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Le Siécle
23 February 2011
Le Siécle is a club where the French media, political and economical elite meet
and dine in luxury. What they say or with whom they discuss it is a well-kept
secret. This lack of transparency is a threat to democracy and must be
The attached list of members includes several famous journalists, politicians and
heads of large corporations. The list is an internal document which provides
postal addresses and personal phone numbers.
Publication of the list will aid protests against the people who lead the country
and who contribute to destruction of the legacy of the Resistance: our social
security, our pension system, our public services.
Demonstrations are held against the club, the most recent in January 2011 when
70 persons were arrested by the Parisian police, whose leader is a member of
Le Siécle.
Citizens are urged to use this data to contact Le Siécle members to protest their
decisions and to show that they are being watched by the people as necessary in
a true democracy.

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