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360 ° de soleil...

An International
Ski Resort

France / Italy

Montgenèvre is an international ski resort situated on


the border between France and Italy, along one of the
most prestigious mountain passes in the Alps.


In the northern area of the Southern Alps, the resort
is one of the oldest in France, rich in past history and

Winter 2010/2011

moving into the future in a revolutionary manner.
Take a detour to discover this first class international resort. At the heart of Europe, in the Haute Alpes region,
only 4 1/2 hours from Paris by high speed train, Montgenèvre boasts access to
one of the world’s biggest ski areas, the Milky Way.
Over the past few years, the resort has invested greatly in its modernization.
The best is yet to come……. Montgenèvre has recently joined the short list of
elite resorts that top 3000m.
Join the adventure this winter and in the years to come!