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Moving mountains :
News on the snow front !
In less than 5 years Montgenèvre has progressed from a sleeping beauty to one of the
most eventful resorts in the Southern Alps. Today the ski lift company boasts 3rd place in the
turnover ratings.
A vast investment programme has changed the
face of the resort with great consideration for
sustainable development. Far from the effects
of fashion and society, Emile Carles directed
the first campaign for the preservation of
the alpine environment. Montgenèvre is the
doorway to the Clarée Valley. Today it is the
only French valley to be both protected and

Key figures :
• 400 kms of ski slopes along the « MILY WAY » ski area between France and
Italy via Sestrières.
• 103 kms of Nordic trails and 15 kms of footpaths.
• 30% increase in the number of days skiing sold last season, in constant progression since 2005. Turnover of 560 000€ in 2009
• 14 000 tourist capacity
• 12 000 000 € turnover for the ski lift company.
• 55% of the ski area is equipped with artificial snow making facilities. An
investment of more than 30 million euro

Montgenèvre traffic free!
The past years have seen a reduction in traffic as the main road now runs under the
ski slopes. As a result the south-facing snow
front in Montgenèvre is one of the most
pleasant. Beautiful Italian women compete
with the charms of the British or French
clients in a relaxed “Dolce via” atmosphere.

Pop to the top!

Montgenèvre is soon to join
the list of select resorts that
peak at 3000m. The only
resort in the Southern Alps
and one of the rare ski areas
in Europe. A vision for many
not so long ago now a reality
in the near future!

An entire 3000m ski area has been created around Mount-Chaberton on the French/Italian border to offer
great skiing for all levels, sporty slopes and a unique blue run from
3000m downwards! Perfectly integrated into the natural surroundings
skiers here can enjoy 360° panoramic views from Mont Ventoux to
Mont-Blanc, from the Rhône to the river Pô.
This investment of up to 26 million Euros, one of the biggest projects
in the Alps, is due to officially open in 2012/13.