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Editorial ideas

• 50 000 m2 dedicated to beginners !

Montgenèvre has chosen
to reserve a vast area on the snow front for the exclusive use of novice
skiers, both children and adults. Recently remodelled, the snow front is
equipped with a snow garden and a child friendly lift system for maximum
safety and tranquillity.

• Ski green ! Montgenèvre is situated at the entrance to the Clarée Valley
renowned for its natural beauty and numerous alpine hamlets (Névache,
Les Alberts, and Plampinet).
Towards the end of the 70’s the first environmental preservation campaign
took place here.

The Italian inf luence
Our Italian friends impressively renovated the road along the Montgenèvre mountain pass in a very short period of time.
Renowned for heavy snow and avalanche risks and previously subject to closure, the road is now equipped with tunnels and
avalanche barriers creating permanent direct access to the resort.
Access from the Italian side is now extremely easy; from Lyon, take the Fréjus tunnel, leave the motorway and follow the dual
carriageway towards Montgenèvre. A 2 1/2 hour journey PLUS a reduction of 13€40 on your ski pass if you use this

• During the month of February the famous cross-country ski
marathon runs from village to village.

• Montgenèvre is surrounded by a number
of national parks (Ecrins, Queras, Vanoise and
Val Troncea on the Italian side). Enjoy a great choice
of snow-shoe itineraries only steps from the resort.

Unusual !
The road through Montgenèvre runs underground. The creation of a tunnel
underneath the slopes has changed the face of the resort and improved it
greatly for pedestrians. At the start of the coming season, on the 3rd December, one of the World’s best DJ’s is programmed to mix in the tunnel. An
event to be repeated on 24th April to celebrate the end of the season.

Guaranteed Snow & Sunshine!
The height of Montgenèvre and its geographical situation subject to
low pressure fronts from the west and return weather fronts from
the east plus vast artificial snow making facilities make the resort
famous for great quality snow conditions (8 metres of combined
snow falls in 2009).
Every year without fail, Montgenèvre is the first resort to open its
slopes. A resort that boasts not only the earliest opening date but also
the greatest number of ski days (except glacier resorts) where fresh
powder can still be found up to eight days after the last snow fall.
Better again; Montgenèvre is situated in the Southern Alps, reputed
for 300 days of sunshine per year.

Plus :
Download the resorts new i-phone

iphone application !
An interactive guide !