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Eve PvP Elite – Eve PvP Guide

Why PvP?

Why PvP?

There are many reasons why every Eve Online should learn or want
to learn PvP. In this section we are going to take a quick look at some
of these reasons and what you are going to need to know about the
game to be able to dominate in PvP.
My Reason
My reason to PvP in Eve is because it is a lot of fun when you learn
how to beat most players just from using certain tactics and skills,
After my long career of PvPing in Eve Online I have become almost a
PvP Addict due to how intense and fun the PvP is even If I know I am
going to win!
I have played many online games and Eve’s PvP system is so unique
and very few games can get your adrenaline going like Eve Online.
Self Defence
I know a lot of players in Eve Online do not play the game to PvP and
would rather not be ganked all the time. I have added some great
tips for these players that they can use to help protect themselves
against attackers regardless of the situation. PvP is a large slice of the
Eve Online pie and once you have mastered it you will be perfectly
save from any attacks.

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