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Stefano SironiCV .pdf

Nom original: Stefano SironiCV.pdf
Titre: Microsoft Word - Stefano SironiCV.docx
Auteur: Stefano

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Stefano Sironi
18 Rue de l’Arrivée 75015 Paris
+33 (0) 6 19 62 62 08
2008 to 2011

2005 to 2008


ESCP Europe: Master in Management “Grande École” – Paris (FR)
Major in Finance
Final Thesis: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Alliances in the Pharmaceutical
Università dell’Insubria: Bachelor Degree in Economics and Commerce –
Varese (ITA)
Major in Banking and Finance
Grade 101/110
Final Thesis: Securities Management: Issues Regarding Parameter Estimation and
Applications of Theoretical Models in Portfolio Construction
European School: European Baccalaureate - Varese (ITA)
Grade: 80.5/100

Professional Experience
May to Nov.

April 2009 to
March 2010

Simon-Kucher & Partners: analyst internship – Paris (FR)
Life Sciences division. Involved in pricing and reimbursement strategy in Italy,
France, and UK; worked as part of an international team (Italian, UK, and French
Project 1: sanofi-aventis
• Identified market access obstacles and provided recommendations to
optimize access in Italy, France, UK
• Identified optimal price in each market and designed launch sequence to limit
revenue erosion due to parallel trade
• Modelled physician price-sensitivity in free-pricing markets
Project 2: Amgen
• Project on post-label label extension price erosion and volume restrictions in
price-controlled countries
• Tested clinical trial design with payers in Italy and France
• Tested price thresholds and valued expected product revenue in both
SARL Pub502: co-founder and CEO – Paris (FR)
Start-Up founded to create and diffuse advertisements on taxi mounted LCD
screens Paris. Clients included L’Oréal Professional, Subway and a disparate
assortment of restaurants and other entertainment businesses.
• Created client network and video production process
• Created taxi network to diffuse client videos
• Drafted business plan and created control process
• Valued the company’s expected future cash flows
• Prepared and executed a pitch for funding to seed investment fund

Languages and IT skills

Native speaker
Native speaker
German Conversational
Visual Basic (VBA), Office suite, Adobe suite, Lotus notes

Extra Information
Multicultural Background having resided in Germany, USA, Italy and France.
Sport Enthusiast: Advanced open-water diving certificate (PADI), Swimming,
Wakeboarding, Skiing (Ski Club Aosta)

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