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Request for quotes in Machining
Swiss company specialized in the development and manufacture of
high-performance, hi-tech modular equipment
Our company has a highly qualified, dedicated workforce and benefits
from a local network of technical skills, which is among the most
concentrated in Switzerland. Our range of products includes:
• Complete modular assembly lines
• Machines based on vision system for measuring & inspecting small
• Machines for the manufacture and inspection of printed circuits and
lead frames in continuous strips and panels.
• Reel to reel machines for solar and electronic market.
• Machines for Laser marking and electrical panel test
Our efficiency, flexibility and know-how have satisfied numerous
customers around the world.
Distribution :
Market :
Major Products :
Turn Over :

Watch, medical, electronic, solar
Robots, inspection systems, reeler

We are looking for a new supplier for an assembly that includes parts in milling and turning
RFQs description :


Closing date

05 / 27 / 2011


Milling Turning

Annual quantities

37 parts

Dimensions (mm)

Up to 460 mm

Delivery date

06 / 29 / 2011

Parts thumbnails

***If you are interested in quoting this RFQ, please contact us. Atlanta | Paris | Shanghai | © 2011, Inc: All Rights Reserved
09, avenue de Paris, 94300 Vincennes. France.

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