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being able to get people to think out of their restricted and
blindfolded boundaries, thus guiding them to come onto
reasoning. In view of his certain true remarks, it would
also be unfair to support him in totality, whilst ignoring the
incorrect side of his approach.
It must be said that Dan Brown needs to be discredited
very strongly on issues where he has taken the extreme
approach, using illogical reasoning, all of which I shall be
analyzing in this book.
Many readers of the Da Vinci Code will agree that ninety
five percent of the book is a clear-cut mystery or a fictional
story which does not trouble anyone, and only five percent
of the book or less than that, is actually factual history.
This is further made up of both, fiction as well as non
fiction, both of which I will be focusing on in detail.
I therefore term the book as a, ‘wolf in sheep skin’,
because it draws the reader towards it by its innocent
fictional appearance, but then the reader realizes that it
deals with real history.
My aim in this publication is to analyze the book for the
reader, separating the herrings for him, enabling him to see
a true picture from a more powerful light.