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Free makeup and beauty samples

Lacoste Perfume
Free Lacoste perfume for woman. click on free sample to enjoy this freebie.
You can choose between 3 different scents:
- Challenge
- Essential Sport
- Love of Pink

Slimming Solution
Get a free Make up box! This sample was submitted by a facebook fan and its only
I didn't try it myself; so I can say if you'll receive it or not.

Get free cosmetics from Noevirmo. This brand is not very well known. What you have to do
is fill-up a quick questionnaire and you'll receive their catalogue in addition to a cosmetic

Sample of personal lubricant . I don't know if its free or if you have to pay for the shipping.
The site says special handling . if you don't want to visit the link, just call 800-848-5900
and ask for your sample


Try lenses for free. Acuvue is giving a free sample of lenses by filling up your information on
their site. A simpler way would be to contact `a participating eye care professional` No clue
on how to find one. Please keep in mind that your need an eye exam and a prescription and as
you can imagine the exam and fitting fees are not included. It's not really a free sample but I
thought it might be helpfull for some of you.

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