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Paris, 2010, November the 9th
Subject: Letter of recommendation
To whom it may concern:
Miss Agathe Boulous worked for our company, ReflexPublic,
as Press Relations assistant, from 4th January to 30th July
During this collaboration, Agathe completed the following
- writing of press releases;
- follow up with journalists, mailing of pictures and
product shoppings;
- participation to strategic recommendations;
- preparation of reports;
- follow up of actions and plannings;
- client contact.
All of those tasks were completed with efficiency and care
which allowed Agathe to acquire a significant experience
and confidence needed for the job of junior PR.
During her time with us, Agathe showed great dynamism,
enthousiasm and adaptability that we found much
satisfying. Agathe was able to fit belong her colleagues
and clients.
I am very convinced that Agathe will manage to put her
skills to her next mission.
For any further information, I remain at your entire
Marie Sargueil

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