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Mountains of history :
At the grand age of 103, Montgenèvre is one of the oldest ski resorts in the world.

Well before 1907, date of the very first international ski competition, the slopes
of Mount Janus (see inset), were conquered by a man named Hannibal who was
believed to have travelled from Carthage to Rome across the Alps via the Montgenèvre mountain pass.
Montgenèvre: an alpine pass, a village, a name that can be found on some of the
oldest maps. This natural passageway, an ancient historical and geographical link,
offered the valley and its residents a sense of identity that has been preciously
preserved over the centuries.
Montgenèvre was the birthplace of winter sports. It was the military that discovered this strategic manner of travel durining the long the winter months. At a
much later date, Montgenèvre, christened “Chamonix in the south”, benefited
from an excellent reputation, much loved by famous people including Jean Gabin,
Colette, Jean Cocoteau and Mistinguette. They all sought in Montgenèvre a haven
of peaceful sunshine.
Several years later war ravaged Montgenèvre as the French troops fought the
Looking upwards from the village one can admire the stars, the blue sky and
sunshine but also the remains of it’s fortified past, the walls of Fort Chaberton
and Fort Janus.

The place to be……..
Between the two World wars, Montgenèvre was host to aristocrats and
the flamboyant upper class. The creation of the first ski lift in 1936
accelerated the fashion to ski. During the 30’s and the 40’s Montgenèvre
was extremely popular with the wealthy Parisian jet set. Famous writers
and artists resided here. Montgenèvre became the resort in which to be