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JONES, Kelvin I.,
A Sherlock Holmes
Dictionary : An Etymological Guide to The
Less Familiar Words and Phrases in the
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Sherlock Holmes. -- 2. The Conan Doyle Crime
Library. -- 3. A Study in Scarlet. -- 4. The Sign
of the Four. -- 5. Irene Adler. -- 6. Professor
Moriarty. -- 7. The Hound of the Baskervilles. -8. The Valley of Fear. -- 9. His Last Bow. -Bibliography. -- Index of Names. -- Index of
Characters in the Sherlock Holmes Saga. -Index of Titles of Sherlock Holmes. -Illustration Credits. [Ouvrage canonique]
[version augmentée et révisée de l’ouvrage
LA COUR, Tage, Bibliotheca Holmensiana :
The First Editions of the Writings of
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[Avec six pages titres dessinées par Viggo
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[Bibliographie des éditions allemandes des
aventures de S. H.]
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augmentée : Sherlock Holmes : The Great
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par John Bennett Shaw. Rééd. en version
augmentée : Sherlock Holmes : The Great
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Sherlock Holmes in
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PATTON, Andy & Bill, The Sherlock Holmes
ABC Book : An Illustrated Introduction to
the Great Detective, Toronto, Simon & Pierre,
1985, 63 pages. [Pour jeunes]
Uses quotes and illustrations from the Sherlock
Holmes stories to enlighten every alphabet
letter. The alphabet letters introduce
Sherlockian characters, places, words, and
objects as the reader proceeds to "Z." The onepage illustrations facing each page pertaining
to the alphabet word are largely from the
famous Strand Magazine, where they originally
A Sherlock Holmes
Almanac, Shelburne (Ont.), Battered Silicon
Dispatch Box, 2001, 388 pages, avec index.
Édition enrichie, augmentée par les soins de
Carl William Thiel, Karen Murdock, Frank
Darlington, Edwin Christenson, BSI, and
George A. Vanderburgh, M.Bt.. L’édition
originale, tirée à 100 exemplaires, date de
PIRANI, Roberto (dir.), Le piste di Sherlock
H o l m e s , Pontassieve, Pirani bibliografica,
(Biblioteca sherlockiana), 1999, 114 pages.[En
collaboration avec Monica Mare & Maria Grazia
De Anton]
[Bibliographie des éditions italiennes + essai
par Pirani]