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Strength. Power. Control. Driving pleasure in complete safety. This is the essence of driving according to Alfa Romeo. A unique
sensation that finds its best expression in the new Alfa 156, a car that transforms driving into sheer pleasure, in complete safety
and comfort. A car that is a delight to look at, as well as to drive. The impact of the new Alfa 156 stimulates all five senses. Sight,
captivated by the elegant, sporty styling designed by Giugiaro. Hearing, through the unmistakable sound of an Alfa Romeo engine.
Touch, with a combination of cloths and materials that offer new sensations every time; and then there is the smell of speed and
the unique taste of performance always under control, even with a full load. The only thing missing is your sixth sense, to make
the new Alfa 156 something even more unique. The unmistakable ‘made in Italy’ styling, the most sophisticated engineering,
peerless engines, the most exclusive materials and the utmost attention to details like the new 16” alloy wheels: the Alfa 156 is
all of this and more. Because Alfa Romeo has always sought to make driving its cars both enjoyable and safe.

All information, descriptions and illustrations are given solely as a guide. Actual product specifications
may differ due to manufacturing requirements. Alfa Romeo reserves the right to make any changes
it considers necessary to its products. Some of the equipment described and/or photographed in
this brochure are options. See the price list for a full list.

Dealer Stamp

All information can also be obtained on the Internet at the following address:

The new 156 was designed
by Giugiaro

2.5 V6 24V





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Power tailored to any type of driving, with
the very latest in motoring innovation and
technology. The engines available on the new Alfa
156 are a perfect blend of performance, low fuel
consumption, reliability and environmental friendliness.
From a sports drive to a more leisurely one, the gearboxes
available on the new 156 can be manual, and naturally,
Selespeed, the sequential transmission derived from technology
currently used in Formula 1.

The structure of the rear
McPherson suspension of the
new Alfa 156 is particularly
advanced both in terms of
geometry and construction. The
telescopic strut incorporates
pressurised double-acting shock

absorbers, and the coil spring
is heavily decentralised to
reduce friction. The bump stop
is made of closed-cell
polyurethane, which guarantees
the most gradual and consistent
elastic properties possible. The

two transverse links and the
mount of the anti-roll bar are
anchored to a framework in
vacuum die-cast lightweight
alloy, which reduces the weight
by about 1.8kg compared to a
conventional steel beam.

The high double wishbone
suspension in the new Alfa 156
enables great lengthwise wheel
flexibility, without compromising
road-holding and steering
dynamics, which guarantees
optimum control tyre action.

The new interiors make travelling in the new Alfa 156 even more enjoyable, while at the same time conveying all the personality
of a genuine Alfa Romeo. The use of the now classic circular ‘rims’ on the rev-counter and speedometer is a tribute to the style
of models that have contributed to the history and glory of Alfa Romeo. The facia features the Info Center console with an innovative,
modern design. The built-in radio – also with steering wheel controls – and the automatic “dual-zone” climate control system are
within easy reach in the centre of the facia. Everything has been designed to optimise the load capacity, from the modularity of
the luggage compartment to the spacious glove compartments.

On all versions of the new Alfa 156 the cut of the upholstery and material assembly have been studied down to the smallest details
and produced using techniques of genuine craftsmanship. With the dials on the climate control system, the details on the steering
wheel and gear lever, the instrument frames, the air duct borders on the facia, the chrome handles and finish on the soft-touch
seat adjustment controls, the feel is one of an environment designed rationally and put together with passion. The new two-tone
finish on the facia and door panels gives even more light to the cockpit.

Legendary Alfa Romeo road-holding guarantees
an excellent level of active safety, even in
emergencies. The steering is highly responsive
and precise, with excellent traction, and the ability
to absorb and soften road irregularities. There is
an active sensor braking system, with four disc
brakes and a servo-brake with an extra chamber.
The sophisticated electronic control elements and
an exclusive suspension combination, high
wishbone at the front and McPherson at the
rear, means that the driver can concentrate simply
on enjoying the drive. This all comes together with
a comprehensive system of airbags, side
anti-penetration bars and safety belts with
pretensioners, making the Alfa 156 a concentration
of active and passive safety.

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