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Titre: NRRL Bioreactor Construction
Auteur: Timothy Townsend

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NRRL Bioreactor Construction
Week of February 26, 2001
Commencement of Injection Well

Construction Activities

Construction Activities
• Bioreactor construction activities
focused on the commencement of
installation of the vertical leachate/air
recirculation wells.
• Well installation began on March 1,

Surveyor Stakes

Stakes were placed by a professional surveyor to
correspond to the leachate collection lines
of the landfill’s leachate collection system.
Injection well locations were then sited by
the researchers using the LCS lines as a
construction baseline. The injection well
locations were then surveyed using the
researcher’s GPS’s surveying equipment. The
well locations and labels are presented on the
following slide.

Map of Well Field

Cluster Well
Locations with

Cluster Well Sketch

Top of Landfill
The injection well design is a cluster well. Using
field elevation measurements for each cluster well
location and using the a distance of 10 feet as the
minimum distance between the bottom of the
deepest well and the top of the sand drainage
blanket, well depths were determined.

Elevation at Top of Landfill
- Elevation at Top of Sand Drainage Blanket
- 10 ft
Maximum Depth of Well

•Well piping was 2-inch PVC.
•Shallow wells have 10 ft of slotted pipe.
•Intermediate and deep wells have 20 ft of
slotted pipe.
•Well depths were adjusted to maximize
slotted pipe coverage while meeting criteria
state above.
10 ft
Top of Sand Drainage

Engineer’s Verification
of Elevations

Before drilling, the landfill’s engineer verified the
researchers proposed well depths and surface

Drill Rig Arrival at

Drill rig arrives at the site.

Drill Rig

Drill rig sets up and begins drilling. First well
cluster: CN2.


Injection wells were prepared
before drilling. Jason Timmons
(UF) and David Green (ECS)
confer before installation of a

Injection Wells

Thermocouples were placed at the bottom of each well so temperature measurements can be measured during routine
bioreactor operation.

Drill Rig Panorama

View of drill rig from the landfill’s entrance road.

Well Installation 1

The first 20 ft of well pipe were prepared ahead of
time (including thermocouple wire) so they could
be installed immediately after the 4-inch flight
auger was removed from the hole.

Well Installation 2

Installing a well.

Well Installation 3

Additional pipe sections were
threaded into place as the pipe was
pushed into the hole. For the most
part, all wells were able to be installed
to the drilled hole depth.

Bentonite Plug

The landfilled waste tended to
expand around the pipe shortly
after placement. A bentonite plug
was placed in the annulus
between the pipe and the waste.

Bentonite Plug

Finished Well

The thermocouple leads were
placed within the pipe and a cap
was placed on the pipe. This is
temporary condition.

Wells Completed

Injection Well Completed
on March 1, 2001:

Injection wells
completed or
partially completed by
March 1.

Wells Completed

Injection Well Completed
on March 2, 2001:

Injection wells
completed or
partially completed by
March 2.

Interesting Note:

An interesting note…..all of the wells showed
evidence of typical landfill gas. Some wells were
wet at deeper elevations. A few wells were
observed to foam. This has been observed at
other landfill’s the researchers have worked with.


Catch of the day – a
mattress (with one of the
drillers). Auger bits were
changed while drilling

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