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Sponsorship File

Game Simulation Convention


OCTOBER 29 , 30 & 31




Office Municipal des Sports
Complexe Georges Fustier
63360 GERZAT

Pierre-Edouard Couret
31bis rue des Chanelles, Appt 10
63100 Clermont-Ferrand
@ : pe.couret@wanadoo.fr


Since 2000, the Stonehenge association holds in the urban area of ClermontFerrand (Auvergne, France) a simulation games convention, the Goblin Night
Fever (GNF). Year after year, this event has grown and now deserves further
After nine editions, the GNF has become the most important non-professional
simulation games convention of France.
This document will allow you to discover our association and our project.


What are simulation games?

The Stonehenge Association
o Our Goals
o Our Members
o Our Main Activities

The GNF by now

About the GNF
A recognized event

As evidenced by the worldwide success recorded by films like Star Wars (1977), Conan the
Barbarian (1981), Willow (1985) ou the recent Lord of the Rings Trilogy (to name only a few films), the
fantastic universe attracts an ever wider and diversified population.
The fantasy is no more this anecdotic kind as it is now relayed by Medias: before, the main products
of this sort of movies were books, original soundtracks and posters... now, you can find video games,
board games or various merchandising for every movie.
This enthusiasm for fantasy worlds contributed to develop simulation games using miniatures, for
example in order to replay scenes from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and bring a new population to
simulation games. We can also see this new interest through an increased number of conventions in
The Goblin Night Fever, as one of the oldest non-professional game simulation convention, has
lived this metamorphosis, by attracting an larger and wider audience year by year.

The miniatures games, historical war games or role games, as board games or card games, all this
games can be called Simulation Games.
Miniatures Games:


The figurines used in miniatures games are scaled generally from 1/6 to 1/300 scale. We, in the
association, use mostly 1/48 scaled figurines (30mm for a man). The figurines are casted in metal,
plastic or resin essentially. They are moved through three-dimensioned sceneries on a table gaming or
board gaming.
Like any game, miniatures games are governed by rules that allow, for example, resolving moves,
shootings or fights between the characters. In addition, the rules generally provide several levels of
difficulty to suit audiences of all ages.

Historical War Games:
The historical war games offer us to fight
again with the greatest generals, during the
greatest battles of history or the most
insignificant skirmish of a forgotten war, from
Antiquity to the Second World War, from
Alexander the Great to Napoleon, from the first
thrown stone to the first nuclear bombing...
Some of them are so realistic that they are
used as teaching tools in military schools like
ESM Saint-Cyr (France), RMA Sandhurst (UK)
or USMA, Westpoint (USA), where students
apply and confront their knowledge by
“playing” strategic war games...

Role-Playing Games:
Role-playing games need only a few sheet of
paper, pencils and dices. Each player controls
a character he created earlier with the one who
rules the story: the Game Master. The only
thing you need in RPG is to free your
imagination: the Game Master, who has
prepared in advance the scenario (as in a
movie) describes the adventure and the lore,
but the players have to discover by themselves
what will be the end of the story!
A RPG is like a play whose outcome is in the
hands of the players, and where nothing is
written by advance!

The Stonehenge Association gather people united by the same passion: the simulation games.
Created in 1995, the association has fifty members who meet every weekend in Gerzat (5 km from
Clermont-Ferrand) and organize each year many events, the most important being the Gobelin Night


Promote simulation games: figurines games, historical figurines, board games and roleplay
Allow people and players from the whole Auvergne to regularly meet together to share and
discover various games.
Making dioramas and sceneries for all our members
Share tools and techniques
Inform players about dates and locations of the numerous regional and national games events
Last but not least, the Stonehenge Association is a friendly place where everyone can
benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the others members.

The Stonehenge members are a true melting pot: it brings together schoolchildren, students, and
working people (workers, employees, doctors, lawyers, unemployed, ... ).
No matter the age, origin or social class, everyone can share his point of view with others.
The diversity, enthusiasm and energy of our members are the principal wealth of Stonehenge,
without which projects likle the Goblin Night Fever would never have been feasible.

Simulation Games:
Our main activities are the historical and
fantastic war games, role-playing games,
board games and card games.
This also brings us to concept, create and
paint sceneries that are needed to play :
natural sceneries (hills, forests, mountains,
swamps, rivers...) or architectural sceneries
(castles, houses, fortifications, ...).
We design them with different materials such
as extruded polystyrene, cardboard or plastic

Painting Figurines:
To give a more realistic and more enjoyable
view of our figurines on the board, we
encourage our members to paint their
miniatures. By shared painting sessions and
healthy competition, our members develop
their own artistic talents and explore different
painting techniques.

Tournament Events:
Just as sports competitions, there are
tournaments simulation games. Stonehenge
has held for many years. They are always an
opportunity for participants to meet with other

The Gobelin Night Fever
Purpose of this file! Described on next page.

The Stonehenge association organizes the
Gobelin Night Fever since 2000. This annual
event takes times for a weekend. The latest
Name: Gobelin Night Fever
one, the GNF 9, was held in October 2008 in
Gender: Unknown
the village hall “Le Galion” in Gerzat (5kms
Username: GNF
from Clermont-Ferrand). The convention
Organizer: Stonehenge
offers many tournaments, events, and
Date of Birth: April 29th, 2000
Birthplace: Gerzat
demonstrations on the simulation game
Current Location: Hall « Le Galion » (Gerzat)
theme, fantastic or historical. It hosts year
Occupation: Simulation Games Convention
after year a number of players or visitors is
increasingly important. They come from
Auvergne and troughout France. This associative convention allows also the main actors of the
simulation game in France to meet with their players.

The GNF offers activities for players : tournaments, contests and free games, as well as activities for
the general public : initiations, demonstrations and exhibitions.
Tournaments and contests:
In sports, the competitions are the greatest moments that allow players to prove and demonstrate
their values. We’ve got the same spirit in simulation games. So many tournaments are organized
during the convention:
 Figurines Games Tournaments
 Role-Playing Game Contest
 Board Games Contests and Tournaments
 Painting Contests
Free Games:
The association provides the equipment for
everyone to freely practice their hobby,
whether miniatures games, role-playing
games, board games, card games, or painting,
in the best possible conditions.
Initiation and demonstrations:
The purpose of the GNF is also to publicize
the fantastic universe, and this through
demonstrations and initiations held troughout
the weekend, by amateurs or professional
editors. This is an opportunity to discover and
explore universes and games more or less

By now, the Stonehenge association has completed nine editions of the GNF. Each year, the new
edition has been more successful than the previous one. This reputation attracts the general public,
who become more and more passionate by fantasy. We have therefore adapted the event to those
new visitors. Upon entering the largest room of the convention, many tables are devoted to initiations
and demonstrations.

As the various Gobelin Night Fever editions have encountered a growing success, our convention is
now known in all the France. Indeed, its very good reputation precedes it. After a year without GNF
(due to village hall refection), the GNF is back, and it’s with a great pleasure that guys have learned
the date of the 2010 edition.
Participants come from all corners of the France and despite our central location, some are ready to
travel near 700kms to join us! Among them, we already know there will be Parisians, of Nice, Brittany,
Bordeaux, and of course, many from Clermont-Ferrand!
Currently, and increasingly, other French associations intend to our event. As a result, each edition
welcomes new participants. Thus, the last GNF counts approximately 300 entries in the various
activities and welcomes more than 700 visitors!
Every year, we are welcomed about the very good organization and quality of activities offered.
Also, sponsors are delighted with the annual report of the agreement, which attests to their full
involvement in the project.
The Gobelin Night Fever has become one of the key events in France by word of mouth and
sustained follow-up in the Media: press, radio, regional television and the Internet.

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