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Copyright 2006 DCollinsworth

Bratz Baker Outfit


With Cup Cake Carrier

One skein ea color Bernat Baby coordinate yarns in Baby Pink and Sweet Pink, small

amount in white, needle to take yarn, a 6 sided paper mache box with lid (2-1\2” tall and
6-1\2” across or side to side), small snap, needle and thread, small amount of stuffing,
craft glue and G crochet hook or hook to obtain gauge.
GAUGE: 5 sc = 1”, 4 rows sc = 1”, 4 hdc = 1”, 3 rows hdc = 1”


ROW 1: With Sweet Pink and G hook ch-17, sc 2nd ch from hook, sc ea ch
across, ch-1, turn.

(16 sts)

ROW 2: sc next 3 sts, ch-4, sk 3 sts, sc next 4, ch-4, sk next 3, sc last 3 sts,
fasten off.

(8 ch + 10 sts)


ROW 1: Turn bodice upside down so you are now working across the bottom of the
bodice’s row 1, with Sweet Pink and G hook join bottom 1st st, ch-1, 2 sc sa st as beg ch-1,
sc next 3, (2 sc next, sc next 3) 3 times, ch-1, turn.

(20 sts)

ROW 2: (2 sc next st, sc next 4 sts) across, ch-1, turn.

(24 sts)

ROW 3: Sc ea st across, fasten off.

With needle and thread sew small snap to back of dress.

No part of this pattern may be used or reproduced without written permission from the author