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HID Dive Light



HID Dive Light
10 Watt HID
Dive Light

The OMS® 10w HID light is designed for use underwater to an operational depth of 660 feet
seawater. To insure watertight reliability, each light is tested to a depth of 328 fsw. The 10w HID
light is a very compact, high output system with several unique features: A head mounted on-off
switch, unique shock mounted 10w HID bulb, a Lithium Ion battery and an international float

ON/OFF Switch
With screw down lock on
back of light head



Canister Mounting Hardware:
Stainless steel bands with quick links

soft mount

Back view

Front view



Page 1

Before you start:
The new OMS® HID light is shipped from the factory with a special Lithium Ion battery in a partially
charged state. The unit must be fully charged before its first use (see charge instructions below).

WARNING: Use only the OMS


charger. Use of any other charger may
result in fire or explosion possibly resulting in serious personal injury or
property damage. Recharge the battery after every use, as deep discharge
will reduce life. Charger should be attached to battery before the plug is
inserted into AC socket.

Charging the batteries:
1. DO NOT UNSCREW TOP CAP (Cap with light cable). This has a 3-5 year seal life.
2. Unscrew bottom cap of battery canister (the cap without the light cord). Use 2 strap wrenches if
difficult to unscrew. Do not use metal tools as they will damage the cap and canister.
2. Disconnect the male and female Molex connectors.
3. You now have (2) ways to charge your battery:
a. With the Adapter/Charger: Connect the adapter and charger together and then connect the
female Molex connector exiting the battery to the male Molex exiting the “charger”. Then plug in.
The Red and Green LED's will light during the charge. After the charge is complete (approx. 4 hrs.)
the red LED will go out and the green LED will remain on indicating the float mode.
b. With the Car adapter/Charger: Connect the Car adapter plug into the Charger. Connect the Male
Molex connector exiting the Charger to the female Molex connector exiting the battery. Charge for
for approximately 4 hours.
4. After charging, unclip the connectors by holding the plastic connectors and gently pull apart.

Removing the battery:
1.Before starting, secure light the head so it does not fall (place in pocket or place on
floor). 2. Unscrew the bottom battery canister cap. 3. Disconnect the battery Molex
connector from the light head Molex connector. 4.Unscrew the battery retaining ring. 5.
Slide battery out. Disconnecting the battery and switch locking for travel: Unscrew
the bottom canister cap, then disconnect the light head and battery Molex connectors. If
your light is equipped with a switch lock, screw down the black locking screw while the
switch is in the OFF position. Reinstall the canister cap. Before diving, the switch lock
should be backed off so that it is flush with the bottom of the switch (area between the
bottom of switch and top of light body)
Reinstalling the battery:
1. Before starting, secure light head so it does not fall (place in pocket or place on floor).
2. Unscrew the bottom battery canister cap. 3. Slide the wireless end of the battery into
the canister first (Molex connector should be opposite the cap with the light cord). 4.
Screw in the battery retaining ring. 5. Reconnect the battery and light cable Molex
connectors and place them in the recess of the bottom battery cap. 6. Lubricate and
replace the battery cap.


Make sure that you locate the canister bands below the threaded area of
the caps. Failure to correctly locate the bands away from the threaded area of the caps
may make the caps impossible to remove.
Canister housing
Foam battery cushion
Battery retainer ring
“O” ring
End cap

Caution: Under no circumstances pull the Molex connectors apart using
the electrical cords as you will damage the electrical connections. Reconnect
the light head Molex connector to the battery Molex connector in the battery canister.
5. Inspect Cap: Make sure that the threads and 'O' ring are clean and free of sand or dirt to prevent
damage or flooding. 'O' ring should have a thin film of 'O' ring grease.
6. Caution: Use extreme care when assembling or disassembling the bottom plastic battery canister
cap to prevent cross threading. The hard coat anodized aluminum top cap is factory sealed and
should not be removed for a period of at least 3-5 years.
Reassembling Top or Bottom Battery Canister Caps: Caution: Lubricate threads of cap and inner
threads of PVC canister with Silicone grease before reassembly. Carefully place the inner part of the
cap into canister. Turn cap slightly counter clockwise until you hear the cap “seat”, then proceed to
turn cap clockwise until it is completely tight.
If necessary use “rubber friction gripper pads” to tighten caps (DO NOT USE TOOLS). Caution: If the
cap becomes very hard to turn during assembly STOP, back it off and carefully reassemble. If you
are unable to completely seat cap into canister, obtain an RMA from OMS and send the light for
Caution: During disassembly of the Light Cord CAP, the battery may cause the internal aluminum
retaining ring that holds the bottom of the battery to turn. If this ring is not properly adjusted to accept
the overall length of the battery, the battery will not fit and the top light cord cap will not fully close.

Replacing the HID bulb:
1. Disconnect the battery from the light head. 2. Remove all C-clips, O-Rings and front
lens (Fig. 1). 3. Remove bulb by pulling outwards. 4. Insert new bulb being careful to
match the bulb alignment key to the alignment slot in the socket (Fig. 2).
5. Reassemble. 6. Test for leaks in distilled water.

HID light housing

“C” retainer ring
“O” ring
Glass lens
“O” ring
Front housing ring

Hex screws

Page 2

Page 3

We recommend that the bulb be replaced by an OMS® trained technician or by OMS®. If
neither option is open to you:
a. loosen the 4 Titanium screws very slowly
b. set O Rings aside in a clean area
c. remove old and install new bulb
d. reverse assemble lightly lubricating O-Rings

What to do in case of flooded light:
Turn off immediately. Immerse entire light in a 5 gallon pail of distilled or DI water. Hold
battery canister at the bottom of the pail of water and unscrew bottom cap (the cap without
the cord). This will allow any pressure build up to vent safely. Disassemble all parts and
place in distilled water, remove and dry thoroughly. Return to OMS by obtaining an RMA
Procedure for service or making a warranty claim:
Contact OMS for a return authorization number and state reason (i.e. service, repair or
warranty issue). CALL 1-845-692-3600



Use only underwater
DO NOT look directly into lamp - can cause severe eye damage.
Use only the OMS charger.
FIRST time the HID lamp is turned on - allow 5 minutes warm up time
before turning off.
To prevent damage to the lamp and optimize lifetime, do NOT turn lamp
on and off repeatedly.
If lamp is accidentally turned off, wait 15 seconds for it to cool (minimum 10
seconds) before restarting. This will help insure maximum lamp life. HID, like
other arc lamps, lose most of their life during the ignition-start-up.
Constant on-off-on-off use or shutdown prior to warm-up time (approximately 3
minutes) may damage the lamp.
Caution: Do not drop or bang light head. HID lamps are fragile and are very
susceptible to burnout or breakage due to shock.
When traveling or shipping, always disconnect the battery and engage switch lock
to prevent accidental activation of the light. Failure to disconnect the battery
during travel and/ or when the light is in close proximity to combustible materials
like dive gear, may result in fire damage. (see instructions *removing battery)

Batteries: Standard 4.4 Ah Lithium Ion battery
Optional 8 Ah NiMH battery
Mounting canister: Side of back plate (a.), bottom of back plate (b), belt mount (c), top of
valves (d.), nested between double tanks (e)

4.4 Amp Hour battery
Burn time: 4.5 hrs Approximate
Weight: 2.2 lbs
4 Ah Canister size: 7 5” length x 2.38 “Outside diameter
8 Amp Hour battery
Burn time: 9 hrs. Approximate
Weight: 4.5 lbs
8 Ah Canister size: 15.0” length x 2.38” Outside diameter
Special Charger supplied

Can be used with either (a.) or (b.)


Page 4

Page 5

Butt mount

End of Charge

Manifold Area


Equipment for Underwater
Exploration TM

*Burn times are approximate and are dependent on temperature and depth of battery charge
**Ave. Life @ 1000 hrs. is defined by ANSI as follows: 50% of a sample of 100 bulbs will die at 1000 hrs.
*** Confirmed by actual pressure test
**** Charge Time is dependent on depth of discharge

N. A.
Light Type
Phantom 10w HID
Phantom 10w Flashlight

Canister Mounting Options:

24 VDC @ 1.00 A
24 VDC @ 1.00 A
18 VDC @ 1.11 A
100-240 VAC
Item #
L 211-H
4 Ah Auto-Cord Charger
4 Ah Car Charger
8 Ah Manual Charger

Charger Specifications for HID lights:

Nesting between Cylinders

Charge time****
4 hrs.
4 hrs.
10 hrs.

Hand Held


Charger Approval

7.5" L x 2.37" O.D.
15.0" L x 2.37" O.D.
7.58" L x 2.45" max O.D.
4' long
4' long
Anodized Al
Depth Rating***
1700 FSW
1000 FSW
1000 FSW
4 Ah
8 Ah
Light Type
Phantom 10w HID
Phantom 10w HID
Phantom 10w Flashlight

(Single Canister battery system is standard for HID lights):

Battery Canister Specifications:

Light Type
Phantom 10w HID
Phantom 10w HID
Phantom 10w Flashlight

Battery Specifications:

Item #

13.2V, 4Ah
13.2V, 8AH
18V,1.4 Ah

Cell Types
Battery Pack
Battery Pack
(6) CR 123 cells

Burn Time*
270 minutes/4Ah battery
540 minutes/8Ah battery
120 minutes/1.5Ah batteries
Bulb Type
10w HID
10w HID
10w HID
Item #
Light Type
Phantom 10w HID Light
Phantom 10w HID Light
Phantom HID Flashlight

HID Lights

High Intensity Discharge Lights

Ave. bulb life**
1000 hrs.
1000 hrs.
1000 hrs.

Rechargeable Li-Ion
Rechargeable Ni Mh
Non-Chargeable Li Mn

450 Lm
450 Lm
450 Lm


Beam Angle
6 degrees
6 degrees
6 degrees

3.9 lbs.
5.3 lbs.
1 lb. 6 oz

5 sec.
5 sec.
5 sec.

Page 6

OMS®, at its sole option, will repair or replace (with a new or a refurbished unit) any
PhantomTM dive light or dive light components deemed by OMS® to be defective in
manufacture for a period of 1 year for the Original Retail Purchaser (Proof of Purchase
Required). The product must have been purchased from an authorized OMS® retailer. If
you are unsure if the retailer is authorized, log on to or call OMS® at
1. This warranty does not cover modification to the product, accidents, abuse, neglect or
misuse: This includes, but is not limited to: (a) Leaving the charger on in excess of the
recommended charge time and any damage resultant from exceeding the stated charge
time. (b) Charging the battery with a charger other than an OMS® charger. (c) Failure to
properly maintain and lubricate all o-rings. (d) Leakage due to failure to properly close
caps, install lenses clips and o-rings and/or disassembly /assembly by other than an
OMS® trained and certified technician. (e) Damage resultant from dropping the light. (f)
Transportation or shipping damage. (g) Fires and subsequent damage due to misuse of
product,® including, but not limited to, transporting the light with the battery connected.
2. OMS batteries with labels are date coded and warranted for a period of 90 days after
date of purchase. Batteries with missing or illegible or altered labels are not warranted.
3.This warranty specifically excludes bulbs, o-rings, and lenses.
4. Rental or Commercial Use.
5.This warranty cannot be extended for any reason.
6. Claims made for damages in conjunction with a diving accident are excluded.
Warranty Claim Procedure: Call or Fax OMS® with a description of the problem and
submit original proof of purchase. If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone
obtain an RMA number. Owner will be responsible for all freight costs. If the light is found
not to be covered by the OMS® warranty an estimate of repair charges will be sent to you.
The repair cost may be more or less than the repair estimate.
Tests conducted prior to shipment:
1. Pressure test in a wet chamber to 328 FSW to verify water tightness.
2. Lighting test: Verifies that the bulb lights.
3. Battery Test: Verifies that the battery is charging properly and delivers proper V and A.
Specifications subject to change at any time

. .

Ocean Management Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 146
Montgomery, NY 12549
Tel: 845.692.3600
Fax: 845.692.3623
©2003 Ocean Management Systems, Inc.

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