 1968 alongside Jean-Claude Killy
and Honré Bonnet. More recently, Patricia Chauvet became vice World
Slalom Champion.
Actively involved in the 2006 Winter Olympics staged in Turin, Montgenèvre was host to media crews and French team training sessions.

An attractive project de to be completed by summer 2013.
This aquatic complex, situated at the source of the river
Durance is dedicated to health, beauty and fitness

Illustrations :
Camper-vans welcome ! A village within the village is dedicated to camper-vans, exclusively reserved for up to 250 vehicles. Due
to a growing increase in popularity the town has begun working on an extension to the area in order to provide 50 supplementary
spaces this winter. Montgenèvre is amongst one of the top 5 destinations in the Alps for a skiing holiday with a difference!

Sensational ! Montgenèvre has recently opened the longest toboggan run
in France : 1400m of downhill thrills! Situated only
several minutes away from the famous San Sicario bob
sleigh run (Winter Olympics Turin 2006) this attraction runs down through the woods and integrates the
surrounding environment perfectly.

Snow about it : We can provide you further information concerning a multitude of alpine
Artificial snow making, trained on-slope staff, avalanche dog training courses, local people of
interest, sales and investments...

The Italian inf luence
The Milky Way

one of the world’s largest ski areas!
Ski in, ski out. Ski one of the world’s largest ski areas, the Milky Way! 400
kilometres of ski slopes in Montgenèvre and La Clavière in France, Cesana,
San Sicario, Sauze d’Oulx and Sestrières in Italy.
Enjoy a delicious pasta dish in one of the many alpine restaurants, sporty
energetic skiing or some quieter gentle runs…..the choice is yours! There is a
mountain of choice in a ski area host to the Turin Winter Olympics in 2006.


An effortless journey
Montgenèvre boasts an ideal geographical situation
Only 20 minutes from the nearest TGV train station and close to the motorway junction.
The resort is only 5 hours on the direct high speed train line from Paris.
Situated at the heart of the Alps and the centre of Europe, close to the Italian Piedmont region,
between the river Durance and the river Pô, Montgenèvre is a combination of French and Italian,
pasta, design, fashion and sun.
Situated on the mountain pass at an altitude of 1860m, Montgenèvre acts as a natural passageway
between France and Italy. The village is only 15 minutes drive from the Lyon-Turin motorway exit
and train station.
Only 1 hour 15 minutes from Turin International airport, Montgenèvre boasts effortless access.
This exceptional geographical situation enables the resort to promote mountains, snow, sunshine
and extensive skiing in less than half a days transport. Unbeatable!
Fact file :
• 497 permanent residents and all the necessary annual services.
• 1400 m: The village of Les Alberts, entrance to the resort.
• 1860 m : Montgenèvre village.
• 2700 m: Top of the slopes. Soon to be extended to 3000 m!

Weekend Winter break
12h : Departure from Paris Train Station-Gare de Lyon
16h20 : Arrival at OULX station (Italy) Shuttle bus service to the resort
16h45 : Arrival in Montgenèvre
Free toboggan run for the kids whilst parents settle in.
18 h : Mulled wine and musical entertainment on the snow front.
19 h : Snow scooter excursion on the slopes.
20 h : Pasta Party (or trip to Briançon casino -10minutes away)
10 h : Great family skiing on the Milky Way
11 h : Photo souvenir in Italy
13 h : Lunch on the sunny terrace of a local alpine restaurant

Between Provence and Italy, the
source of the river Durance in
Montgenèvre carries smells of
lavender and thyme down towards
the Rhone.
Turbulent and rile many years ago,
today the Durance quietly reigns in
the sunshine.
On the other side of the mountain
pass, the river Pô, a majestic
Italian stallion runs down the
mountain towards Turin in a cloud
of mist. During the winter period this phenomenon enables Montgenèvre
to benefit from exceptional snow conditions.

14 h : Afternoon skiing
17 h : Passégiata on the snow front
18 h : Ice skating for all the family
19 h : Snow-shoe excursion followed by mulled wine in a traditional
Mongolian tent.
20 h : A local speciality dinner
10 h : Great morning skiing. Super pipe experience for teenage
freestyle fanatics. 
12 h : Lunch on the slopes
14 h : Massage for the older members of the family, games for the kids.
15 h40 : Departure by shuttle bus
16 h10 : TGV High Speed Train from Oulx station (Italy)
20 h20 : Arrival in Paris, Gare de Lyon … with a case full of souvenirs!


Editorial ideas

• 50 000 m2 dedicated to beginners !

Montgenèvre has chosen
to reserve a vast area on the snow front for the exclusive use of novice
skiers, both children and adults. Recently remodelled, the snow front is
equipped with a snow garden and a child friendly lift system for maximum
safety and tranquillity.

• Ski green ! Montgenèvre is situated at the entrance to the Clarée Valley
renowned for its natural beauty and numerous alpine hamlets (Névache,
Les Alberts, and Plampinet).
Towards the end of the 70’s the first environmental preservation campaign
took place here.

The Italian inf luence
Our Italian friends impressively renovated the road along the Montgenèvre mountain pass in a very short period of time.
Renowned for heavy snow and avalanche risks and previously subject to closure, the road is now equipped with tunnels and
avalanche barriers creating permanent direct access to the resort.
Access from the Italian side is now extremely easy; from Lyon, take the Fréjus tunnel, leave the motorway and follow the dual
carriageway towards Montgenèvre. A 2 1/2 hour journey PLUS a reduction of 13€40 on your ski pass is you use this

• During the month of February the famous cross-country ski
marathon runs from village to village.

• Montgenèvre is surrounded by a number
of national parks (Ecrins, Queras, Vanoise and
Val Troncea on the Italian side). Enjoy a great choice
of snow-shoe itineraries only steps from the resort.

Unusual !
The road through Montgenèvre runs underground. The creation of a tunnel
underneath the slopes has changed the face of the resort and improved it
greatly for pedestrians. At the start of the coming season, on the 3rd December, one of the World’s best DJ’s is programmed to mix in the tunnel. An
event to be repeated on 24th April to celebrate the end of the season.

Guaranteed Snow & Sunshine!
The height of Montgenèvre and its geographical situation subject to
low pressure fronts from the west and return weather fronts from
the east plus vast artificial snow making facilities make the resort
famous for great quality snow conditions (8 metres of combined
snow falls in 2009).
Every year without fail, Montgenèvre is the first resort to open its
slopes. A resort that boasts not only the earliest opening date but also
the greatest number of ski days (except glacier resorts) where fresh
powder can still be found up to eight days after the last snow fall.
Better again; Montgenèvre is situated in the Southern Alps, reputed
for 300 days of sunshine per year.

Plus :
Download the resorts new i-phone


A mountain of happiness :
A resort for all the family
Montgenèvre provides all the necessary activities and services for a successful holiday. A resort for all age groups
and all budgets, luxury food and accommodation as well as more simple alpine options.

Montgenèvre boasts the much coveted « Famille Plus » label.
Happy children make happy parents: entertainment, advantages and specialized
structures are available for kids within the resort.
• Free skiing for kids under 6. Reductions for children aged 6 to 14 years.
• 4 hours free skiing for kids on their arrival day. A free ride on the biggest toboggan run in France.
• A nursery situated at the foot of the slopes caters for babies and toddlers from the age of 6 months to 6 years.
• A 5000m2 beginner’s zone on the snow front and a treasure hunt slope for young environmentalists.
• Jeu de piste sous forme de chasse aux trésors axée sur le thème de la sensibilisation à l’environnement pour les écolos
en herbe.
• Three separate sledging areas free of charge. One reserved for younger children aged 2 to 6; the second is open to all
age groups and the 3rd is in Les Alberts opposite the small lake.
All three areas are equipped with magic carpets for a safe and easy climb back up the hill.
• Playgrounds are situated on the snow front and at the top of the Chalvet cable car.
• The Pio Piou kids club at the French ski school accepts children aged 3 to 5 years. Learn to ski in a child-friendly
safe atmosphere. Equipment includes 2 magic carpets, a carousel and a vast nursery area in case of bad weather.

New luxury residences and hotels
Montgenèvre is one of
the more attractive resorts for investors. Every
season welcomes a new
programme of accommodation including a new 4*
hotel (MGM) this winter
and two new 3* hotels
in 2011/12. A new
complex will eventually
accommodate up to 5000
people for a total of more than 12 500 new tourist beds to accommodate a
steadily growing European clientele (50% Italian, 30% British). More than 3
million potential visitors live in the surrounding suburbs of Turin and Milan;


• 9th to 13th January 2011: Fine
Food & Wine Week
A delicious selection of flavours
from the Alps of Provence.


For children and teenagers
Sweety Club: created especially for our younger
clientele. Members can have fun, win prizes
and keep in contact on face book.
• Freestyle area on the snow front
• Big air, super pipes and a selection of snow

parks and boarder cross
• The creation of a resort fashion label.
Fashion conscious Montgenèvre is recently involved in the creation of a
branded fashion label.
• We can organize a selection of activities in order to illustrate your editorial.

Unusual !
Discover the resort aboard a snowmaking machine!
Once the slopes have closed, snowmakers and grooming machines take over to ensure the best possible conditions on slope the
following day. Once a week, the resort proposes an evening excursion alongside the men in the shadows.

Powder hounds
Heliski in Montgenèvre!
Departure point: Sauze d’Oulx, where 2 helicopters and a professional guide propose a choice of more
than 20 surrounding 3000m summits.
Forbidden in France, this discipline is authorized in neighbouring Italy. Powder fans and free-ride fanatics
are spoilt for choice:
Free ride on the Godrans sector of which certain areas are equipped for safety reasons.
Off-piste on the magnificent slopes of Rocher de L’Aigle or in the forests that run back towards resort.
Ski touring on Mount Chaberton, the highest summit within the vicinity.
Your only problem is making a choice!

The Italian inf luence
- 4th, 5th & 6th December: The feast of Saint
Festive fun !
- From 23rd to 27th January: Italian Cinematographic


A mountain of information
Nathalie SIMON : Resort Ambassador
Why I chose Montgenèvre and why you’ll love it…..
How can one resist the combination of a charming village resort with that of an exceptional international ski area? I couldn’t!
I spend at least 2 months of the year here.
Built on an exceptionally rich historic past, Montgenèvre is one of the oldest ski resorts in the French Alps yet ahead of the
majority in its ever growing respect for the surrounding environment.
Montgenèvre is a perfect cocktail with a dose of Italian flavour that makes it beyond compare!
Thank you for spreading the word!

In Paris: Albane Heger -RevolutionR -aheger@revolutionr.com -06 43 15 88 51
In Montgenèvre : Jean-Marc Passeron
+33 (0)607384995 jeanmarcpasseron@wanadoo.fr
Laurie Martin : PR & Communications +33 (0)4 92 21 52 51


• Each theme or subject can be developed on request.
• In order to illustrate articles, a choice of photos and videos are available on demand.
Creation & editorial content : Imagine.com Gap (06 07 38 49 95) www.imagine.com.fr
Graphic Design : Syllys design Gap (04 92 51 75 03) www.syllysdesign.fr
© Graphics & illustrations : Esqui’ss -agence-esquiss.com
www.montgenevre.com Photos by: A. Béné / E. Molle / C. Sjostrom / T. Durand / L. Martin / S. Viardot / J.Rambaud /
OT Montgenèvre


Ski info :

Opening dates Montgenèvre/Mont de la Lune :
04/12/10 to 01/05/11

Free for kids under the age of 6 and adults over 75. Special rates
for children from 6 to 14 years of age.
) Milky Way: 400 kms of slopes across 6 resorts
Full day pass 44€ 6 day pass 224.50€
) Montgenèvre: 75 kms of slopes
Full day: 32.50€/adult 22.00€/child (6-14) 26.00€/senior (60+)
Hourly skiing available: 3 hours 28.00€ 4 hours 24.00€
) Grande Galaxie (Montgenèvre/Mont de la Lune): 110 kms of slopes
Full day: 35.50€/adult 28.50€/child (6-14) 32.00€/senior (60+)
6 day pass: 186.00€/adult 149.00€/child (6-14) 168€/senior (60+) + 1 days
free skiing on the Milky Way + a free toboggan ride.

86 ski slopes: 7 green, 24 blues, 40 red and 15 black
35 ski lifts: 2 mixed lifts, 1 cable-car, 17 chair lifts, 13 drag lifts, 2 magic carpets
Plus: 1 half-pipe, 1 free-ride zone, 2 fun areas, 1 secure beginners area, 1 Nordic
area, 6 footpaths, 55% of the ski area equipped with artificial snow making

) Ski & Relax : prices from 229€ per person inclusive of 7 nights accommodation
in a 4* residence, 6 day ski pass + unlimited access to the spa.

) Family Ski Package : Family Ski Package: from 4th December 2010 to 23rd
April 2011. Prices from 1 183€ for 2 adults and 2 children (6-12 years). Bookings from Saturday to Saturday only.
Prices include: 7 nights self-catering studio accommodation for 2 adults & 2
children, 6 day ski pass Montgenèvre / Monts de la Lune + keycard, 6 ½ days
ski lessons at the French Ski School for 2 children (adult lessons possible on
supplement). Prices based on full occupancy.
) Nordic Ski Package : from 4th December 2010 to 23rd April 2011. Prices
from 184€ per person. Bookings from Saturday to Saturday only.
Prices include: 7 nights self-catering studio accommodation for 2 people, 6 day
Nordic ski pass, 1 evening snow-shoe excursion. Prices based on full occupancy.
) Singles Ski Package : from 12th December 2010 to 2nd April 2011. Prices from
518€ based on accommodation in rooms with a shower, toilet, telephone & television. Montgenèvre Reservation Service: Tel. 00 33 4 92 21 52 53



Chalet Prestige
Le Lagopède****
This luxury chalet, situated at the heart of the village boasts magnificent panoramic
views of the ski area and the Durance Valley. Five bedrooms, vast lounge with
wood-burner and sauna. Prices from: 1200€/week
Hôtel le Chalet Blanc***
This charming hotel opened in December 2008 and is ideally situated at the
foot of the slopes with spacious bedrooms and superb views of the ski area.
Attentive and efficient staff offer a hint of British delicacy. Sauna, steam bath,
jacuzzi and gourmet restaurant.
Prices: ½ board for 2 people from 220€/adult.

Family Friendly :

) Nordic Adventure : prices from 319€ per person inclusive of

7 nights selfcatering accommodation, 2 six day Nordic ski passes, 2 x 2 hour private Nordic ski
lessons + an evening snow-shoe excursion.

Décembre / December

Janvier / January

Février / February

Mars / March

Avril / April

Montgenèvre SNOW FEVER - Part 1
Montgenèvre Snow Fever Part 1

La Virée blanche (ski nordique)
Nordic Ski Competition

Grand spectacle sur le front de neige
avecfeux d’artifices et ski demo show
(tous les mercredis)
Fun and entertainmenton the snow
front. Fireworks andski demonstrations every Wednesday

27 & 28
Défi de La Plane
La Plane Challenge

9 & 10
1 000 pattes

4,5 & 6
10ème anniversaire de la Sant Ambrogio
Saint Ambrose birthday celebrations

9 au 13
Semaine de la gastronomie
Fine Food & Wine Week

Nocturnes de ski de fond
Floodlit eveningcross-country sessions.

Fête de la St Patrick Dîner Spectacle
Saint Patrick’s DayCelebration Dinner

Montgenèvre Snow Fever - Part 2
Montgenèvre Snow Fever Part 2

13, 14 & 15
Compétitionsinternationales de ski alpin
(FIS)International ski Competitions

16 au 22
4ème Edition du Montgenèvre Poker Tour
4th Edition of the MontgenèvrePoker Tour

Coupe de France Big Air Snowboard
Trophée Désaxé French Big Air
Trophy Snowboard Competition

Festivités du Réveillon de Nöel
Christmas Eve celebration

23 au 27
2èmeFestival des Arts Cinématographiques Italiens
2nd Italian Cinema Arts Festival

Marathon de la Clarée

Festivités de la St Sylvestre
New Years Eve celebrations

Journées Neige pour tous

Résidence MMV
Hameau des Airelles****
Situated on the slopes in the new quarters of Montgenèvre, this tasteful residence is fully equipped making it a great option for families: sauna, steam bath,
jacuzzi, swimming pool, laundry and mini-club for kids age 4 to 12. Choose
from 122 apartments with 2 to 4 rooms.
Prices from 713€/week.
Résidence MGM
Chalet des Dolines ****
Opening season for this luxury on-slope residence, only several metres from
the Italian border. 2 to 5 room apartments available.

Home from Home :

Bed & Breakfast
Le Pot de Miel
Situated in the new quarters of Montgenèvre, at the heart of the ski area,
this modern chalet with a cosy & traditional decor sleeps up to 15 people in
4 en-suite bedrooms. Sauna, jacuzzi, video games, television and pool table.
The Australian owner also proposes evening meals, a delightful combination of savoury dishes from Australia, Thailand, Italy and the local region.
Prices from 162€ per room inclusive of breakfast and afternoon tea.

Restaurants :

La Cloche
Sitting on the edge of the golf course, at the heart of the resort, this restaurant proposes a gourmet menu, cosy décor and friendly alpine atmosphere.
Grandma’s Cooking
La Maison de Claire
35 years ago Claire and her husband Jean-Pierre created this Restaurant/
Delicatessen in Montgenèvre. They serve regional produce both French and
Italian. 20 seats. Come and try their cabbage tart with a glass of fine white

The Italian Influence

La Coche et Montsoleil
Take an evening excursion on a snow scooter or snow shoes for dinner on
the Italian side of the ski slopes. La Cloche and Montsoleil are two great
restaurants renowned for their antipasti and local Italian food and wine. You
can ski there at lunchtime too!

The respect of local residents, their natural, historical and
cultural heritage is top priority in Montgenèvre. Actively
involved in a national sustainable development campaign the
resort favours daily action :
) Free shuttle buses every 20 minutes. Service due to expand
offering new circuits and bus stops.
) An eco-event programme: use of electric vehicles and organic cleaning products on events.
) Mountain clean-up campaign in association with MountainRiders.
) Recycling campaigns on the snow front.
) Stands sur le front de neige pour sensibiliser les vacanciers
au tri sélectif,
) Local energy economy plan:
High tension power lines to be buried underground
The destruction of 3 drag lifts

By Road:
Motorway: Chambéry-Modane and the Fréjus tunnel. Rapid
and reliable itinerary.
Motorway: Paris-Lyon-Grenoble
A51 Motorway: Marseille-Sisteron-Gap + N94
Lyon.............. 245 km......... 2h40
Chambéry.....146 km......... 1h30
Grenoble.......130 km......... 2h00
Marseille....... 275 km......... 3h00
Paris............. ..700 km......... 6h50
Bruxelles....... 950 km......... 9h00
Turin............. 90 km........... 1h30
Milan............ 236 km......... 2h50
Genève.......... 230 km......... 2h45
By Rail :
5 hours by TGV high speed train from Paris on the Paris to
Milan line. 15 minute shuttle bus ride from Oulx (Italy) and
Briançon train stations.
By Air :
Daily low-cost flights to Turin Caselle Airport: 1h15 transfer
Grenoble Saint Geoirs: 2h30 transfer
Marseille/Provence airport: 3 hour transfer
By Bus :
Regular bus service: Briançon-Montgenèvre / Oulx – Montgenèvre

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