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The Social Media Division of

Introduction to Partner Fusion
Partner Fusion is a full service marketing agency. We create and manage global performance
marketing programs that allow our clients to maintain better control of their brand strategy while
achieving "enhanced high-yield" performance-based marketing. Partner Fusion’s client offerings

Paid Search Management
Search Re-targeting
Affiliate Program Management
Search Engine Optimization (Organic/Natural)
Landing Page Conversion / Optimization (multivariate / AB etc.)
Social Media Management (PRISM)
Web Design & Development

Introduction to PRISM
PRISM is the social media division of Partner Fusion. PRISM stands for Public Relations
Integrating Social Media. We recognize the power of social media and have created tools and
processes for managing your brand within this ever changing new arena. The choice for you isn’t
whether or not to have your brand involved in social media – your brand is already being
discussed - your choice is whether to stand by idly or to become actively engaged in those

PRISM Social Apps

Deal Share
Create and launch a viral deal on your
Facebook Page where you can set the
number of registrations required to unlock a
group discount

Fan Offer



Visitors unlock a "fan exclusive" download
by sharing a wall post (supports audio,
video, documents, printable coupons, and

Convert visitors into fans of your Facebook
page by rewarding them with an exclusive
coupon or invitation to a special event.

Launch a sweepstakes on your Facebook
Page in minutes with this all-in-one app.

Video Channel

Partner Pages

Add and organize your YouTube video
content directly on your Facebook page to
increase views and exposure.

Show off your partners, friends, clients, or
family of brands with this useful app.

Document Display
Photo Showcase
Huge images help promote your business.
Optional "Buy Now" buttons can convert
this app into your social store.

Share important documents like
whitepapers, articles, instructions, and other
text or visual-heavy materials directly on
your fan page.

First Impression

RSS Feed

Upload a simple image or message for a
customized landing page. You only get one
shot, so make the most of it.

Automatically share your blog posts or news
content to your Fans. Grow your fan count
with the optional fan gating feature.

Sign Up


Create contact forms, online surveys, and
invitations to capture valuable information
directly from your Fan page.

Raise funds for your favorite cause with this
app on your Facebook Page.

Viral Wave Generator
Show & Sell
Sell your products or services on Facebook
with this easy-to-configure social mini-store.

Generate a wave of support and momentum
for a product, cause, candidate, or occasion
with this extremely viral application.

Video Premier
This app is perfect for showcasing the
release of a great new video by displaying a
single large format YouTube video on your

Twitter Feed
Install this application and make sure your
followers, friends, and fans never miss a

Promote a cause and let your recruits choose
when, where, and how they want to donate
their time & energy.

Map It
Give them a map, and make it easy for your
Fans and Friends to find you, your brand, or
a special event offline.

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