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Application of Six Sigma for Services
Dr. Rajesh K. Tyagi

Abstract: Existing scorecards and performance measurement
methodologies and quality methodologies were not designed for
service businesses. The talk will focus on the recent development at
ASQ, Service Quality Division and a discussion on the application of
Six Sigma in Services. A service-sector specific methodology-Define,
Measure, Analyze, Innovate and Embed (DMAIE) will be presented.
Bio: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tyagi is an assistant professor at HEC
Montreal, Department of Logistics and Operations Management.
Professor Tyagi teaches Service Operations, Operations
Management, and Project Management. His current research and
consulting interests are in areas of measurement of service
performance and six sigma applications in services sector. He has over 15 publications in
scientific and technology journals and has presented at various national and international
conferences. He is the co-author of Six Sigma for Transactions and Service and A Complete and
Balanced Service Scorecard: Creating Value Through Sustained Performance Improvement.
Dr. Tyagi is a senior ASQ member and SQBOK steering committee member. He is also leading
the effort of Resource Committee of SQBOK initiative. He obtained his PhD in Engineering at the
University of Ottawa, Canada and MBA from The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern
University. He teaches Service Operations Management, Operations Management, Quality
Management, and Decisions Sciences for General Managers. Email:

March 24, 3-4 pm
Room Number 3.309, EV Building (EV 3.309)
1515 Ste Catherine Street West
Concordia University, Montreal – H3G2W1

A PD Engineer's Response, from the Far Side of Quality
Mr. Stephen P. Jones
Abstract: I will discuss the following two white papers and present a
response to one or both of these papers, from the perspective of a Product
Development (PD) Engineer with 34yrs+ experience in the Aerospace and
Defense industry will be presented. First, I will describe the context in
which I have most of my professional experience with PD process modeling
(i.e. implementing organizational excellence programs). Then I will respond
to the key assertions and recommendations made by the authors of the
paper(s), drawing upon examples from my own experiences. Audience is
encouraged to dig more deeply into the ideas presented in these papers,
and perhaps to take it even further.
Key Concepts in Modeling Product Development Processes
Tyson R. Browning, Ernst Fricke, and Herbert Negele
Systems Engineering, Vol. 9, No. 2, 2006
The Many Views of a Process: Toward a Process Architecture Framework for Product
Development Processes
Tyson R. Browning
Systems Engineering Vol. 12, No. 1, 2009
Bio: Mr. Stephen P. Jones is a Senior Engineering Specialist in the Product Development
System, Continuous Improvement group at Bombardier Aerospace, with thirty -four (34) years'
experience as a Product Development (PD) Engineer in the Aerospace and Defense industry. In
the course of his career, he has worked in R&D, Design, Test, and Customer Support,
sometimes as a PD Engineer and sometimes as a PD Engineering Manager. In the past ten
years, in addition to his "day job" as a PD Engineer - a Lean/Six-Sigma Black Belt, he also served
as a consultant in TQM, and an Organizational Excellence program coordinator. Stephen is a
very passionate advocate of continuous process improvement and particularly intrigued by the
significant challenges often involved in persuading his fellow PD practitioners to embrace the
tools and concepts of "Standard Work”. It is this particular fascination that has most strongly
influenced his personal career choices, and it continues to drive him relentlessly, day after day.

March 24, 4-5 pm
Room Number 3.309, EV Building (EV 3.309)
1515 Ste Catherine Street West
Concordia University, Montreal – H3G2W1

The event is free of cost, however registration is required. Please confirm your participation in the event by
sending an email to Dr. Anjali Awasthi at or calling at 514 848 2424 ext 5622.

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