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All praises are due to God alone, and may His peace and
salutations be upon all His prophets.
This is a Muslim analysis of the Da Vinci Code in the light
of Islamic teachings. My judgments of Dan Brown’s
statements do not emanate from wild running thoughts;
rather I have used the Qur’an as my foundation, and
Muslim historical recordings as a supplement, separating
for the reader truth from falsehood.
From the very outset, many people will be wondering that
as a Muslim writer, what standpoint I would be taking; in
favour of the Da Vinci Code or against it? In view of this
thought, I would therefore like to spell it out clearly from
the very beginning, ‘in some cases I am in favour of the
book and in some cases against it’. In this regard, I have
therefore chosen a neutral title ‘Analysis of the Da Vinci
Code’. In other words I would be analyzing the book
giving due to its positive side and reasons for disagreement
with its errors. It will be very unfair to completely discredit
the author as a whole for certain view points of his, as
some writers have done, thus making him a fool or
someone stupid. Mind you, Dan Brown is no fool!
Whilst knowing that his book does contain a certain
percentage of truth, though it may be small, he needs to be
given credit for that. He also needs to be given credit for