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PAC CAP post 2013 6april11 CoR.pdf

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Measure 226: Restoring forestry potential
and introducing prevention actions

This is the second largest measure
of axis 2 in terms of planned budget
and the third as regards the
frequency of it presence in the
Altogether 60 programmes (AT, BG,
CY, CZ, DK, EE, EL, ES(17), FR(3),
DE(5), HU, IT(20), LV, LT, PO,
PT(3), SK,) contain prevention or
restoration measures related to
Last update of financial
According to the available indicators,
this means close to 20 000 action on
more than 120 000 and on more than
4.5 million hectares have been
supported: more than 4 300 fire
prevention and 43 restoration