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Media Pack

You're doing a great job; we're making
sure the world knows about it.

locations with the knowledge of local
experts from across the event industry.

Event Paradise is successfully building
and connecting a global network of
professionals from across the event
industry, and is rapidly becoming
the leading online resource.

Each destination directory highlights
the industry in a particular location,
showcasing the best performing event
companies from the world’s major event
capitals, as well as tapping into the
potential of emerging event destinations.

Coverage in our exclusive Showcase
and Spotlight online magazines maximises
online presence and increases worldwide
exposure to event planners, marketing
experts and other decision makers worldwide.
Event Paradise provides an increasing
number of city directories and international

Event Paradise is a niche concept
that combines user-friendly design,
innovative search engine marketing,
social media optimisation, affiliate
marketing and word of mouth to form
the bridge between event industry
professionals and companies and
their worldwide audience.