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Jardineria Rosés Ametller, S.L
Our history
This family business was founded in 1964 by Enric Salellas Rosés. Today, his sons Narcis Xavier Rosés
Ametller, are involved in the Catalan SMEs located in Palafrugell, Spain.

Our activity
Specialized for 47 years in landscaping , we offer a huge range of services :

Garden design and construction


Special gardening work

Forest clearing

Maintenance and conservation

Plant treatments

We also suggest our customers a free estimate to adjust our performance to their budget .

What are our guarantee of quality?
Jardineria Rosés ametller is certified ISO 9001 and 14001, also have an extensive network of suppliers of plants
to ensure the quality of plant material.
Our team takes care of every detail

Our Services

Garden design and construction

Special gardening work

Design project

Transplanting of exceptional trees


Building of fountains, aquaria and garden paths

Land preparation for plating,

Automatic watering system installation

replanting or sowing. Lawn

Metal, wood and bamboo enclosures


Wood construction of platforms, screens and

Automatic sprinkler system installation

Selection of the most appropriate vegetal


Shredding of garden waste

species for each garden

Building of stairs with ecological wood,

Maintenance and conservation

railway, sleepers or acacia. Lighting garden.

Construction of retaining walls and planters

Forest clearing
Clearing of estates and common areas

Care, recovery and reforestation of natu-

Lawn moving, sculpting and

Hedge trimming

Land preparation and fertilizing

Plant treatments

ral spaces


Pest and disease control

Specific treatment for each vegetable

Pruning in highplaces

Tree felling

gardens in detached

houses and block of flats.

with ecological wood, railway sleepers.

Full maintenance of

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