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The World
Sustainable development

Sustainable development in the world

Sustainable development in the world

The human world: the earth
a world of extremes & its results

They're more than 6,5 billion people in the world divided in 3 parts:

Underdeveloped countries
Extreme poverty

Developing countries
Middle poverty

less than 1€ by days to live


lake of clear drinking water –
no electricity
30,000 kids are dying by
1,1 billion of people

Developed countries
Rich countries
80% of resources


Problems of


4,3 billion of people
+ 75,000 million each years

Demographic problem
1,1 billion of people

Problems of the world-Challenges and solutions
a majority of poor people

Not enough energy resources for everybody + more and more
Less and less resources
Societal, environmental, scientific and technical problem
Climatic and environmental challenges:
We have to produce fewer CO2 while feeding, by shining, by
warming, a largest number of people.
→ In other words produce more and more, without emitting of Co2,
preserving natural resources

Solution is ...

Sustainable development
It’s a new conception which consists in recycling, using some objects
than others in order to preserve the environment while answering the
human needs.
Economically, socially and environmentally speak it’s a transformation
process in which natural resources are conserved for the future : the
future generation vital needs

Sustainable development means: Renewable energies
They're three sorts of renewable energies:
The solar energy: using sunshine or wind.

The biomass: Wood (If we transplant what we've take), Gas (obtained
by fermentation) are instances.

The geothermal science: using the warm of the earth (its floor).


Sustainable development in the
Q: Why is it important to have sustainable development at the world scale? And
what is done in the world regarding to sustainable development?
We must take part in the Sustainable Development now, and of course to teach
our children about that. If everyone in the world consumes like American people, it
will not be possible because we would need 4 planets !
A: Since the 1980s, countries had became aware of the fact that industry is based
on natural resources : it’s not possible to always live like we do now, because of
the selling out of natural resources (raw material and energy).
The climate change is particularly due to the greenhouse gas emissions and CO2
During the lasts years, there were some natural disasters but also disasters
caused by industries : Seveso in 1976 or Tchernobyl in 1986 for instance.
That calls out the public opinion, this is why some associations has been created :
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth.
A: And some actions were done to expand the sustainable development :
- reports between countries, people, and of course generations
- actions made by the government or by the international organizations (European
Union, WASD, OME...)
-actions made by factories.

Different steps of the evolution of sustainable development :

In 1987, the United Nations released the Brundtland Report, which
defines sustainable development as “development which meets the needs
of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to
meet their own needs."
●1992 : in Rio de Janeiro had been proclamed the “3 pillars” which are the
economical, social and environmental aspects.
●The Kyoto protocol : 1997
The Kyoto protocol is an international treaty aiming at the reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions, the participants meet once a year since 1995
to speak about climate change even if the treaty was really signed the 11th
December of 1997.

In green, countries
which approve the
In red, countries
which refuse the
In Grey, countries
which have not

2002 : Johannesburg
The “ Sommet mondial sur le developpement durable” (An international meeting
about sustainable development) (SMDD) came true the 26 of august until
September 4th, 2002; This summit aimed at making a complete state of affairs on
the world and it was more precisely based on the sustainable development,
moreover the next will take place in 2012.

2005 : entrée en vigueur du protocole de Kyoto la réduction des émissions de
gaz à effet de serre dans l'Union européenne . Adoption, en France, d'une
charte de l'environnement , insistant sur le principe de précaution.

2009 : conference about the climate, she takes place in Copenhagen the 7 th until

the 18 of december on 2009, She aimed at re-negotiating an international
agreement on the climate replacing the Kyoto protocol.


UNO: United Nations Organisation, is an
association of different countries in order
to fix many international issues including
global warming thus dealing with
sustainable development
WASD: World Association for Sustainable Development, is a
unique global forum that brings together people from across the
world to discuss key issues relating to science and technology
management that impact the world sustainable development.
The aims of WASD are to promote the exchange of knowledge,
experience, information and ideas among academicians,
scholars, professionals, policy & decision makers, industry,
executives, students… etc. to improve the mutual
understanding of the roles of science and technology in
achieving sustainable development all over the world.

Vous avez parlé d'usines qui font des efforts pour
le development durables: vous pensiez peut-etre
à des entreprises internationales? Si oui
lequelles? J'ai pas vu de truc du genre dans c'que
vous m'avez envoyer mais ca peut etre
interessant si y'en a...

Purpose of sustainable development :
It’s a way to warn people of the future of the planet, with the
idea of keeping the environment as naturally possible based
on ideal-seeking.
In different domains :
• water and sanitation : Governments agreed to halve the number of people
lacking clean drinking water
• Energy : Governments agreed to take actions in order to use others sources of
energy (solar or wind power) : we are encouraged to use renewable objects
(batteries) since it could reduce the nuclear and hydro-electric power
• Global Warming : People make several research in order to find for example
electric cars and so on, to reduce CO2 emissions.

Team 7:
Margot Périn
Justine Gagneux
David Zenati


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