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Spa, Thermal and Thermic City
By Juliette

Attending a race isn't easy. Let's now add a location with an unpredictable weather as well as a bronze ticket
working on a 'first arrived, first served' basis and you get a crazy week in Belgium.
But let's rather talk about F1 in itself. The Grand Prix was dramatic because of the changing weather as well
as of the showers that were more or less intense and of several protagonists. Let's focus on some of them.
Jenson Button was the one I was hoping for during the GP. I wanted him to overtake Hamilton, but then I
thought he would manage his race successfully and at best beat him on a strategic moment, or at worst to
protect his teammate by going slower.
Though, Vettel didn't agree with that and kept attacking. Among the spectators, someone immediately
affirmed he would go out of the track. He got it right. After a few laps, he suicidally tried to overtake Button,
lost control of his car and hits the Brit in the chicane. The German managed to reach the pits easily and carried
on his race. But Button's race ended there and this incident makes it more difficult to believe in clinching the
world title for the two men. Vettel drove in an immature way and he reminded people of Schumacher's bad
He wasn't the only one because Schumacher himself was a little bit too optimistic when he hit his teammate to
overtake the latter. As for the rest, the former King of Spa didn't impress much.
However, there was a driver who disappointed us at first before impressing us, i.e. Vitaly Petrov. He was a bit
too excited by the stake in qualifying, he overtook two or three drivers at the beginning and bravely drove on
the track. He forgot that although the track was dry, the wet kerb sent him in the rail. He started from 23 th (he
should have started last but de la Rosa was given a +10 position penalty because he changed his engine).
During the race, he did the spectacle by overtaking many drivers (Schumacher and Rosberg) and then by
maintaining Alonso's pace during a couple of laps.
Alonso wasn't very lucky. Some guy celebrating his 300 th GP hit him (they say he's called Rubens
Barrichello). Then he put the intermediates because he was forced to go in the pits after the incident, which
made him go further down in the classification. He then started to go up before crashing towards the end of
the race.
This leaves us with Webber, the poleman. He failed to start well and then remained 5 th. He gained positions
slowly but surely and finished 2nd, meaning he could have won.
Because Lewis Hamilton, winner of the race, almost went off. It wouldn't have satisfied Ron Dennis who was
there. The McLarens could have dreamt of a one-two finish but in the end, when we think they could have
gone home without scoring points, winning is very satisfying because it allows them to lead the drivers'
championship with Hamilton.
Robert Kubica fills the podium in. The Pole drove a solid race and he inaugurated Renault's F-Duct
successfully, putting it in 3rd place both in qualifying and race.
So Spa kept its promises. The rain was there and drivers showed their talent as well as, above all, other drivers
showed their lack of maturity (yep, I'm talking about you Sebastian Vettel.) Thus the new King of Spa is now
Hamilton and there's no doubt he can do it again next year.

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