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Tony Curtis: Driven to Stardom

a film by Ian Ayres

2011- Color- 96’- HD- documentary


A feature documentary that takes a closer look at the troubled life of
Bernie Schwartz,a poor and penniless rebel from the Bronx, and his
astonishing ascent to celebrity as Hollywood’s silver screen icon, Tony Curtis.

Wednesday May 18th,
6 pm, Palais C

TONY CURTIS: DRIVEN TO STARDOM is a personal and intimate journey into the
life and career of one of Hollywood’s last silver screen icons. Influencing the likes
of Elvis Presley and James Dean with his rebellious demeanor, iconic hairstyle
and charming good looks, Tony Curtis was regarded as one of the very first teen
idols and sex symbols of his time. His passionate drive and charm also made him a
unique figure that appealed to all ages and transcended all genres with
his versatile and memorable roles. As we explore the stages of his sixdecade film career, we’ll also shed light on his courageous political stance to
break the color barrier with «The Defiant Ones» (which earned him an Oscar
nomination), his brief love affair with blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, as well
as his failed marriages to actresses Janet Leigh and Christine Kaufmann. This
feature documentary is not only just a biographical account, but also an exploration into the universal concept of fame and its impact on Hollywood actors.

My Land

a film by Nabil Ayouch
2011 - Color - 85’ - HD- documentary


Several young Israelians are confronted by the testimonies of the Palestinians who once lived in their village until they were exiled to Lebanon in
1948 following the declaration of independence of the Jewish state.
After the obliteration of their villages and their expulsion from
Israel in 1948, the Palestinians have always dreamt of returning
to their native homeland. 60 years later, they remain refugees in
South Lebanon while their former territory is occupied by today’s
generation of young Israelis who also believe that this land is their home.
Director Nabil Ayouch, whose untraditional Arab-Jewish background echoes
the two-sided Israelian-Palestine conflict, digs deeper into the complex
situation still being debated to this day. Through personal accounts and
interviews conducted from both sides of the border, the Israelis and Palestinians both young and old share their memories, their history, and their thoughts
on whether or not they will find a way to better the future for both nations.

Mama Eva

a film by Kit Hung

2012 - Color - 90’-HD- Comedy


The story about a traditional Chinese mother whose
world is turned upside down when her daughter is set
to marry a Frenchman and she must attend the untraditional wedding in France.
Eva is the quintessential Chinese mother who has done
everything possible to raise the perfect family. With her
grandmother afflicted with Alzheimers, her son showing
no interest in women, and her teenager daughter’s wedding to a Frenchman looming forward, Eva suddenly finds
her whole belief system challenged by Western society.
Petrina Fung as
All the hopes, dreams and aspirations she once had for
Mama Eva
her loved ones slowly come crashing down around her,
and Eva begins to see her new world transforming into a
series of self-evaluating and colorful Cantonese song-and-dance numbers.
Taking on an amusing and humorous look at the cultural conflicts that arise when
people from different values and backgrounds come together, Mama Eva is also
a heart-warming film about tolerance, understanding, and love through the eyes
of a middle-aged Chinese mother who finally learns the meaning of «family values» in modern times.


Photographic Memory
a film by Ross McElwee

In post-production

The latest film from the celebrated American documentarist who embarks
on a pilgrimage to the Brittany region in France to better understand his
own son’s coming-of-age.

In Development


a film by Vittorio Rifranti

Four Italian students spend their winter vacation at a deserted seaside resort where their friendship with a local working at the restaurant ends in a
tragic accident.

Meetings :
Media Pavillion 122
Eric Ellena - Producer
French Connection Films

Farida Fdani - Sales agent
New Tree Productions

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