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Hello Durancers,
This month’s issue is very special for many reasons.
One of them is that it is our last issue with our current (great) designer Andre Pacheco. He has been
a part of this adventure since the first issue, using
his talent and skills to help us out. We will now take
a month off to take care of our brand new Durance
website that will cover the entertainment world on
a daily basis. Meanwhile, we will hire a new designer to create new contents for our upcoming issues.
Don’t worry, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning of a
new era for us. We are really excited about this new


As for this issue, we wanted to give back to Smallville. The show, cast and crew have all given us so
much for 10 years and we thought it’d been amazing to present you with a full edition dedicated to
our favorite show. Also I had an incredible chat with
Erica Durance about her life, marriage, projects, debunking some myths surrounding her persona. She
even jokingly called me bonkers for creating this
magazine. Priceless! Enjoy!




Special Thanks to Mundo dos Super Heróis Magazine, Jota Silvestre, @3GorgeousGeeks, Pete Casiello,
Daniel Pulliam, Eliezer, Taryn, @RazorBladeHeart,
Jade Cassandra, Dominic L, Josh, Christina Barr, Mike
Schaffer, Josue Sanchez, Alex Lapthorne, Rebeca Valdez, Emese, Anna L Miranda, Jimena, Jamie K, Kiran K,
Jennifer Terek, Kelly Davis, David Norcross, May, Andrey Lehnemann. Thank you guys, you rock.




Nadia Costa

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#13 / 2011 june & July

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Editor In Chief: Nádia Costa
Editor: Deji Alimi
Featured Writers: Jessica Morales,
Edina Csányi, Laudelys Miranda, Luke

Tucker, Chuck Snitchler, Chelsea Quintal,
Cameron Arruda, Kayla Grosse
Illustrator: Pericles Junior
Art Director: André Pacheco

Smallville hit record ratings.
The new version of the classic
story of the Kryptonian boy who
takes shelter on Earth after the
explosion of his home planet
caught the attention even of
those who do not follow comics. It was said that merit of the
success was the beautiful faces
and bodies of its cast rather than
its plot. They were dead wrong.
Actually the story was the main
focus for comic fans because
the series seemed to be a mix
between science fiction and
teenagers series like 90210 and
The OC. Few people would bet
Smallville would last ten season, and over the years, the series has sparked the interest of
many including the comic book
fans. That’s because the producers have brought many curious
elements of Superboy from the
comics, including very dark
characters of the Silver Age
period. This issue proves that
Smallville is more faithful to the
comics than most people realize.
And it is very funny too.

#13 / 2011 june & july / 4

In the late ‘90s, producing a
television series that revolved
around the young Superman
was a dream that the Warner
Brothers Television president,
Peter Roth, had harboured for
at least two decades. Ironically,
what opened the doors and the
vaults of the station to the idea
of Smallville was a show about
a young Bruce Wayne before
becoming Batman. The project
did not work, but it was the cue
for Roth to invite the writers and
then executive producers Alfred
Gough and Miles Milar to develop a series focusing on Superman’s youth.
Gough and Milar were the
ones who brought the concept
“no tights, no flights” that would

guide the first few seasons. One
of their ideas was also the whole
meteor shower concept that
opens the series pilot, bringing
the Kryptonian baby to Earth.
Moreover, the spatial phenomenon served several purposes.
First, to hide the arrival of the
spacecraft from the current monitoring equipment, and second,
to introduce kryptonite - which
would cause strange mutations
in the population of Smallville a small town in Kansas - turning
them into threats to be faced by
the young Clark Kent. Finally,
and perhaps most importantly,
the same meteor that brought
Clark to Earth caused the death
of Lana Lang’s parents and Lex
Luthor’s baldness, linking the
fate of the big three characters
in the first season.
The young actress Kristin
Kreuk (Lana Lang) was the first
to be cast followed by the main
star, former model Tom Welling, to play Clark Kent. The
Lex Luthor casting was a little
complex as Michael Rosenbaum
had to overcome other 700 candidates and was hired a few
weeks before filming began. As
Clark Kent’s father, the producers wanted a familiar public face
and John Schneider, the former
Dukes of Hazzard TV series
star, got the role. For the mother
of the protagonist, an actress
named Annette O’Toole, who
played Lana Lang in Superman
III, in 1983 was chosen.
As a matter of logistics and
costs, the filming was shot in
the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Cloverdale. To write the
first scripts of the series, Gough
and Milar had the help of the
creative consultant Jeph Loeb,
author of the Superman comic,
Superman for All Seasons.
5 / 2011 june & july / #13

Jota Silvestre
@Jota Silvestre

THE WRITERS AND FIRST EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS of Smallville, Gough and Milar, weren’t
frequent readers of comic books but they offset
that with extensive research and the rescue of
the original concepts of the Silver Age of comics - between 1956 and early 1970.
Long time readers may have cringed, for example, about the friendship between Clark Kent
and his nemesis Lex Luthor on television. But
in the comics story How Luthor Met Superboy,
published in issue #271 of the Adventure Comics (April 1960), it shows they were friends until
Luthor blamed Superboy for destroying one of his
projects and causing the fall of his red hair - something that, indirectly, was also used on the show.
Just like it happens on Smallville, in the comics Lois Lane met the young Superman (Adventure Comics #261, June 1959), Superboy and they
worked at the Daily Planet (Superboy #63, March
1958), interacting with two other heroes at the beginning of their careers: Green Arrow (Adventure
Comics #258, March 1959) and Aquaman (Superboy #171, January 1971). They were all isolated
and short stories, but that gave the cue that the
writers needed to explore and give more depth to
the plot of the TV show. These examples show
greater similarities between Smallville and the
comics than some critics would admit or know.

(01) In the comics story ‘How Luthor Met Superboy’, published
in ‘Adventure Comics 271’ Superboy and Lex were friends (02)
Just like on Smallville, in ‘Adventure Comics 261’ Lois Lane
met the young Superman (03, 04, 05) In ‘Superboy 63’ Superboy worked at the Daily Planet and interacted with Green Arrow (Adventure Comics 258) and Aquaman (Superboy 171)

#13 / 2011 june & july / 6

Chloe Sullivan is one of the two central characters created exclusively for TV. The producers
wanted a young girl with a strong personality who
could interact with the young Clark Kent until the
introduction of Lois Lane on the show - which
happened in season four, played by actress Erica
The other new character is Lionel Luthor, the
unscrupulous businessman and authoritarian
father of Lex Luthor, played by John Glover.
His presence is justified to make a counterpoint
to the loving Kents and build the personality of
the greatest enemy of Superman.
Creating characters for other media derived
from a comic is not Smallville exclusivity.
Perry White, the demanding editor-in-chief of
the Daily Planet, first appeared in the Superman radio show in 1940 and then migrated to
the comic books. Another example is the heroine Batgirl, who made her debut in the Batman
television series in the 1960s. Like its predecessors, Chloe and Lionel ended up in the Superman comics after the success in Smallville.
7 / 2011 june & july / #13

A show based upon a 73 year
history is bound to have a lot of
influences from what has come
before. The original creators
of the show, Alfred Gough and
Miles Millar, were more familiar
with and fans of the films Superman: The Movie and Superman
II over the comics. There has
been a who’s who of Superman
alumni starring or guest starring
on the show and sometimes even
future DC alumni. These stars include Christopher Reeve, Margot
Kidder, Marc McClure, Terence
Stamp, Annette O’Toole, Helen
Slater, Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher,
Lynda Carter, Adrienne Palicki

#13 / 2011 june & july / 8

and Amy Adams. However, big
guests and big homages are not
the only outside influences you
can find in the story of Smallvillle.
Often times, whether through coincidence or by intention, you can
find a number of similarities to
other DC incarnations.
The most striking example that
comes to mind is perhaps the best
storyline ever for a Lois fan in
Smallville. That is the story that
started in “Doomsday” and concluded in “Pandora”, where Lois
mysteriously vanishes for three
weeks only for the audience to
later learn that she visited an alternate future where she had been

gone for an entire year, presumed
dead. This story drew many parallels to a wonderful episode of
Superman: The Animated Series
entitled “Brave New Metropolis”.
In that episode, Lois Lane is
transported to an alternate universe where she had died. The
universe was a dark and desolate
place, with her friend Jimmy as
part of a resistance movement
against the rule of Lex Luthor &
Superman. In this universe, when
Superman was unable to save
Lois, he gave up trying to be a
hero and instead agreed to partner
with Lex Luthor to rule with an
iron fist so that lives didn’t have

the chance to be lost. He did so because though he was unaware until it was too late, Superman was
in love with Lois and he lost all
hope when she died. Lex, aware
of Lois’s affect on Superman, attempted to kill reality’s Lois visiting this AU before Superman
could find out she was alive, but
he was unsuccessful. Superman
learned of Lex’s dishonesty and
stopped him, and then went to
speak with Lois about rebuilding
Metropolis. Meanwhile, in Lois’s
reality, Superman & Dr. Hamilton re-opened the portal to bring
Lois home. Superman in the AU
must lose Lois for a second time,

but before she goes Lois embraces him in a passionate kiss.
As you can see, that story
shares many similarities with the
first half of Season 9 that really
kicked Superman’s reinvention
on Smallville into high gear, and
rightfully so because both are
great stories. There’s also a touch
of the alternate universe from
Season 10 in there from the episodes “Luthor” and “Kent”, but
the catch being that Earth-2 Lois
is the tragic figure in that AU
rather than Earth-2 Superman.
The animated universe is far
from the only other TV influence, as the penultimate episode

“Prophecy” recently showed with
allusions to the Lois & Clark episode “Ultra Woman” and the recent DC Comics animated film
adapation “All-Star Superman”.
The number of shout-outs and
references on Smallville are too
numerous to mention here, but for
fans looking to learn more about
Lois, Clark, Superman and their
universe, I would suggest the
Bruce Timm helmed Superman:
The Animated Series and Justice
League/Justice League Unlimited
shows as a great companion to
Smallville’s DC Universe.
Luke Tucker

9 / 2011 june & july / #13



#13 / 2011 june & july / 10

Cassidy just enjoyed a birthday on April 22nd and
some of our followers on Twitter wanted to know
how she spent it. “I went surfing and I went to dinner with my brothers.” Her brothers are also actors
and she’s in a family band called “The Real D’Coy”
with her middle brother, Clark.
Tess is one of my favorite characters on Smallville, so we had to ask what’s it like playing a character with so many different dynamics. “It’s really,
really great and I often think of her as the only human character on the show because she’s not actually in the mythos, so it’s given me the opportunity
to act through passion instead of a predestined way
of being, which I love.” Originally, many fans of
the show thought that Tess was actually supposed
to be Mercy, a loyal minion of Lex Luthor, but she
is truly a Smallville original. Cassidy admitted that
she didn’t always know that Tess was a Luthor and
didn’t think it was always planned by the writers,
but was glad for the reveal. “I think it adds a lot of
credibility to her character.”
When Tess came onto the scene, it was clear that
she already had a long standing relationship with
Lex, but the specifics weren’t revealed. Tess has
one scene with Lex in the finale. “It was really, really fun. It was a cool scene and it was such a joy to
get to work with him...finally.” When asked if they
would explain their past relationship, Cassidy said,
“They take care of all of the questions.”
“I can tell you that she has a big decision to make
and that’s whether or not she’s gonna go with her
blood–the Luthors–or if she’s gonna choose to stay
on Clark and Oliver’s side.” We’ll have to wait until the finale to see if Tess will ultimately be good or
bad, but Cassidy admits that, “Both are really fun.
When I’m fighting, I prefer bad Tess, because I usually win. But being good Tess allows me to have a
lot more emotion.”
When we last saw Tess in the episode “Kent”, she
was somewhere between a romantic dinner with
Clark Luthor and being strangled and dropped out
of a window. I asked if she liked the pairing of Tess
and Clark Luthor. “I think Clark and Tess have al-

ways had an energy towards one another. I think
Tess always looked up to him because he was a man
that could be depended upon, which she never felt
she had and Clark has some respect for her. It was
never sexual. So in the other world it’s an interesting twist on things, but it definitely belongs in the
other world.”
When asked what she would miss the most about
Smallville, she admitted to missing her “Smallville
Family.” Since she’s so close, we asked her to describe her Smallville castmates in five words or less.
Tom Welling: “Kind, hardworking, tall, dark, and
Erica Durance: “Open, giving, gorgeous, friendly,
and honest.”
Justin Hartley: “Hilarious, goofy, focused, and
loves hair spray.”
Allison Mack: “Spunky, energy, clutch, seasoned
(but that’s not to mean that she’s old, it means that
she totally knows what she’s doing).”
As for life after Smallville, Cassidy was in New
Mexico shooting a pilot for A&E called Longmire.
“It’s about a sheriff in Wyoming named Walt Longmire and I play his daughter named Cady and it’s based
on a bunch of mystery novels by Craig Johnson.”
We asked Cassidy in what ways is she geeky. Of
course playing a character in the longest running
comic book TV adaptation EVER is enough to give
her geek credit, especially when her favorite scene
was when she got to kill zombies with a samurai
sword, but she also admitted to being a medical
nerd. “I really love medical dramas and I really love
learning about the medical side of things.”
But Smallville fans will be glad to know that Cassidy feels that Tess has a great resolution by the end
of the show. “I think she has a perfect resolution.
It’s awesome. I love it!” She does not think the fans
will be disappointed at all!
Check out Cassidy Freeman’s full interview:
http://thegorgeousgeeks.com/cassidyfreeman.html. Follow
Cassidy Freeman on Twitter: @cassidyfreeman and
the @3gorgeousgeeks.
11 / 2011 june & july / #13


Since the beginning Smallville had a purpose

sode. This has been a passion of Daniel Pulliam

which was to expand the Superman mythol- and Pete Casiello who together run smallvilleogy. Along the years, worldwide friendships were

soundtrack.com. They have collected an exten-

made, websites were created, and several artists sive list of songs featured in Smallville from Seaand bands were given the opportunity to shine son 1 to Season 10.
through episodes.

We asked Daniel and Pete to select their Top 10

After every episode fans would often wonder

songs throurought the show; As if it wasn’t chal-

what the name of a specific song that ‘brilliantly lenging enough we pushed it even further and
fitted a particular scene’ was.

asked them to pick only one song per season.

We did a little investigation and found a list of They took on the challenge and you can now
the songs featured in every single Smallville epi- check out their list.


TIME AFTER TIME, by Eva Cassidy
Eva’s haunting rendition of this classic tune served
as a fitting backdrop during Whitney’s father’s funeral. It also made apparent why Lana and Clark
could not be together.

IN THIS LIFE, by Chantal Kreviazuk
I’ve always been a fan of Chantal’s music. In a
very powerful scene, Lana apologized to Clark for
being unsure of their relationship and Clark promised Lana he would never be unsure of her. I loved
the use of this song for this scene.

by Mindy Smith

I think everyone can relate to the events of this episode in one way or another. Clark arrives a little
too late to send Lana off to Paris as Lex beat him to
it. It also fittingly represents the tragedy of being
a hero in that with this great responsibility comes
great sacrifice. All Clark wanted was “One Moment More” with Lana.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 12


DEEPER WATER, by Minnie Driver
Another perfect use of a song to represent the feeling of sadness and loss as Clark kneels at Alicia’s

COLLIDE, by Dishwalla
I have always had a personal connection to this
song and was very happy to hear it used on Smallville. Lana is distraught and by surprise finds Clark
unharmed. They embrace as if to say they could not
accept ever having to lose one another.

PRELUDE 12/21, by AFI
We hear this anthemic and haunting song in a
memorable scene when Lex is leaving Project 33.1
and it vividly brings out his image as the “villain of
the story”.

Another song that added to an already emotionally
stirring scene. It again brings to life the constant
struggle between Lana and Clark to make their relationship work. Clark visits Lana who is now com13 / 2011 june & july / #13

pletely under Brainiac’s control. Just as in Season
3, Clark and Lana would get close and something
would always happen to separate then.

album ‘Opaline’, “Angels Or Devils” accompanied
one of the most poignant moments in the series’ history as Clark shares one final memory with his friend.

ily, no less. What a perfect way to sell the notion that Clark
was saying goodbye to his old family and hello to a new one,
just as it turned out he was.




I DON’T CARE, by Apocalyptica
I have been a fan of this song from the first time I
heard it. The emotion and edginess of this song fit
very well with Davis Bloome’s character looking
up to Chloe’s room wishing he could be with her.

END OF THE WORLD, by Dead By Sunrise
In a season where the number of episodes was
greater than the number of songs used, this stood
out for me as we, the viewers, were seeing a darker
side of Oliver. As I heard the first notes of this
song in the scene, I could picture a real Oliver
Queen type using this as the anthem of their life.

BABY I NEED YOU, by Kim Taylor
I picked this song because it felt like old school
Smallville and also musically brought to life a transition from Clark’s introverted past to him letting
go and finally being able to trust the love of his life.
Kim’s voice fits the mood of the scene perfectly.


by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Using Mozart may not have been the most original
idea in the world, but I can’t even see the iconic,
haunting imagery of Season 3’s final moments
without hearing the strains of the world’s most
famous death mass. Many consider the third season to be Smallville’s highlight, and undoubtedly,
“Covenant” was one of the best finales for years
to come. This song sold the importance of that
episode’s final, unforgettable moments as no other
possibly could have.

AROUND THE WAY, by Wonderlife
This was the most difficult season to choose just
one song. So many indelible moments. So many
songs that are tied forever to moments in Season 4.
Johnathan Rice’s “Break So Easy” as Clark comforts Alicia, Mark Joseph’s “Fly” during one of the
first Clois moments ever, Lifehouse’s “You And
Me” during the Clana dance. Yet no one musical
moment stands out for me like this one, with Chloe
saying goodbye to The Torch and the transition
for these characters out of high-school and into a
larger world.

EVERYTHING, by Lifehouse
This song had no choice but to be included on my
list. Thinking back to 2003 (when I personally began watching Smallville), this song accompanied the
moment that I first fell in love with the series. There
was Superman mythology, terrific action, and – as
this scene first showed me – a heartbreaking, unrequited love story. I was hooked on both the series
and the music in it from the moment I heard this.
Eight years later, I’m happy to say that I still am.

I GRIEVE, by Peter Gabriel
Not just my pick for best use of a song in Season 5,
Peter Gabriel’s “I Grieve” is probably my favorite
musical moment in this series, period. Jonathan’s
death was a turning point for Smallville in many
ways, and I can’t think of a single thing about his
funeral that wasn’t done flawlessly. As a longtime Gabriel fan, I’d been hoping to hear one of his
songs on my favorite TV series. The very second
I heard its opening notes, I teared up and remembered the old adage: be careful what you wish for.




ANGELS OR DEVILS, by Dishwalla
On November 12th, 2002, all of our hearts were
broken when Ryan’s story came to a close. This
was a pivotal moment in a pivotal episode. For the
first time, Clark learned the very hard lesson that
even he couldn’t save everyone. A rare and unreleased version of the same track from Dishwalla’s
#13 / 2011 june & july / 14

YESTERDAY, by Chris Heifner
Used at the end of “Labyrinth”, Chris Heifner’s
rare demo version of “Yesterday” perfectly captures Clark’s distance from both Lex and Lana in
a way that I think few songs could have. This was
the second time Smallville used this song in an episode, the former being way back in Season 2 – in a
Clark and Lana scene about the importance of fam-

PERFECT, by Michelle Featherstone
I think pretty much every Smallville fan in existence fell in
love with Michelle Featherstone in Season 7. She’d been used
in the series years before, but it was the gut-wrenching combination of “Canceling Christmas” and “Perfect” that cemented
her place in the show’s musical history. The use of a since
re-recorded demo version of the latter was done to such strong
effect (and Lana’s Season 8 arc executed so poorly) that “Perfect” is, for many of us, the true melodic transition from Lana
to Lois.


The culmination of what many consider to be the highlight of
Season 8, “Bride” was, ironically enough, one of the biggest
nightmare episodes I’ve ever seen for finding music. It was
months after the episode’s original air date before everything
was finally identified and catalogued. One of the easiest tracks
to locate, however, was also the best musical moment of Season 8. “Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me” wrapped up
the mid-season cliffhanger splendidly, and had us all on the
edge of our seats for more.

SMOOTH, by Car Stereo Wars
A painful addition for someone who never really got on (or
even understood the necessity for) the Chlollie train, “Smooth”
was nonetheless a fantastic musical moment for Smallville’s
9th year. My personal issues with context notwithstanding, the
track was the perfect choice to underscore the rhythmic ease of
suggestive seduction. I think that it was due in no small measure to how well this song heralded in their relationship that so
many people fell in love with Chloe and Oliver instantly.

Yes, it’s kind of a cheat. But I couldn’t possibly create a list
of most impactful music moments on Smallville without paying tribute to one of the hardest-working men in show business. Louis Febre’s triumphant landmark score compositions
have worked their indefinable magic on us in both overt and
subtle ways since the inception of the series. As a composer,
he has grown by leaps and bounds this year, giving us some
of his absolute best work yet. If ‘The Definitive Smallville
Soundtrack’ was founded as a record of source music, it will
be my friendship with Louis and his outstanding work on
Smallville’s score over the years that I will truly take with me
from the experience.
15 / 2011 june & july / #13







by Eliezer @bigge3021


Jonathan and Martha Kent find a boy (Clark) after his ship was
crash into the cornfield.
Clark began his friendship with Lex Luthor after saving him
from the car crash.
Jonathan Kent mentions to Clark that he’s not from around here
and shows Clark his spaceship.
Green Kryptonite affected Clark due to Lana’s Green
Kryptonite necklace.

Clark floats for the first time


From the start of having a
friendship with Lex Luthor,
first time he learns his Kryptonian name and where he
comes from, first time he develops his abilities to losing
the people that were close
to him, here’s the first part
of Clark’s “significant” moments from Seasons One to
Five of his journey to becoming Superman.

This was the first time Clark was on the football team.

This was the first time Clark uses and develops his X-Ray vision.

This was Clark’s first date with Lana Lang that led to another
first of abandoning Lana to save someone in need, which in this
case was Chloe.

It was the first of many visions that foreshadows Clark’s destiny
of being the man of steel and his immorality.

This was the first time Clark gets caught using his powers to
save a city bus but the rogue cop (Sam Phelan) saw what he did
and tries to take advantage of Clark.

This was the first time Clark learns he’s invulnerable from bullets
after being shot by Lex who was persuaded by Bob Rickman.

Clark discovers the missing piece (The Key) to the spaceship on
Lex’s desk after Lex and Dr. Hamilton found it in Miller’s field
where Clark’s spaceship landed.
Clark and Chloe were dancing at the Spring Formal and were
about to kiss but only to be interrupted by Principal Kwan’s
message of a Tornado warning for Smallville. Worrying about
Lana, Clark left to save her leaving Chloe behind at the dance.

Continuing from “Tempest”, Clark sees Lana inside her truck
but the truck was pulled inside of the tornado. Clark superspeeds
to the tornado and then makes his way towards the truck and
protects Lana from the debris when the wind was taking apart
Lana’s truck.

It was the first time Clark uses and develops his heat vision.



After Pete finds Clark’s spaceship in the field, Clark tells Pete
about his secret that he has abilities and he is an alien.

It was the first time that Clark turns into Bad Clark because he
was under the influence of Red Kryptonite.

Clark meets his adoptive grandfather, William Clark (Martha’s father).

Clark learns about how he was adopted to Jonathan and Martha
when Jonathan made a deal with Lionel on Lionel taking care of
Clark’s adoption papers but Jonathan had to convince the Ross
family to sell their creamed-corn factory to Lionel.

This was the first time Clark losses his powers due to being struck
by lightning and his powers were transferred to Eric Summers.

Clark discovers the Kawatche caves,
In the caves, Clark notices an octagon shape depression in the
cave that has the exact size and shape of the Kryptonian Key.



Clark mentions that Chloe was his first kiss back when they
were in 8th grade.
Clark asks Chloe to be his date to the Spring Formal.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 16

Clark takes a Super leap from the Daily Planet to the LuthorCorp
building so that he can save Martha and Lionel from the siege at
17 / 2011 june & july / #13


After meeting Dr. Virgil Swann, Clark learns about his name
(Kal-El), the planet that he comes from (Krypton) and discovers
he‘s the only survivor from Krypton.
Clark was downloaded with the information to read the Kryptonian symbols after placing the Key in the cave wall.
Clark understood the message that was in his ship that said Clark
was sent to Earth to conquer the human race.




It was the first time Clark uses and develops his super hearing
while being blinded.
It was the first time Clark was seen wearing glasses.


It was the first time Clark used the word “Kryptonite” in referring to the meteor rocks.

Jordan Cross, whom has the power of precognition when someone touches him, bumps into Clark to see a premonition of a red
cape with the “S” symbol and an endless expanse of space and



It was the first time Clark hears the voice of his biological father,
It marks the first time Clark and Lana became a couple.

Clark wonders after discovering that his blood saved Garrett Davis’ brother, Vince if he should come forward to help others.


Jor-El gives Clark a scar that shows the symbol of the House of
El because Clark wouldn’t accept his destiny.
Clark destroys his ship but as the consequence, Martha loses the baby.


Clark under the influence of Red Kryptonite and “Super”
Jonathan went into battle. While he was pinned on the wall,
Jonathan dares Clark to kill him if that’s how he raised his
boy but instead Clark punches the wall that shattered the
Red Kryptonite ring and Clark returns to his old self without
the scar of the House of El.
This was Clark and Lana’s first of many breakups.

This was the first time Clark meets his future Daily Planet boss,
Perry White.
It was the first indication that Clark’s powers comes from the
sun‘s energy.

Clark discovers that his biological father (Jor-El) visited Smallville and Clark believes that Martha and Jonathan were chosen
by Jor-El to be caretakers for Clark after Jor-El was welcomed
by Hiram and Jessica Kent (Jonathan’s parents) and assisted him
to the Kawatche caves.

Clark saves Lex from Morgan Edge’s car by pushing Lex and
destroying the car. However, Lex witnesses what Clark has done
by using his abilities.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 18

Clark was placed in Dr. Garner’s Kryptonite tank so that Dr.
Garner can get Clark’s earliest memory. It was Clark as an infant being placed in his spaceship by his Kryptonian parents.
After this experience, Clark knows the name of his birth mother,
“Lara” and Martha tells Clark that his first word was Lara.



Clark was worried that the legend of Naman and Sageeth is coming true for Clark to be Naman and Lex might be Sageeth (his
true enemy) after Clark saw Lex and Lionel touching the star
blade (Palak) at the same time but it dissolves with their touch
as the legend said it would when Sageeth touches it.

Pete Ross said goodbye to Clark after getting beating up by FBI
agent Frank Loder. Pete warns Clark that Lex and Agent Loder
are checking on him and tells Clark that he’s leaving Smallville
because keeping Clark’s secret is extremely hard and he could
never forgive himself if he betrayals Clark.

After being betrayed by Lex Luthor and the departure of Lana,
Clark agrees to go with Kara to enter a passage from one of
the Kawatche’s walls. However, it was learn from Chloe and
Jonathan that Kara was really Lindsey Harrison (a girl who was
killed on the day of the meteor shower) and Jor-El used her to
lure Clark into the fissure. At first, Clark wasn’t going to go in
but after Jor-El threatens to kill Jonathan, he went in so that KalEl “shall be reborn“.
19 / 2011 june & july / #13





This was the first time Lois refers to Clark as “Smallville”.

Clark throws the newly formed Crystal of Knowledge into the
snow that created the Fortress of Solitude, which was the first
time that the Fortress was seen.
Chloe reveals to Clark that she knows his secret but Clark tells Chloe
the rest of the secret that he comes from another planet (Krypton).
Clark meets for the first time the disciples of Zod (Nam-Ek and
Aethyr) and traps them inside the Phantom Zone vortex to save
Lana. While this was going on, the sun was setting and Clark
loses his powers after he was warned by Jor-El that he needed to
return to the Fortress before sunset.



It was the first time Clark (as Kal-El) uses the ability to fly when
Kal-El takes flight to retrieve one of the stones from Lex‘s plane.
This was the first time black Kryptonite was used when Martha
uses it on Clark to split apart Kal-El and Clark, which Clark won
the battle by stabbing the black Kryptonite into Kal-El and Clark
taking control of his body.
This was the first time Clark meets Lois Lane.

This was the first time that Clark meets Bart Allen (the alter ego
of Impulse who will eventually become “The Flash“).

This was the first time Clark and Lana make love.


This was first time Clark has died but then is resurrected by JorEl (in Lionel’s body) because his destiny was too important.
Yet, Jor-El warns Clark that in exchange for his life, someone
close to him will die.

Clark (in Lionel‘s body) tells Martha the story when he first uses
and develops his super speed at the age of six.

It was revealed that Clark is vulnerable to magic.

Clark (under the influence of Red Kryptonite) and Alicia Baker
were getting married in Vegas but it was not legal because Clark
is under age meaning that he needed his parents’ permission.

Chloe learns about Clark’s secret after seeing him catch
a car in midair.
Clark is grieving with the loss of Alicia Baker (one of Clark’s
love interest) when she was killed by Tim Westcott.

This was the first time Clark meets and takes care of Shelby the dog.
During Jonathan and Martha’s conversation, it was learn that
Clark first uses and develops his super strength at age three.

Clark learns that Dr. Vigil Swann has passed away and before he
left, he sends a package to Clark that inside was the octagonal key.
Jor-El tells Clark about the stones and warns Clark that if any
human gets into contact that the world may be destroyed.

Clark and Lana share a dance at the Senior Prom.

Clark graduates from Smallville High.
Clark finds the two remaining crystals, combined them together
to form the Crystal of Knowledge. Clark grabs the crystal and he
is transported to the Artic.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 20



This was the first time Clark meets Curry (know in DC Comics
as Aquaman).
This was the first time Clark meets Professor Milton Fine (Brainiac).

Silver Kryptonite affected Clark that causes him to get paranoid

Clark reveals his secret to Lana and proposes to her.
Lana dies and Clark begs Jor-El to fix it and Jor-El grants his
wish by going back in time for this one time only. This time Clark
doesn’t reveal his secret to Lana and Lana breaks up with him.
After his fight with Lionel, Jonathan dies in the arms of Clark
and Martha. Clark feels guilty that he saves Lana but it cost him
his father’s life.

Clark meets the Angel of Vengeance (Andrea Rojas).
It was the first time that Clark was grieving on the death of his
father when he saw Martha playing an old movie of Jonathan
teaching a young Clark how to drive a tractor.

This was first time Clark meets Victor Stone (Cyborg).

Clark saves Lionel and Martha from the falling elevator that they
were in by Clark bursting through the wall and catching it but by
using his abilities, he reveals his secret to Lionel.
Lionel tells Clark that he has known his secret since he held one of the
crystals that formed the Fortress of Solitude back in “Commencement”.
21 / 2011 june & july / #13


Clark disassembles his telescope to show that he’s moving on
from Lana and Jonathan.




This was the first time Clark learns from Jor-El that Fine is controlled by the Brain InterActive Construct (Brainiac).
This was the first time Clark meets Zod using Lex’s body as his
Vessel because Clark throws the Kryptonian knife into Fine that
opens the portal of Zod. After refusing to join Zod in destroying
Earth, Zod imprisons Clark to the Phantom Zone.

Clark meets Raya (a Kryptonian who was Jor-El’s assistant) for
the first time at the Phantom Zone.
Clark returns from the Phantom Zone and saves Martha and Lionel from the barn collapsing on them.
Clark destroys the hard drive that deactivates the satellite and
stops the Earthquake.
Clark meets Jimmy Olsen for the first time.

It was the first time that Clark develops his “Super Breath”.

It was the first time that Clark meets Oliver Queen (Green Arrow).
After learning about Clark’s abilities, Oliver tells Clark that he
should use his abilities to help everyone in the world not just for
people too close to him.


It was the first time that team of Impulse (Bart Allen), Aquaman
(Arthur Curry), Cyborg (Victor Stone), Green Arrow (Oliver
Queen) and Clark were working together to stop Lex and his
Level 33.1 experiments by removing the employees in the facility so that they can blow it up. The team will be known later as
the “Justice League”.

Clark finds out that Chloe was meteor infected.

Lana witnesses Clark using his abilities to get Chloe out of the
wine cellar cooler at the Luthor mansion.
After waiting for Lana to meet at the Kent farm, Clark superspeeds to the chapel and witnesses Lex and Lana exchanging
their vows to officially become husband and wife.

Clark continues his destiny
of becoming the man of steel
while finding a new love of
his life and building a new
team of superheroes. Here’s
the second part of Clark’s
significant moments from
Season 6 through Season 10
of his journey to becoming


Clark tells Chloe’s mother, Moira everything about Chloe’s accomplishments since Chloe didn’t get a chance to tell her mother
because her health deteriorated.

Martha said goodbye to Clark as she leaves the farm to go to
Washington D.C. to fulfill her duties as U.S. Senator.
Clark reveals his powers to Lana when he superspeeds in front
of her. Clark also tells Lana that he’s from another planet.
After Lana tells Clark that she was forced to marry Lex because
Lionel will kill Clark if she doesn’t, Clark confronts Lionel but
before he continue his assault, Martian Manhunter intervenes by
telling Clark that Lionel is working for him.
Clark learns from Lionel that Lana’s car exploded. Clark thinks
Lex killed her to prevent her from leaving. Clark confronted Lex
about Lana’s death but was interrupted by a Phantom Wraith
that inhabited a body of a little boy.
A battle pursued between the Zoner and Clark that led to the
Zoner hitting Clark and knocking him through the wall. Clark
recovers to find out that the Zoner replicas Clark’s physical appearance and he will be known as “Bizzaro”.
Clark learns that Bizzaro gains his strength from Green Kryptonite after Lionel tried to use it.
Clark and Bizzaro continue to battle in dam that lead to Clark being thrown out of the dam and Bizzaro flew to continue the fight.



Raya saves Clark from Baern’s blast and Clark was able to absorb his energy and banish Baern back to the Zone. Yet by saving Clark, Raya was badly wounded. Raya tells Clark the crystal
has enough power to restore the fortress and to begin his training
before she dies. Because of Raya, Clark tells Martha that he’s
ready to stop running from his destiny and will begin his training
once he captures all of the phantoms.

It was the first meeting of Clark and Martian Manhunter after
Manhunter saves Clark from Aldar (another Zoner).

Clark calls himself an ’illegal immigrant” when he was trying to
prove his point to Martha of Javier should stay at the Kent home.

It was the first time that Clark and Lois kissed even though Lois
doesn’t know it was him because he was wearing the Green Arrow outfit and thought she was kissing Oliver.
Lex tells Clark that Lana is pregnant.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 22



Clark continues his battle with Bizarro and temporary ends it
with a “Super” punch.
Clark learns that Chloe has the ability to heal but will go unconscious without a heartbeat for hours.
Clark was told by Martian Manhunter that he get his powers
from the Earth’s yellow sun.
23 / 2011 june & july / #13

Clark has another battle with the recharged Bizzaro that ended with
Clark absorbing his powers from the yellow sun while Bizzaro is
weaken from it. Clark took advantage of it by giving Bizzaro an
uppercut to the sky where Martian Manhunter takes him away.



they stare at each other before Lex departs.

Clark saves baby Kal-El when Clark went back in time by the Key
to stop Brainiac of killing baby Clark and changing Clark’s future.


It was the first time that Clark meets his cousin “Kara” and her
Clark learns about Zor-El (Kara’s father and Clark’s Uncle)
Clark teaches Kara how to use her super hearing ability when
she was trying to hear the alarm of her ship.
Clark tells Jor-El that he’s ready to begin his training and Jor-El
tells him that his training starts with Kara by looking over her.



Clark learns that Brainiac was impersonating Kara and electrocutes Brainiac until he explodes that frees Chloe and Lana.
Lana tells Clark from a video she made that she loves Clark but
she doesn’t want Clark to look for her because she felt that they
were not meant for each other.
Clark learns from Jimmy that Lex is in the Fortress of Solitude
and has the orb that will control Clark. After they debated of
Clark not tell Lex his secret, Lex places the orb in the console
and the Fortress collapses on top of them.

It was the first time that Clark meets Edward Teague (husband
of Genevieve Teague and father of Jason Teague).
Clark learns from Edward that Jor-El has sent a device to Earth
that will control him and be the Earth‘s destroyer.

Clark learns that Lana is alive.
Clark and Lana agreed to start dating again.

It was the first time Clark meets his birth mother (Lara-El) in person after inserting the blue crystal into the console at the Fortress.
Clark meets his uncle (Kara’s father) Zor-El face-to-face.
Clark learns that Blue Kryptonite can remove Clark’s abilities.

It was the first time that Clark meets “Dax-Ur” to get Blue Kryptonite from him.
Clark uses Blue Kryptonite to destroy Bizarro.

It was the first time that Clark meets Black Canary (Dinah Lance).

Clark goes into Lex’s mind by using one of Luthor Corp’s projects (Project
Intercept) in search for Kara.
While he was in Lex’s mind, Clark finds that there is still good inside Lex.

After Jor-El restored her memory and powers, Kara saves Clark
from Green Kryptonite cell that was Lionel’s plan.
Clark tells Lionel that he’s done believing in Lionel.
It was the first time that Clark meets Patricia Swann (Dr. Vigil
Swann’s daughter).

Kara teaches Clark to fly but without any success.

Clark learns that Lionel Luthor was killed by Lex Luthor.
Clark finds a Kryptonian box and opens it to hear Lionel’s voice
telling Clark that he has two find two lockets before others do or
he will be under their control.
At Lionel’s funeral, Lex wanted nobody other than him there but
Clark went there anyway to pay his final respects for Lionel and
#13 / 2011 june & july / 24



Martian Manhunter saves Clark after being badly wounded by
Oliver when Manhunter flies Clark into space and directly towards the Sun’s heat. Martian Manhunter tells Clark that he has
healed and restored his powers but at the same time, the yellow
sun stripped Manhunter of his powers.
Clark tells Lois that he’s the newest reporter for the Daily Planet.

It was the first day of Clark working at the Daily Planet.
It was the first time that Clark meets Tess Mercer by rescuing
her from an exploding bus. Clark will later find out that Tess is
his boss at the Daily Planet.
Clark meets for the first time, Davis Bloome (Doomsday).

Clark tells Oliver that he knew that Lionel killed his parents.

It was the first time that Clark meets Maxima (an alien queen
from the planet Almerac).
Chloe ask Clark to give her away at her wedding to Jimmy Olsen
to which Clark agrees.

It was the first time that Lois admitted her true feelings to Clark.
25 / 2011 june & july / #13


John Jones (Martian Manhunter) warns Clark to make sure that
he isn’t recognized while saving others.

Jimmy takes a snapshot of Clark “super speeding” to save Lois.
Jimmy figures out that Clark is the blur in the picture but after
a scheme where Oliver dresses up in red and blue and saves
Jimmy from Tess‘ henchmen, Jimmy sees the blur on top of the
roof while Clark is standing next to him.
Lois tells Clark that she believes in this red-and-blue “Superdude” and will not stop until she gets an exclusive interview
with the hero.



bomb and Clark can’t go near Lana without getting sick from
the Kryptonite.

After Linda Lake threatens to reveal his secret to the world,
Clark Kent tells Lois his secret about his abilities and he’s from
another planet so that Lois can write his story.
After Linda accuses Clark of murdering Lex and he’s an Alien
invader and not a savior, Clark knew it was a bad decision and
used the Legion ring to go back in time to stop Linda revealing
his secret.

It was the first time that Clark meets Zatanna.

Clark learns that Kara was trapped in the Phantom Zone by
Brainiac after Clark and Lois were also in the Phantom Zone by
touching the Crystal of Knowledge.
Clark meets Faora (the wife of Zod) for the first time while possessing Lois’ body.
Kara tells Clark that she’s leaving Earth in search of Kandor.




Clark learns from Jor-El about an unstoppable Kryptonian creature that has made it to Earth.

Clark meets for the first time the creature (Doomsday) and was
unsuccessful in stopping the creature from hurting Jimmy and it
took Chloe away to the Fortress.

It was the first time that Clark meets Rokk, Imra and Garth (members of the Legion of Superheroes) that came from the year 3009.
Clark learns that Brainiac has taken over Chloe’s body.
Clark and the Legion team save Chloe by taking Brainiac out of her.
The Legion team gives Clark a Legion ring for whenever he
wants to travel to the future to see them.

Clark learns from the first time that Martian Manhunter (John
Jones) is part of the Justice League.

Clark learns that Lana attaches herself with a Prometheus Suit
that gave her super powers.

Clark learns for the first time about Winslow Schott (“Toyman”)
a psychotic and disgruntle former employee of Queen’s industries that was hired by Lex to create kryptonite bombs around
Lana said goodbye for the final time to Clark because her Prometheus suit absorbed all the Kryptonite radiation from Lex’s
#13 / 2011 june & july / 26

Clark learns that Davis is Doomsday.
Clark tries to save Davis but after Clark was attack by him,
Chloe puts on the machine that brings down liquid meteor rock
in the tank that Davis was in.
It was the first time that Clark as the “Red-Blue Blur” speaks to
Lois by using a voice scrambler. Clark tells Lois who was in a
phone booth that when he decides to reveal to the world his secret that Lois would be the first one to know about it.

Clark learns that Davis is still alive.
Clark brings Davis to the Fortress so that Clark can send him to
the Phantom Zone until Chloe stops Clark and uses Clark’s Key
to leave the Fortress with Davis.

It was the first time that Clark learns about “Injustice” League,
Tess’ team of superheroes that went bad when Tess doublecrossed them.
Clark learns that Oliver Queen killed Lex Luthor.

After saving Clark’s life by pulling out the Kryptonite dart, Jimmy Olsen learns that Clark is the “Red-Blue Blur”.
Clark battles Doomsday that was split apart from Davis after
Chloe uses Black Kryptonite. Clark grabs Doomsday, super
leaps to the geothermal LuthorCorp facility where the members
of the Justice League set off the explosive charges inside the tunnels that buried Doomsday.
Clark learns that Jimmy was killed by Davis Bloome
Clark tells Chloe at Watchtower that he realized his humanity is his weakness and it’s getting in the way of Clark making
tough decisions. Clark leaves by telling Chloe that “Clark Kent
is dead’.
27 / 2011 june & july / #13


Clark has been training with Jor-El for three weeks. Clark thinks
he can do more than taking Jor-El’s mental test. Jor-El tells
Clark to go back to Metropolis and say goodbye to Lois so that
he continue his Kryptonian training without any distractions.
Clark goes back to Metropolis and learns from Chloe that Lois
came back from the future after using Clark’s Legion ring and an
assassin came along to kill Lois. Clark finds Alia (The assassin)
and takes her to the Kent barn. Alia tells Clark that she is from
Krypton and Clark betrays “them” in the future. Alia uses blue
kryptonite so that they can go into battle without their powers.
At the end, Alia was killed by her own sword.
Chloe pleads to Clark to use the Legion ring to go back in time
to prevent Jimmy Olsen from being killed. Clark said he’s not a
God and won’t tamper with fate especially after what his experience of going back in time to save Lana but it resulted in his
father’s death.
It was the first time that Clark wears a black t-shirt with a white
House of El emblem painted on it, trench coat, jeans and boots
for his blur‘s attire.

Clark learns about John Corben being transformed into a cyborg
with a Kryptonite heart.
After learning from Chloe that Tess gave Lois her Daily Planet
job back to get close to Lois’ memories of her time in the future,
Clark decides to return to Daily Planet to protect Lois from Tess
and Lois was excited to see her old partner back.

Jor-El gives Clark a temporary ability to hear other people’s thoughts.
This was the first time that Clark meets Toyman in person even
though it‘s a duplicate robot of himself.
Clark learns that Oliver Queen was trying to commit suicide
when he steps off the pressure plate that underneath had the
bomb but it was a fake.
Clark and Lois were going to have their first date at a monster truck
rally but it fell through when Clark was on the search for Toyman.

Clark sees “Alia” in surveillance footage from Oliver’s suicide attempt.
Clark learns from Jor-El that Alia is from Kandor and believes
that they are probably more Kandorians living out in the world.

Clark agrees to do a morning show called “Good Morning Metropolis” with Lois but they were later let go.
After some encouragement from Chloe, Clark finally kisses Lois
without any memory wipes or costumes.

Clark learns that Jor-El is alive after discovering his dog tags in
the Turkish desert.
Clark learns from Chloe that Zod is on Earth as a clone because of the Orb.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 28



Clark for the first time uses his abilities in front of Tess to get
information on Jor-El‘s whereabouts.
Clark finds Jor-El being beaten and badly wounded. Jor-El tells
Clark that he’s proud of him and to save Zod before dying in
Clark’s arms.

Clark meets Zan and Jayna (The Wonder Twins).

Clark learns from Lois’ memory that General Zod takes control
of Metropolis under the red sun leaving Clark powerless because
of solar tower that Zod constructed in the future.
Clark learns that in the future he gets kill along with Oliver,
Chloe, Tess and Zod.
Clark tells Chloe and Oliver that instead of treating Zod as the
enemy, Clark will befriend him so that he can save Zod from the
future to honor Jor-El’s dying wish.
For the first time, Clark meets Major Zod and the other Kandorians face-to-face.
It was first time that Clark and Lois become a couple when Lois
takes Clark’s hand.

Clark learns for the first time about a team of superheroes that
were called the “Justice Society of America”.
It was the first time that Clark meets Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate, Carter Hall/Hawkman and Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl.
Clark learns from Dr. Fate that Lex Luthor will be his “ultimate
opponent” and Fate’s visions sees that Clark will usher in “the
silver age of super-heroism”.
Clark learns that Dr. Fate was killed by Icicle but Fate had one
final act of restoring Martian Manhunter’s powers.

After being infected by gemstone kryptonite, Clark had the power to persuade others of doing what he wishes.
Clark learns that Alia was killed by Zod because Alia was JorEl’s murderer.
Clark makes the decision of destroying the solar tower by using
his heat vision.

Clark learns that John Corben was one of the humans experimented by the Kandorians.
While using kryptonite to cut his hand, Clark extracts some of
his blood to save Zod from the gunshot wound he suffer after attempting to save Lois from Dr. Bernard Chisholm. It was reveal
later that Clark not only save Zod with his blood but also gave
him super abilities under yellow sun after Zod was shown flying
around Metropolis.

Clark meets and battles Silver Banshee.
29 / 2011 june & july / #13

Clark learns that Oliver and Chloe are a couple.
Clark tells Chloe that he can control his abilities while making
love from his training with Jor-El.



Clark and Zod went into battle without their powers due to Zod
having a blue kryptonite dagger. Clark sacrifices himself by allowing Zod to stab Clark with the blue kryptonite dagger and
Clark falls from the crow’s nest to the ground with the dagger
and without blue kryptonite, Zod ascends to other world with the
other Kryptonians.




Clark learns about Checkmate after Oliver was kidnapped and
escaped from them.
Clark learns that Tess is a “Checkmate” agent.
Clark meets Amanda Waller for the first time.

While under the influence of Red Kryptonite, Clark learns that
Major Zod has gain super abilities from Clark’s blood.
Clark learns that Chloe kept an arsenal of Kryptonite in case the
Kandorians attack Earth.

Clark meets the new editor-in-chief, Franklin Stern.
Clark and Lois were fired from the Daily Planet by Stern.
Clark meets Maxwell Lord.
Clark learns that someone was impersonating him as the blur.
Chloe tells Clark that Zod was posing as the blur.
Clark as the blur calls Lois to tell her that this is the last time that
he will call her and if anyone calls claiming that it’s the blur,
don’t believe them.

Clark learns that Faora was pregnant and Zod was the father.
Clark learns from Faora about the book of Rao and that Zod is
in search of it.
Clark learns that Zod kills Faora and their unborn child.
Clark learns that Zod burn down Checkmate Headquarters.

Clark and Lois break up.
Clark learns that Martha and Perry White are dating.
Clark convinces Chloe to continue her work as Watchtower.
Clark finds out that the Red Queen is Martha Kent.
Martha gives the Book of Rao to Clark. Clark learns from Martha that the Book of Rao has the power to exile all Kryptonians
to another plane of existence but that includes Clark.

Clark has a vision of seeing his future in 2013 of saving a plane
from crashing into the Daily Planet.
Clark sees the Superman suit that Martha made for the first time.
Clark tells his team that the Book of Rao will send all of the
Kryptonians to another world but that includes Clark.
Clark learns from Tess that he can placed the Book of Rao to the crystal
energy source that the Kandorians built for the solar tower that Clark
destroyed but Tess moved the console to Clark’s crow nest.
Clark learns that Lois was offered a job as a reporter in Africa by Perry
White. After taking back with the news, Clark insists Lois to take the job
Lois learns that Clark is “The Blur” when Clark kisses Lois.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 30

Clark was in a spiritual plane of existence. Once there Clark
learns from Jor-El of a great evil coming to Earth and Clark sees
a bad man dressed in white that resembles Lex Luthor before
being pulled back to Earth.
Lois removes the blue kryptonite dagger away from Clark’s
body and Lois watches from afar of Clark’s wound healing from
the yellow sun and he super speeds off.
Clark learns that Chloe uses the helmet of Nabu to get information on Oliver’s whereabouts. After she wakes up from using the
helmet, Chloe tells Clark that Oliver will be fine, Clark will be
the world’s hero and he wasn’t wearing black. Chloe also tells
him that there is a fire in Cadmus lab.
In Cadmus lab, Clark learns from Tess that clone Lex was created and has killed the other clones.
Clark meets Clone Lex at Lawson’s Field. Clone Lex tells Clark
that the original Lex has died two years ago and that he created the
clones to replace him. Clone Lex tells Clark that there’s darkness
within Clark’s heart. Clark chokes Clone Lex but realizes he’s dying. Clone Lex tells Clark that he set a bomb to drop the Daily Planet
globe on top of the citizens of Metropolis and Clark has to decide to
save them or Lois. Clark demands to know where Lois is and Clone
Lex tells him she’s where Lex saved Clark.
Clark superspeeds to save Lois and then superspeeds to Metropolis to super leap and pushes the falling Daily Planet globe back
on top of the roof.
In the fortress, Jor-El tells Clark that he will be the Earth’s
greatest threat and will never be the Earth‘s savior.
Clark learns that Lois accepted the reporter job in Africa.
Clark sees Jonathan Kent. Jonathan tells Clark that he is proud
of him and he could be the greatest hero that the world will ever
know. Jonathan tells Clark not to blame himself for his death because it was his fury on Lionel that drove him to his death. When
Clark tells Jonathan that Jor-El doesn’t believe in him, Jonathan
tells Clark to prove Jor-El wrong. Before leaving, Jonathan tells
Clark that Jor-El is right that something dark is coming to Earth
and Clark will be tested.

Clark meets his new Daily Planet partner Cat Grant for the first time.
Clark learns from Oliver that Chloe is gone when she tells Oliver’s captor (Rick Flag) that she will give herself up in exchange
for Oliver.
After Cat convinces Clark that the blur should wear some color,
31 / 2011 june & july / #13

Clark changes his superhero attire by wearing blue-pocketed
pants, blue-collared t-shirt and a maroon red leather jacket that
had the House of El emblem engraved on the jacket.

Clark was delighted to see Lois returning from Africa.
Clark learns that Jor-El wanted Kara to return to Metropolis to
stop the darkness and not Clark because he disowned him as his
son and fears that Darkseid will get to Clark and used him to
destroy Earth.
Kara is training Clark to take flight and he almost had the ability
to fly but lost it when he loses focus and crashes into the barn.
Clark learns from Kara that the darkness entered the universe at
the same time and place that Clark used the Book of Rao to open
the portal.
Clark sees Kara in disguise with a brunette wig and wearing
glasses. Kara tells Clark that he needs to learn how to overcome
failure and that the battle of darkness is not his fight but her’s.

During his five-year class reunion at Smallville High, Clark
meets Brainiac 5, a member of the Legion of Superheroes who
has been reprogrammed to do good things thanks to Clark and
Legion’s intervention.
By confronting the darkness within Clark’s heart, Brainiac 5
brings Clark back to the day that Jonathan died. Brainiac 5 tells
Clark that Jonathan accepted his fate by protecting his son from
Lionel that causes Jonathan to have a heart attack.
Brainiac 5 brings Clark to the present where Oliver is looking at the
news coverage of his recent unveiling of him being Green Arrow.
Clark sees and learns that Oliver was waiting for Clark to call him
because he needed Clark‘s support. Brainiac 5 tells Clark that he will
never move forward with his life if he continues to punish himself
and everyone around him for past mistakes.
Brainiac 5 brings Clark to the reunion to witness that same example of hurting others for past mistakes this time with Lois
of Clark leaving her alone at Homecoming and Lois wondering
if Clark will ever love her. Clark tells Brainiac 5 that he kept
his distance from Lois for her own protection but Brainiac 5
responded back that she doesn’t look protected.
After Clark accidentally triggers the Legion ring, Clark was sent
to the future.
Clark learns that in 2017 future Clark was wearing a disguise
that features him wearing glasses. Clark learns that he doesn’t
work in the basement but upstairs with a shared office with Lois.
Clark learns that Lois knows his secret about his abilities and
that he comes from the planet, Krypton.
Clark sees his future self for the first time.
After saving Lois from helicopter accident, Brainiac 5 appears
and tells Clark that he can face the future without darkness and
he will be fine as long as he forgets the weight of the past.
Clark returns to the Homecoming reunion and sees Greg Arkin
telling Lois that he had an obsession but wants Lois to thank
Clark for straighten him out.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 32



Clark said his farewell to Jonathan at his grave and shows his
support to Oliver when he was doing an interview on his explanation of coming out.
While dancing at the barn, Clark and Lois for the first time said
their “I Love you’s” to each other and Clark and Lois were floating off the ground.

Clark meets the goddess “Isis” possessing Lois’ body.
Clark and Oliver gives Tess control of Watchtower and welcome her to the team.
Clark finally admits to Lois that he’s the blur and Clark learns
that Lois has known he was the blur when she tells him what
took him so long.

Clark tells Lois that he is Kryptonian.
Clark and Lois make love for the first time.

Clark learns that General Sam Lane is the Senior Military Adviser on the Vigilante Registration Act and disapproves of superheroes.
Clark learns that he and his team were tagged with tattoos by
Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad to follow their every move.
Clark learns from Flag that Registration Act will pass to get politicians to gather all the superheroes and they all will be force to
work for the government.
Clark asks the general for permission to marry Lois.

Clark meets Granny Goodness, Harriet and the rest of the Female Furies.
At the Fortress, Clark and Lois sees an image of Jor-El and Lara
expressing their love for Clark. They can see themselves within him and wish him a full and wonderful life. Jor-El promises
Clark that he will never lose faith in him and assures him that
Clark will be the Earth’s greatest savior.
Clark has an engagement ring to give to Lois.

Clark learns that Dr. Emil Hamilton can remove the tracking
tattoos that were on Clark, Oliver and the rest of the team. Clark
also learns that he was tagged with the tattoo because of a lowlevel blue kryptonite.
Clark learns that Arthur Curry blew up an oil rig off the coast of Florida.
After Clark was going to register with the VRA to reveal himself to the world and relieve tension from the public, Oliver tells
Clark that he will go instead to register because he is already
identify and doesn’t want Clark to reveal himself if something
goes wrong.
Clark meets Mera (Arthur Curry’s wife).
Clark learns from Arthur and Mera that the oil rig that they blew
up was a holding facility for superheroes and the government is
33 / 2011 june & july / #13

building others around the country.
Clark as the blur meets Slade Wilson and uses his x-ray vision
on Slade to find the Omega symbol on his skull.
Clark learns from Arthur that he has to include Lois in every
aspect of his life including his work with the League.
Clark brings Lois to Watchtower for the first time.
Clark tells Tess and Oliver about the darkness that will be a threat
to Earth because it feeds on people‘s inner doubts and distrust.

Clark learns that Tess was hiding a clone of young Alexander at
Cadmus Lab.
Clark learns from Tess about a Kryptonian box that he accidentally activates it that sends him to a parallel universe.
Clark learns that Lionel Luthor was alive in the alternate universe
and that Clark Luthor (Clark’s counterpart) was a murderer after
being raised by Lionel and killed his brother, Lex Luthor.
Clark learns from Alternate Universe Tess that Tess is a Luthor.
In the Alternate Universe, Clark learns that Lois and Oliver are engaged.

Clark proposes to Lois, which she happily accepted.
The League throws Clark and Lois an engagement party at
Clark asks Oliver to be his best man at the wedding.
Clark learns that Slade Wilson is still alive.
Clark decides that the team should go underground and shut
downs Watchtower.
Clark learns that Wilson has an operation codename “Icarus”
which tapped video surveillance and phone lines in Metropolis and
Smallville on the locations of superheroes and their loved ones.
Clark learns from Carter Hall that Darkseid has come to earth
before, but Carter was part of team that managed to drive the
darkness away.
Clark sends Slade Wilson to the Phantom Zone.
Clark learns that Hawkman (Carter Hall) saves Lois from being
killed. However, because of being stab by Wilson, Hawkman dies.

Clark takes flight with Lois in the virtual world.
Clark learns that Chloe has reprogrammed Rick Flag’s missile
program and threatened to turn him and the rest of Suicide Squad
to government if they don’t work for her.

Clark learns that Lionel from the Alternate Universe (Earth 2)
has followed Clark to this world.
Clark learns that the bill to repeal the VRA has passed.
With Lois and Chloe, Clark reactivates Watchtower.

Clark meets Desaad for the first time.
Clark tells Lois that the blur is who he really is and not the disguise whereas “Clark Kent” is the disguise. Clark shows Lois
#13 / 2011 june & july / 34



by putting on glasses and telling her that he has to act more of a
civilian and not be a hero when he‘s Clark Kent.

Clark learns that Chloe is leaving Smallville to work at Star City
as a reporter for “The Star City Register”.

Clark learns that Clone Alexander’s DNA came from half of
Lex’s DNA and Clark’s DNA.
Clark learns that Alexander now goes by the name Conner, the
pronunciation of his abbreviated name CNR (Cognitional Neuroplastic Replicant).
Clark gives Conner an application to Smallville High and to welcome
him home Clark puts on the application the name, “Conner Kent”.

Martha sends Clark and Lois the deed to the Kent Farm as their
early wedding gift.
Clark learns that Clark Luthor has arrived on Earth from a mirror
box and Clark Luthor sends Clark to the alternate universe.
Clark meets Jonathan Kent from the alternate universe and tells
Jonathan to fix his life by getting Martha back.
Clark learns that there is Gold Kryptonite on Earth.
Clark and Lois agree to sell the Kent Farm and decided to get an
apartment in Metropolis.

Clark meets Booster Gold.
Clark acts on the bumbling, mild-mannered reporter persona
when he tries to get answers from Ted Kord about the weapon.
Clark learns that Booster Gold came from the future after stealing a Legion ring and Booster is inform by Skeets of impending
accidents and he will make the save at the last minute for dramatic effect.
Later, Booster tells Clark that he used to be a football star in the
future but was ban when he started gambling on himself. Booster missed being on the spotlight so he not only stole the Legion
ring but also the suit and Skeets. Clark tells Booster to stay here
and be a true hero by taking Jaime Reyes as his protégé.

Clark and Lois moved to their new apartment in Metropolis.
Clark learns that Slade Wilson has come back from Phantom Zone.
Clark and Oliver enter the Phantom Zone to learn that Zod is the
leader of the Zoners.
Clark learns from Zod that phantom Zod and human Zod have
merged into one that gives Zod knowledge of two lives.
After Oliver stabs Clark, Zod wanted to be the one to kill Clark
but he fell for Clark’s plan of Oliver holding him while Clark
takes the crystal away from Zod’s neck that heals Clark’s wound.
Clark tells Zod that he will have no second chances as once the
portal opens for Clark and Oliver to escape Clark destroys the
crystal trapping Zod and the other Zoners in the Phantom Zone.
35 / 2011 june & july / #13

Clark learns from Lois that he has been gone for three weeks.

After Clark takes Lois to the Fortress to ask Jor-El for their
blessing on their marriage, Clark learns that Jor-El has stripped
Clark of his powers and gave it to Lois until sunset.
Clark teaches Lois how to focus with her super hearing ability
and Lois realizes how difficult it is on Clark to ignore thousands
of people calling for help. Clark tells Lois that he has learned to
prioritize to the people that need help right away.
Clark learns that Courtney Whitmore was under a mind-controlling
device that was developed by Toyman. Lois will also be under the
mind-control device after Toyman trick her to put it on or Clark will
die but Toyman sends Lois to kill Clark. However, Clark stops Lois
when sunset arrives and he has his powers restored.
Clark visits Toyman from his cell and learns that Toyman knew
that Clark is the blur but he isn’t afraid of Toyman telling the
world about his secret because if he wanted to, he already would
have and the game will be over. Clark tells Toyman before super
speeding away that he vows to always be there to stop Winslow
and his allies.
In the Fortress, Clark tells Jor-El that he had to know there’s
going to be a time that whether he’s Jor-El’s son or Jonathan’s
son that he could walk without their guidance and believes the
time is now. Therefore, Clark deactivates the construct and said
goodbye to Jor-El.
Lois tells Clark that she let Winslow control her because Clark
is her greatest weakness. Lois is worry that she’s Clark’s greatest weakness and will take the risk of marrying Clark that will
jeopardize other people’s lives that Clark can save. Therefore,
Lois tells Clark that she can’t marry him.



together but on different sides. However, Lex tells Clark for that
to happen, Clark needs to save the world from the darkness.
At the Kent barn, Clark battles Darkseid possessing Lionel’s
body. When Darkseid throws Clark across the barn, Jor-El intervenes by showing Clark through his subconscious images of
Clark’s trials during his time on Smallville that he always had
the power inside of him. Jor-El tells Clark that this is his final
trial and he needs to seize his destiny.
Clark reawakens by stopping himself mid-air and turns to take flight
for the first time by going through and destroying Darkseid.
At the fortress, Clark learns that Jor-El is proud of him. JorEl brings up the crystal that contains the Superman suit to the
surface and gives Clark one last advice to remember that even
though his ability comes from Jor-El’s blood, his time on Smallville with Jonathan, Martha and his friends made him a hero.
Jonathan resurfaces to hand Clark the Superman suit and tells
him to hold onto Smallville.
Clark takes flight, puts on the Superman suit to save Lois from
Air Force One, and pushes Apokolips away from earth to freed
people from the darkness.
Seven years later, Clark and Lois were getting ready to get marry after he comes back from saving the day.


Clark learns that Lois has put the wedding back on after reading
Clark’s vows.
After having his own doubts on marrying Lois, Clark reads Lois’
vows of being with him forever and can’t imagine living without
him. Clark tells Lois that he vows to be at the chapel and will
always be there for her.
Clark learns that Oliver is under the darkness when he attempts
to put a gold Kryptonite ring on Clark’s finger that was stop by
Chloe. Clark tells Oliver that he won’t give up on him, he needs
him to be a hero and he believes in Oliver. After that speech
from Clark, Oliver overcomes the darkness and the Omega symbol was removed from his skull.
Clark learns from Tess’ distress call that the planet, Apokolips
has arrived on Earth.
Clark learns from Jonathan and Martha that he shouldn’t push
aside his past that made him who he is. Jonathan tells Clark that
Darkseid hasn’t faced the man that stands before him and tells
Clark to seek Jor-El’s guidance. Clark learns from Martha that
Clark was Jonathan and Martha’s miracle that they prayed for
and now he’s the miracle that the world needs.
Clark learns that Lex Luthor is alive and both have a destiny
#13 / 2011 june & july / 36

37 / 2011 june & july / #13


#13 / 2011 june & july / 38

39 / 2011 june & july / #13


8 Seasons (128 Eps)
Born: April 1, 1952
Hometown: Houston, Texas


It takes an amazing woman to be Superman’s
mom. And Martha Kent is certainly an amazing woman. Familiar of course with the Superman franchise from doing a wonderful job playing Lana Lang in the 1983 film Superman III,
Annette joined Smallville when “Pilot” was being
re-filmed after the call was made to re-cast the role
of Martha. That was certainly the right call, as it’s
impossible to imagine anyone opposite John Schneider’s Jonathan Kent other than Annette.
She brought the compassion and love for her
family and her son to the role along with a drive
and determination to be successful in her career.
Martha was a great example for Clark and later
#13 / 2011 june & july / 40

on, for Lois. During Season 5 specifically, Martha really formed a wonderful bond with her future daughter-in-law. And she was strong on her
own, picking up the pieces after the devastating
loss of her best friend and husband Jonathan, she
accepted the Senate seat that he had won before
his death, honored his memory with her conviction and made it her own. And in Seasons 9 &
10, returning after a three year absence, Annette
was given good stories she got to be really involved in with the mystery of the Red Queen, her
opposition to the VRA and support of her son,
and of course, the story of her family in “Finale”.
We’ll miss you, Mrs. K!

Haven’t we seen you before? wBefore Aaron
joined the show in Season 6, his twin brother
and fellow actor Shawn played character Eric
Summers in two episodes of Smallville during Seasons 1 & 3. Aaron’s character, Jimmy,
was referenced as early as the Season 4 episode “Unsafe”, when Chloe recalled her first
romantic encounter. We would see him debut
in the Season 6 premiere “Zod”, when he returned to work at the Daily Planet and to rekindle his romance with Chloe. Jimmy would
make clumsy mistakes from time to time, but
he was always good-hearted and optimstic.
That is until run-ins with Doomsday’s alterego Davis Bloome. His manipulations led to
distrust between Jimmy & Chloe and caused
Jimmy’s life to hit rock bottom. And when
Jimmy was killed by Davis in the Season 8
finale “Doomsday”, only to be revealed as
the ‘real’ Jimmy’s older brother Henry James
Olsen all along? There was a huge outcry
and though sadly too late, the creative team
of Smallville learned that Jimmy Olsen meant
a lot more to people than being Chloe’s onagain, off-again boyfriend/husband.
To Aaron’s credit, during his time on the
show in Seasons 6-8, he was a lot more than
a love interest. When Jimmy’s role for an
episode was solely focused on working as
the sidekick and partner to both halves of the
Daily Planet’s dynamic duo of Clark Kent &
Lois Lane, Ashmore positively shined in the
role. His final scene with Clark in “Doomsday” where Clark trusts him enough to admit
that Jimmy was right about him being the
Red-Blue Blur, was a wonderful scene, as
was his comedic scene with Lois earlier in the
episode. We sadly thought they would be the
last scenes they ever shared. Thankfully, the
team at Smallville righted the biggest wrong
of Seasons 8-10, and they welcomed Aaron
back to play his own younger brother, James
Bartholomew Olsen, in the 2018 closing sequence of Smallville’s series finale. The surprise appearance alongside Lois Lane as iconic Jimmy Olsen, where he guided Lois away
from an irate Perry shouting behind his office
door, was magic. Thank you for returning to
Smallville, Aaron! We couldn’t have had the
perfect ending to the series without you!



4 Seasons (34 Eps) [2006-2009, 2011]
Special Guest Star: Season 6 (10 Eps) [06-07]
Series Star: Season 7 (12 Eps) [07-08]
Season 8 (11 Eps) [08-09]
Special Guest Star: Season 10 (Finale Part 2)
Born: October 7, 1979
Hometown: Richmond, British Columbia,
Canada / Brampton, Ontario, Canada
41 / 2011 june & july / #13




3 Seasons (15 Eps) [2009-2011]
Special Guest Star: Season 8 (Bulletproof, Beast
& Injustice)
Season 9 (Savior, Metallo, Rabid, Pandora, Absolute Justice (Parts 1 & 2) & Persuasion)Season 10
(Lazarus,, Patriot, Icarus, Fortune & Kent)
Born: April 21, 1978
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Alessandro is an example of talent shining
through. Initially appearing in a very small
part in the Season 8 episode “Bulletproof”,
Alessandro turned a few brief cameos as DC
Comics character and Superman confidant Dr.
Emil Hamilton into a key supportive role in the
ninth and tenth seasons of Smallville.
Much like with General Lane, Smallville
chose to put their own spin on the comics here
and kept Dr. Hamilton a likable and trustworthy ally instead of turning him into the vilain
Ruin like he became in the modern age of comics.
From helping to keep the Watchtower upand-running to keeping Clark, Oliver and the
rest of the JLA in top shape as their private
emergency physician, Emil always proved a
reliable member of the team.
But there is no question that his most memorable team-up was the whirlwind romance
turned friendship with Tess that produced a
racy videotape and Smallville’s most memorable duet in the episode “Fortune”, when he
dressed up as Elvis (or simply “Emil” as the
shirts said) and asked us all, “How do we do?!”
…“Ladies and gentleman, Emil has left the
#13 / 2011 june & july / 42

Allison Mack first started acting at the age
of four in German commercials because her
mother thought she looked cute in clothes. After moving back to America, Mack starred in
several televisions shows and movies as well
In 2001, Mack was cast in SMALLVILLE
opposite Tom Welling as Clark’s best friend
and confident, Chloe Sullivan. It was Mack’s
portrayal of Chloe that made millions of fans
around the world fall in love with the doe-eyed
super sleuth and intrepid reporter. With her
immense acting skills, confidence and a bright
smile, Mack set the small screen on fire and
continued to do so even with her limited episodes during season 10.


Series Regular since the pilot episode in 2001
Born: July 29, 1982
Hometown: Preetz, West Germany

43 / 2011 june & july / #13



I wonder if he ever gets tired of saying that
one line? Callum Blue’s portrayal of one of
Superman’s greatest enemies, Zod, was certainly more than just a villain with a good
catch phrase. In spite of only one full season
(9) as the series’ main antagonist, he created
an enemy of Clark’s that rivaled Lex Luthor
in screen presence and depth. This Zod was
a clone of General Zod at a much younger
age when he only held the rank of Major.
A sort of fail-safe plan by Zod that was
triggered when his “son”, Doomsday, failed
to destroy Clark and was rendered dormant,
buried under the Earth; he and his fellow
Kandorians were released from the Orb that
Lex initially found in Season 7.
However this Zod had not yet followed
evil’s path. He had a chance to follow Clark
and lead their people to peace and prosperity, but his ego wouldn’t let him.
From his dealings with Tess, to those
with his own people and would-be wife and
mother of his child Faora, to the rouse of
“The Blur” with Lois and his relationship
with Clark, Zod exuded a rougish charm yet
a constant threat. After an epic fight to conclude Season 9, Zod vanished only to reappear one final time, reunited with his original phantom late in Season 10 in the episode
The subtle differences of a wiser, calmer
Zod were well done by Callum. The end...
oh okay. “Kneel before Zod!”
#13 / 2011 june & july / 44

2 Seasons (13 Eps) [2009-2011]
Series Star: Season 9 (12 Eps) [09-10]
Special Guest Star: Season 10 )Dominion)
Born: August 19, 1977
Hometown: London, England, UK

If ever one of Smallville’s series stars could
give Michael Rosenbaum a run for his money
on being the exact opposite in real-life of the
character he plays, it would be the contrast between Cassidy and the Tess we are introduced
to in “Odyssey”. Ultra cold and calculating
seductress Tess Mercer couldn’t be farther
from the happy-go-lucky and hilariously fun
girl that Cassidy is. Which just goes to show
you her talent!
Tess spent the first half of Season 8 trying to
find out what happened to her former mentor
Lex Luthor, who left her in charge of LuthorCorp in the event of his demise. She would
break free of his hold in the second half, then
turn her attention to the fulfilling the prophecy of the battle between “The Traveler” and
Doomsday. That led to the release of the
Kandorians and Zod, whom Tess danced with
throughout Season 9 until a run-in with the Red
Queen caused her to reexamine her allegiences. Zod turned on her, but before she died she
told Clark that she wanted to make things right
and told him where to use the Book of Rao.
She then appeared to have died, but was revived by Granny Goodness using LuthorCorp
technology in the premiere of Season 10.
The final season led Tess to examine her relationship with a young Alexander as a clone,
only to find out she herself was the daughter of
Lionel Luthor and step-sister to Lex, Lutessa
Lena Luthor. In spite of these revelations and
temptations, the trust of Clark & Oliver and
the friendship of Lois and Emil helped keep
her on the right course. When it came time
to make her final decision upon the revival
of the real Lex Luthor, Tess confrontend him
and was killed, but before she died she erased
Lex’s memory to keep Clark, her friends and
the world safe from him. Born in darkness,
Lutessa Luthor chose the light and died a hero.
In my opinion Cassidy was the most valuable
new addition to Smallville in its final 3 seasons, and I only wish we could’ve spent more
time with Tess.



3 Seasons (47 Eps) [2008-2011]
Series Star: Season 8 (13 Eps) [08-09]
Seasons 9 & 10 (17 Eps) [09-11]
Born: April 22, 1982
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

45 / 2011 june & july / #13



3 Seasons (21 Eps) [2001-2004]
Series Star: Season 1 [01-02]
Special Guest Star: Season 2 & Season 4
Born: August 7, 1979
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

#13 / 2011 june & july / 46


Newer viewers may not remember Whitney
Fordman, former star Quarterback at Smallville High, boyfriend of Lana Lang and military hero. If you don’t, you need to check out
Season 1, because Whitney was an underrated
and great character.
Sure, he started out on the surface as your
typical jerk jock, enemy of our hero Clark,
taking the glory and the girl. But as the season progressed, we got to see some more insight into him. And as it turned out, Whitney
was pretty relatable. He had real concerns
about high school being the pinnacle of his
life. He didn’t want to be another “remember
him?”. He had to deal with his father’s illness
and eventual passing. And once he got over
his initial jealousy of Clark, it turned out he
could be a pretty good friend too. Eric was
kind enough to return in Season 2’s “Visage”
which sadly was kind of a gimmicky return for
a Whitney who wasn’t Whitney but actually
shape-shifter Tina Greer, though it provided a
memorable and moving bringing together in
grief of Clark & Lana to close that episode.
And he even appeared once during Erica’s
tenure on the series in Season 4 via a newly
filmed flashback scene to Clark’s freshman
year in the episode “Façade”. Don’t worry
Eric, true Smallville fans haven’t forgotten
your performance as Whitney. We do remember him, and he was a friend.


7 Seasons (103 Eps) [2004-2011]
Special Guest Star: Season 4 (13 Eps) [04-05]
Series Star: Seasons 5-6 (13 Eps) [05-07]
Seasons 7-8 (12 Eps) [07-09]
Season 9 (18 Eps) [09-10]
Season 10 (22 Eps) [10-11]
Born: June 21, 1978
Hometown: Three Hills, Alberta, Canada

Ground-breaking. Iconic. Revolutionary.
These are some of the terms one might use when
trying to sum up Erica’s portrayal of young Lois
Lane on Smallville. Given both the freedom and
the expectation that comes with playing an iconic
character during a previously unexplored time in
her history, Erica has redefined Lois Lane for her
generation. In her first big break in acting, with
hardly any time to prepare and only a four episode
guarantee, Erica turned opportunity into success.
Much like Lois herself, through hard work and
perseverance, she steadily climbed her way to
the top. Lois Lane went from college freshman,
to Talon barista, to the world of politics, to the
world of journalism. She began her true calling at the rag-tag Metropolis Inquisitor, earning

knowledge and reputation in-spite of that paper’s
limitations, until she finally shed those limitations and was hired at The Daily Planet. She
faced limiting factors there as well but continued
to gain a strong following, and finally she had
her day as her support of Metropolis’s mysterious Red-Blue Blur launched her career into the
stars. Erica’s growth and success as an actress
paralleled the path of her beloved character in
many ways, starting with 4 episodes, a skeptical
and critical fanbase and no guarantees. 103 episodes and 7 seasons later, she has concluded her
journey on the show as the female lead with immense popularity and critical acclaim. And the
legacy of her portrayal of Lois Lane can now be
described with simply one term. The Best Ever.
47 / 2011 june & july / #13




Series Regular since the pilot episode in 2001
Born: January 29, 1977
Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois

6 Seasons (25 Eps) [2004-2010]
Born: August 20th, 1962
Hometown: Greenville, CA


Marsters dreamed about becoming an actor
when he played Eeyore in his school’s rendition
of Winnie the Pooh. After this, he joined the theater group at his high school and acted in many
plays they put on. He attended Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and Julliard School
until 1984, later citing that he was basically
kicked out of Julliard. He then moved to Chicago and performed in various plays until 1992
when he got his first television role on the show
Northern Exposure. He is best known for his role
as vampire Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
#13 / 2011 june & july / 48

and Angel from 1997-2004. In 2005, Marsters
joined the main cast of Smallville as Professor
Milton Fine, or as he is more prominently known
in the comics Brainiac. When Fine attempts to
use the Fortress of Solitude to release Zod from
the Phantom Zone, Clarks prevents him from doing so. Fine then releases Zod’s spirit from the
Zone into Lex after Clark stabs him with a Kryptonian dagger. He then returned shortly in Season Seven for four episodes, and once more as a
reprogrammed Brainiac from the Legion in the
final season.

First appeared in Season 6 (“Sneeze”) and
also guest starred in Season 7 (“Siren”).
Hartley became a series regular in Seasons 8
through 10.
Justin Hartley first appeared on the small
screen as Fox Crane in the NBC soap opera,
PASSIONS in 2002. In 2006 Hartley was offered the starring role as Arthur “A.C.” Curry
aka Aquaman in the CW Network’s television
pilot MERCY REEF. Although Hartley did
an exceptional job in the pilot episode, it was
never picked up. Ready to set off to Australia
for another unknown job, Hartley was quickly
stopped by SMALLVILLE creators Al Gough
and Miles Millar who offered him the role of
Oliver Queen in Season 6.
Oliver Queen, billionaire CEO of Queen Industries and the vigilante superhero the Green
Arrow came to Smallville in tight green leather
and an ego the size of Kansas. With his charm
and good looks however, Oliver Queen ensnared the hearts of not only the characters in
Smallville but everyone watching. Hartley’s
impeccable job of playing Oliver, brought the
little known comic book character to life, and
gave him a brand new audience.
49 / 2011 june & july / #13




8 Seasons (94 Eps) [2001-2008, 2010-2011]
Born: August 7, 1944
Hometown: Kingston, New York

Like father, like son. That ended up the story
of the Luthor tale for Lionel & Lex. No matter how much Lex wanted to change, he couldn’t
seem to escape his father’s influence. Ironically,
Lionel’s background was influenced by the comics. Traditionally a trait of Lex’s, Lionel was
the one who grew up poor in Suicide Slums. He
made his money initially by teaming with Morgan Edge to kill Lionel’s parents and collect the
insurance money. Lionel Luthor was all about
winning by whatever means necessary, and he always wanted what he couldn’t have. Whether it
was land, a company, Martha or a son like Clark.
A funny thing happened though in Season 4’s
“Transference”, when Clark & Lionel switched
bodies and Clark’s soul or aura healed Lionel
#13 / 2011 june & july / 50

from his terminal cancer. From then on, Lionel
was still duplicitious and mischievous, but he had
more of a capacity for good. In the end, in his
own twisted way, he tried to protect Clark. He
also saw Lex become the son he used to always
want at his expense. In the final season, a Lionel with seemingly no capacity for good came to
Smallville from the alternate Universe Earth-2.
In the end he became the embodiment of Darkseid whom Clark would triumph over. Played
with a grandios intensity and presence honed
on the stages of Broadway, John brought many
complex layers to Lionel throughout the series.
He turned Lex’s previously largely anonymous
father in the comics into one of Superman’s most
memorable foes.

Starting with “Pilot”, it became well-established that Clark and his adoptive father Jonathan had a special bond. Jor-El was Clark’s
biological father, but his Dad was Jonathan
Kent. As his spirit would admit to Clark in
the closing moments of the final season’s premiere “Lazarus”, he was far from a perfect father. He was strict, he could have lofty and
unreasonable standards to live up to, he was
stubborn and had a temper that wound up being his undoing. But he was also a good man
with principles, who stood up for what he believed in and stuck to it, and who loved his
family more than life itself. In the end, he was
always there for Clark.
No stranger to TV success, John was previously known to viewers the world over as
Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. He made
quite the brilliant transition from rebelious
youth to the stern yet loving father of Superman, and today’s generation knows him more
as Jonathan Kent than as a “good ol’ boy”. He
didn’t forget his roots though. In his final season as a series regular he was able to have a
fun story opposite former co-star and storyline
cousin Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) in the fan-favorite episode “Exposed”, and once again got
behind the wheel of a familiar Dodge Charger...though this time painted Superman Blue.
Whether in Hazzard County or on the farm in
Smallville, it speaks to John’s talent to be able
to capture lightning in a bottle twice.


6 Seasons (102 Eps) [2001-2006, 2010-2011]
Born: April 8, 1960
Hometown: Mount Kisco, New York

51 / 2011 june & july / #13



8 Seasons (150 Eps) [2001-2009]
Born: December 30, 1982
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia,

“So what are you? Man or Superman?” That
memorable line from “Pilot” belongs to the lovely Lana Lang. Clark’s first crush and first love,
always fighting against being defined by other’s
opinions of her. We would see early on that other
#13 / 2011 june & july / 52

people always saw Lana a certain way. The orphan on the cover of “Time”, the cheerleader, the
Quarterback’s girlfriend, the champion horseback
rider, the pretty girl. But Lana was always searching for more than that, for her own sense of self
and purpose. Whether an interest in art or in astronomy, she wanted to find her place in life, not
on a pedestal.
Despite what all of those around her saw, she
wasn’t perfect and didn’t claim to be. She had a
darker side and was more open to the ends justifying the means, which conflicted with Clark and
bonded her with Lex. She had deep-seeded trust
issues which sprung from her Aunt Nell keeping
information about her biological father from her,
and consequently her demand for honesty from
Clark often drove a wedge between them. Ultimately Lana’s desire to find her own destiny and
the part of her that wanted a measure of revenge
on Lex, led her to taking his Prometheus suit so
that he could never have it and so that she could be
her own hero. Sadly for Lana, her judgment that
was slightly clouded by her hatred for Lex led to
that hasty decision being the final item that ended
her and Clark’s romantic relationship. Though
it was made clear long before the kryptonite suit
symbolic of Lana’s necklace from “Pilot” that
the two were too different in world view and in
matters of trust to live happily ever after, the love
Lana had for Clark (and vice versa) was always
genuine and a very important part of both of their
Kristin was a series star for the first seven seasons of Smallville, and also like Michael left after
the end of the Season 7, returning for 5 episodes
in Season 8 to fulfill her contract that was impacted by the writer’s strike, and to close out Lana’s
story. No matter the controversy surrounding
her character or her character’s relationship with
Clark, Kristin always gave it her all and did an excellent job portraying and creating a very complex
character. Much like Lana was frustrated by others imposing their views of who she was upon her,
I think the controversy revolved not around who
Lana was, but by what we were told others saw
Lana as. That was the issue surrounding Lana in
my opinion, not Lana herself. Lana Lang was truly a good-hearted person just looking to find her
way in the world, something all of us can relate to.

One of the few bright spots of Smallville’s
most troubled season, the writer’s strike-influenced Season 7, was introducing American audiences to Laura Vandervoort. A child
actor in her native Canada and co-star of the
hit Canadian series Instant Star, Laura joined
the series in the summer of 2007. Becoming
the second live-action Supergirl after originator Helen Slater, Laura burst onto the scene
as Kara mysteriously in the premiere episode
“Bizarro”, before being fully introduced in the
self-titled episode “Kara”.
Displaying a maturity with her powers but
a lack of maturity with her social skills trying to fit into a foreign world, Kara was taken
under her cousin Clark’s wing and he helped
guide her towards adapting to Earth. While
always headstrong, self-assured and rebelious,
Kara’s love for her cousin was always genuine, as was Clark’s towards her. All squabbles
over how to face the threats of the universe
aside, they always looked out for one another
and were always family. Laura had success on
a different series on ABC’s V after one season
as a regular on Smallville, but she never forgot where she came from. She was happy to
come back as a guest in Season 8 and the final
Season 10. And it was always nice to have
Supergirl come back for a visit.



3 Seasons (16 Eps) [2007-2008, 2010-2011
Series Star: Season 7 (13 Eps) [07-08]
Special Guest Star: Season 8 (Bloodline)
Season 10 (Supergirl & Prophecy)
Born: September 22, 1984
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

53 / 2011 june & july / #13




2 Seasons (3 Eps) [2004 & 2010]
Special Guest Star: Season 4 (Gone & Façade)
Season 10 (Ambush)
Born: February 12, 1950
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ironside. A name as strong as the man’s
screen presence. A very successful actor who
is seemingly always working, best known for
roles in the films Scanners, Top Gun and Total Recall, prior to Smallville he was no doubt
best known to Superman fans as The Voice of
Darkseid in Superman: The Animated Series
and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. How fitting that the voice behind Superman’s most powerful enemy makes his return
to Smallville in the season where Clark has to
confront this spectre of pure evil. But, as often
occurs on Smallville, the ironic twist is that on
this show, Michael Ironside gets to be one of
the good guys.
Having made a short but memorable first
impression for two brief yet important appearances very early in Season 4, “The General” returned to Smallville this past fall along
with daughter Lucy much to the surprise and
initial chargin of Lois & Clark. Opponent of
“vigilantes” such as The Blur and supporter
of anti-hero VRA legislation, he also opposed
and tested Clark Kent as a partner for his
daughter. But thanks to Lois’s love of Clark,
Clark’s love of Lois and The Blur’s heroism,
Clark showed General Lane the error in making broad generalizations. Not only did Sam
now respect someone with The Blur’s code of
honor, he was proud to approve of Clark as his
future son-in-law.

#13 / 2011 june & july / 54


8 Seasons (153 Eps) [2001-2008, 2011]
Born: July 11, 1972
Hometown: Oceanside, New York

“I am the villain of the story.” For the first seven
seasons of Smallville, the villains of the story were
the Luthors. In the earlier years it was Lex’s father
Lionel, always testing and manipulating his son.
Countering that influence was Clark, who saved
and befriended Lex that fateful day on the bridge
in “Pilot”. Clark was who Lex wanted to be like,
and his family was the family Lex wished that he
had. Sadly, Lex was never able to fully uses those
feelings as inspiration to aspire to have that type of
life someday. When faced with the choice given
to him by his late mother Lillian while in a coma
fighting for his life in “Lexmas”, he sadly chose
his father’s way of life, thinking that money and
influence was the way to assure his happiness, not
through trust and love.
When Lex finally found out that Clark was
Kal-El from Krypton in the Season 7 finale “Arctic”, he set out to control and destroy Clark. The
Fortress of Solitude collapsed upon them, and
Lex was lost, seemingly dead. He was shown to
have survived at the end of Season 8’s “Bride”,
but was seemingly killed by a bomb planted by
Oliver Queen in “Requiem” (neither appearance was by Michael). In “Finale”, we learn that
Lex never died but was instead trapped on lifesupport inside of a clone manufactured from the

various ones he created from his own DNA and
experiments like Project Scion, missing only a
heart to revive himself. When Earth-2 Lionel lay
dying and Darkseid offered him one final time
the deal of his soul in exchange for giving Lex
his heart and reviving him, Lionel accepted, and
Lex finally lived again. He spoke with Clark one
last time on the show, as his future enemy but
also as his friend in his own way. He encouraged
Clark to save the world so that they could both
take their rightful places.
Later that day he met with his sister Tess, and
embraced her only to kill her, meaning to do so
to save her from ending up like him. She told
him he was too late, as Clark had already done
so, and before she passed she erased his memories to keep Clark and the world safe. That day
LexCorp was born, and in 2018 Lex was elected
the President of the United States. Always reluctant to return upon concluding his run as a
regular with Season 7, Michael finally relented
and brought back his on-set humor and hijinx in
“Finale”, as well as his ability to play someone
totally opposite of himself in Lex Luthor. We’re
glad you did, Michael!
55 / 2011 june & july / #13



4 Seasons (60 Eps) [2001-2004, 2008]
Series Star: Seasons 1-3 [01-04]
Special Guest Star: Season 7 (Hero)

Nothing is more important to Lois Lane then
family. And despite all of their ups and down,
Lucy and Lois will always have that bond. We
were first introduced to Lucy in Lois’s first season on the show, Season 4, in the episode appropriately titled “Lucy”. Lois’s younger sister
had previously appeared in two live-action incarnations in the 1984 film Supergirl and as a
guest star in the TV series Lois & Clark: The
New Adventures of Superman, but Peyton’s
portrayal on Smallville was exploring new territory as Lucy was a high-school aged youth with
a penchant for trouble. Starting as a successful soap opera actress as a youth and earning an
impressive TV resume including a stint on the
critically acclaimed Mad Men, Peyton is a rising
star to watch.
Lucy initially visits her sister to pull a con
on Lex Luthor in order to pay off her debt to a
loan shark. In her visit 6 years later, she’s attempting to win her father’s approval by testing
Clark’s loyalty to Lois and unwittingly helping
Rick Flag attempt to assassinate General Lane
by planting a tracking beacon on him that she
is told will keep him protected. At the heart of
Lucy’s conflicts is her relationship with her sister. Lucy has always felt like the screw-up who
had to pretend to be perfect so as to not disappoint her sister and father. She sees her sister
as the one to look-up to who has their father’s
approval, when ironically Lois had always felt
the exact same way about herself in comparison
to Lucy. Lois had to take care of Lucy when
Ella passed, and as a result she and her sister
often had more of a mother/daughter relationship complete with those added conflicts. But
with time comes wisdom and appreciation, and
by the end of Lucy’s time in Smallville she and
Lois found a new common ground and balance
in their relationship, as sisters.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 56

Born: April 29, 1983
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts


2 Seasons (2 Eps) [2005 & 2010]
Special Guest Star: Season 4 (Lucy) & Season
10 (Ambush)
Born: August 8, 1986
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Pete Ross was Clark’s best friend during
his childhood in the comics, and he was
on Smallville for the first three seasons as
well. Most of the time Pete would hang
around with Clark and Chloe, the three of
them often working in tandem to solve the
mystery of the week. Early on in the second season, Clark was forced to reveal his
secret to Pete, who didn’t take it well initially. But after experiencing first-hand the
danger that knowledge could bring, Pete
was glad to know that Clark would always
come to his rescue. This new dynamic between the two pals led to Pete being able to
help Clark out more and gave Clark somebody outside of his parents whom he could
talk to about matters involving his secret.
Perhaps a highlight of the adventures of
Kent & Ross was the underrated Season 2
episode “Suspect”, in which Clark & Pete
work together to clear Jonathan’s name after Lionel Luthor was mysteriously shot
at his home. Ultimately though, the secret
drove a wedge between Clark & Pete, frazzling Pete’s nerves until he finally decided
to move away from Smallville. He would
return one last time in Season 7 for the unfortunate episode “Hero”, which while a
poor episode at least ended up with Clark
& Pete on good terms as friends.

57 / 2011 june & july / #13



1 Season (12 Eps) [2008] Season 8


Born: October 20, 1977
Hometown: Glenview, IL


Season regular since The Pilot episode


After attending the Juilliard School, he moved
to Los Angeles where he received his first guest
role on ‘ER’ in 2001. His first major role came
in 2004 when he scored a recurring role on ‘Battlestar Galactica’ as Lt. Crashdown. Next to his
time on Smallville, Witwer is most famous for
his role as Starkiller in both installments of Star
Wars: The Force Unleashed the video game.
In 2008, Witwer joined Smallville’s main cast
for Season 8 as Davis Bloome, a paramedic at
Metropolis General Hospital. He and Chloe developed a quick friendship, which eventually
#13 / 2011 june & july / 58

Born: April 26, 1977
Hometown: Putnam Valley, NY

morphed into something more for Davis. However, it was clear something was wrong with Davis when he began to wake up from unconsciousness at murder scenes. It turns out Davis was a
Kryptonian-made creature called Doomsday that
could avoid injury and was sent to destroy Earth.
After kidnapping Chloe on her wedding day, Davis is convinced Chloe keeps Doomsday from
emerging. Chloe, separates Doomsday and Davis
using black kryptonite. Davis kills Jimmy Olsen
because of his love for Chloe, but he himself is
killed by Jimmy before Davis can attack Chloe.

Tom is one of four children, and grew up in
Delaware, Michigan, and Wisconsin before
moving back to New York. He worked as a
construction worker before becoming a model
and eventually turned to acting and was cast in
Judging Amy and in the pilot for Undeclared.
He also appeared in films such as Cheaper
by the Dozen (2003), Cheaper by the Dozen
2 (2005), and The Fog (2005). Tom is most
notably known for his role on Smallville as a
young Clark Kent, following the years before
becoming Superman. Before finally getting
the role, he had turned it down twice, after taking a look at the script, he finally agreed to the
part. As well as acting, Welling endeavored
in working behind the camera, making his
directorial debut in Smallville’s season five
episode “Fragile”, and from then on directed
season six’s episode “Hydro”, season seven’s
“Apocalypse”, season eight’s “Injustice”,
season nine’s second part of “Absolute Justice”, and two season ten episodes, “Patriot”
and “Booster”. In season nine Tom became
Co-Executive producer and full time Executive Producer in its tenth and final season. He
also started a production company called Tom
Welling Productions and served as Executive
Producer for the CW series Hellcats.
59 / 2011 june & july / #13




to see several nods to the Superman comics from a
‘S’ drawn across Clark Kent’s chest to an undressing in a phone booth. But these aren’t the only super references you’ll see in Smallville. Even the
actors themselves pay homage to our hero’s history.
And I’m not just talking about Annette O’Toole’s
presence on the show. From a once-was Jimmy Olsen to a late Man of Steel, Smallville has connected
itself to all forms of media in Superman’s history.
While it is a tad ironic that former Zod, Terence
Stamp, provides the voice of Jor-El, it was extremely fitting that Christopher Reeve, a real life
Superman both on and off the screen, portrayed
Dr. Virgil Swann, the man who first teaches Clark
about the planet Krypton. And what’s more, Margot Kidder’s Bridgette Crosby is closely connected
to Swann in his research, thus reconnecting a past
#13 / 2011 june & july / 60

generation’s Lois and Clark. While that cannot be
said about Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain’s characters
on the show, they are still connected to the characters they once played, Cain playing the villainous
immortal Dr. Curtis Knox and Hatcher portraying
Lois’ late mother, Ella Lane. And Lois isn’t the
only one with an iconic mother. Clark’s biological
mom, Lara –El, was once Supergirl (Helen Slater)
and even Chloe has a wondrous mother (Moira Sullivan) portrayed by Lynda Carter.
Having these super guest stars, Smallville has
found the perfect bridge to the generation gap
amongst its fans. But what makes their appearances
in the show so great is that each character served
a purpose. Knox and Dax-Ur (portrayed by Marc
McClure) presented lessons in immortality while
Swann and Crosby provided him with information on his Kryptonian roots. They were not merely guest stars but rather played important roles in
our Clark Kent’s journey to becoming the world’s
greatest hero.

(01) Christopher Reeve; Season 2, Episode 17 ‘Rosetta’; Season 3, Episode 17 ‘Legacy’ (02) Margot Kidder; Season 4, Episode 1 ‘Crusade’; Season 4, Episode 6 ‘Transference’ (03) Lynda Carter; Season 6, Episode 18 ‘Progeny’ (04) Dean Cain; Season 7, Episode 4 ‘Cure’
(05) Helen Slater; Season 7, Episode 6 ‘Lara’; Season 7, Episode 8 ‘Blue’; Season 10, Episode 8 ‘Abandoned’ (06) Marc McClure; Season
7, Episode 10 ‘Persona’ (07) Teri Hatcher; Season 10, Episode 8 ‘Abandoned’ (09) Julian Sands; Season 9, Episode 7 ‘Kandor’; Season
10, Episode 8 ‘Abandoned’
61 / 2011 june & july / #13

Laudelys Miranda
@Laudelys Miranda



In the season 4 premiere “Crusade”, Bridget Crosby
gives Martha Kent a piece of Black Kryptonite to use
against Kal-El. In an emotional scene she uses the Black
Kryptonite to remove the Kryptonian entity that is keeping Clark from his human personality. This brings back
Clark Kent and banishes the single-minded consciousness that was controlling Clark’s body. It’s an interesting conundrum that the Black Kryptonite in this instance
was used to heal Clark essentially giving him back the
control of his own body. But from what’s hinted at in
“Homecoming” we are led to believe that the Black
Kryptonite can also have an adverse effect on Kryptonians. If you take into consideration the effect it had in
humans, it bares consideration that this might be used to
split Clark’s personality between his good side and his
dark side.

Jessica Morales

Kryptonite is a radioactive ground mineral that

"meteor rock". Most commonly found in a dark

made up most of the planet Krypton’s structure,

green form, Kryptonites also exists in several

including its core. Since the meteor shower that

varieties designated by color. Each type affects

landed on Earth in October 1989 which struck Kryptonians differently, though several of them
Smallville and concealed the arrival of the baby

have dramatic effects on humans as well,

Kal-El, the rocks are found in the soil of the town including mutations and psychosis.
in abundance and are known to the residents as




In the “Pilot”, we get our first exposure to Green
Kryptonite in the form of the meteor shower that
rains down on Smallville and Lana Lang’s necklace.
We see a young Clark Kent stumble in her presence
unaware that he is having an allergic reaction to Lana’s necklace, thinking it’s his nervousness around
his crush that causes him to trip over himself. Clark’s
first deadly exposure with the green rock is in the
season 1 episode “Hothead”. In this episode, Clark is
trapped in the steam room of the boy’s locker room at
Smallville High. It is the moment he first learns that
the green meteor rock makes him sick. It’s important
to note that merely being in the presence of the radiation emitted by Green Kryptonite can cause Clark to
weaken. Long exposure to Green Kryptonite could
and would eventually kill him. This is the difference
from the other types of meteor rock thus making this
one the most deadly.

Throughout the series, Green Kryptonite has altered
the genetic makeup of any human exposed to it giving them supernatural abilities. These abilities have
led a lot of Smallville’s resident “Meteor Freaks” to
insanity. It is believed that the exposure to the meteor
rock is what makes them out of control. Everyone exposed to the meteor rocks were affected in different
ways. Some were exposed during the meteor showers
therefore making their surroundings determine the
types of abilities they received. Others were victims
of accidents near meteor rocks. These were affected
#13 / 2011 june & july / 62

sometime after the meteor showers. Also, some purposely exposed themselves to meteor rock for different
reasons and through different methods. We also learn
that some of abilities are passed on through genetics
making these the second generation of the meteor infected. It is important to note that not all of those exposed to green kryptonite develop abilities and that not
all those with abilities succumb to insanity.



In the season 2 episode “Red”, Clark is exposed
to Red Kryptonite for the first time. It’s in the
form of a Smallville High ring and we discover
that as long as it is touching him in some way
he will be affected by it. Red Kryptonite has
been used on Smallville to alter Clark’s personality by bringing out all of his inner wishes
and desires as his inhibitions are lowered. He
can often be seen acting reckless as a result of
it in his younger years. As an adult, he is affected the same way but is less reckless bringing forth a mature dominant and aggressive
side of his personality without any thought to
the consequences of his actions.

In its purest form it cannot affect humans but in liquid
form it splits a person’s personality in two much like the
solid form affects a Kryptonian. In the season 4 episode
“Onyx”, Lex Luthor is testing the Black Kryptonite in a
lab. He melted it into liquid form but an accident in the
lab send a bolt of electricity through the Kryptonite to
him. The two sides of his personality are completely and
physically split. Clark is able to put the two Lex Luthors
back together by using his heat vision on Lex’s Green
Kryptonite ring turning it into Black Kryptonite and fusing the two together.


In pure form it does not affect humans but when
mixed with an aphrodisiac it acts as a love potion as seen in the season 6 episode “Crimson”
where Lois gets a hold of a special red lipstick
on Valentine’s Day. The aphrodisiac mixed
with the red kryptonite caused her temporary
insanity and lust-filled obsession with the first
man she laid eyes on. That man happened to
be Clark Kent. Lois later exposed Clark to the
same lipstick by kissing him, thus exposing
him to red kryptonite. Green Kryptonite was
used to alter the effects of Red Kryptonite on
both Lois and Clark.
63 / 2011 june & july / #13




In the season 5 episode “Splinter”, a paranoid
Clark Kent is very dangerous and as this episode progresses we see him slowly deteriorate into madness. Everyone in Clark’s world
is suspect from Chloe to his parents to Lana
and Lex having an affair behind his back. As
the madness progresses we see a murderous
rage come upon Clark and it is not until Milton Fine physically removes the splinter from
his bloodstream that he goes back to normal.
Silver Kryptonite much like Red alters Clark’s
mental state playing upon his already existing
doubts and insecurities.

Gold Kryptonite is first mentioned in “Luthor”, a season 10
episode. Although it was not physically shown, we are led to
believe that the scar on Clark Luthor’s arm is a result of being branded with a tool dipped in gold kryptonite. Later in the
season, “Kent” the bookend to “Luthor” reveals that Gold Kryptonite is the only form of meteor rock that can permanently remove a Kryptonian’s abilities, after prolonged exposure.

In season 7’s “Blue”, Clark’s biological mother Lara gives him Jor-El’s
ring complete with Blue Kryptonite.
Jor-El’s brother who happens to be
Kara’s father, Zor-El, uses it to his
advantage when Clark learns that he
is rendered human while in contact
with the blue meteor rock. Like the
Red Kryptonite, Blue Kryptonite also
has to be touched by him in some way
in order for it to affect him.




There is no evidence that this meteor rock affects humans. Lex
Luthor was exposed to it in Earth II when he used it against
Clark Luthor. There is no confirmation that Gold Kryptonite had
anything to do with his demise in that world. We are led to believe that Clark Luthor killed him, possibly in self defense.


There is no evidence that any form of this meteor rock has any effects on humans. In the only
episode Silver Kryptonite has been used Lana,
Chloe and Lex held it in their hands with no
known effects on them whatsoever. Of course
none of them were pricked by the rock either.



In the season 9 episode “Persuasion”, Clark was exposed to Gemstone Kryptonite allowing him to assert
his will on any human and Kryptonian he would come
into contact with. He inhales the powdered substance
and a new method of exposing Clark to Kryptonite
is discovered. We see this method used again later
in the season with Red Kryptonite, causing the dust
of the meteor rock to be absorbed into his pores. In
this episode, because of the Gemstone Kryptonite in
his system, Clark is able to persuade Lois to be more
#13 / 2011 june & july / 64

domestic, Chloe to have his back at all costs, Emil to
relax and Zod to reveal who really murdered his father.
Clark was also able to persuade himself to avenge his
father’s murder. In both instances Green Kryptonite was
used to alter the effects of Gemstone Kryptonite and Red
Kryptonite by making Clark sweat it through his pores.

In “Persuasion”, Clark was exposed to the powered
Gemstone when he inhaled it on Valentine’s Day accidently. The effect on the people around him, human
or Kryptonian, was that it left them open to his suggestion while he was infected by it.



Clear Kryptonite was created in the
season 2 episode “Visage” when
Clark’s spaceship neutralized the
green in Lana Lang’s meteor rock
necklace as he was tied up in his



In the season 10 “Harvest”, Clark
and Lois stumbled onto a backwoods
small town where Blue Kryptonite
landed in the springs. The townspeople had been drinking Blue Kryptonite with their water for over twenty
years. By doing this they were impeccably healthy. No one had suffered
even a common cold since the meteor
shower. But unfortunately there were
side effects. The entire population
drinking the water became insane,
including children, thus making Blue
Kryptonite far deadlier for humans
than exposure to Green Kryptonite
ever has.

cellar and left to die by Tina Greer.
It does not have any known effects
on Clark or any other Kryptonian.
* It seems all kryptonite can be manipulated into gas, liquid or solid.
Kryptonians and humans are affected differently depending on the
form of Kryptonite being used.
65 / 2011 june & july / #13

During the ten seasons Smallville had important places where the stories took place. We
could name several but we decided to focus
on the iconic places that are part not only of
the series but also the comics.



Where Gotham City is known as
“the home of Batman”, Metropolis is the fictional
city that is known as “the home of Superman. Making its first appearance in Action Comics #16 (Sept
1939). Marketed as one of the wealthiest cities on
earth, it is also home to the Daily Planet and along
with that, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. Not only is Metropolis referenced in almost every DC comic dating
back to its first appearance, but it is also referenced
in future time lines (such the Legion of Superheroes)
and alternate universes.
IN SMALLVILLE Metropolis does not make its first
appearance in Smallville until Jitters (1x08), though
Whitney Fordman makes a mention in Pilot (1x01) to
Lionel Luthor owning the Metropolis Sharks. For the
first five seasons, Metropolis is only used as a mention, or somewhere for the character’s plots to develop,
for example: when wearing his Red K ring, Clark flees
there and the Season 3 premiere is majorly spent there.
It isn’t until Season 5, when Chloe Sullivan becomes
an employee at the Daily Planet, that Metropolis is
used as a major setting aside from Smallville.


IN THE COMICS The base of operations for the Justice

League of America, Watchtower debuted in 1997’s
JLA #4 and was located on Earth’s moon. Watchtower was made up entirely of Promethium, a metal that
is almost indestructible. Running on technology from
various different worlds, it has an extensive knowledge base. The second Watchtower debuted (after
#13 / 2011 june & july / 66

the destruction of the first by Superboy-Prime in JLA
#120) in volume two of the JLA (issue #7) and is a
satellite orbiting in space. The Hall, located on Earth
on top of where the base for the Justice Society of
America was once located and paid for by Batman
and designed by Wonder Woman and John Stewart
(Green Lantern) is used as a sort of a museum and
also a transfer station for heroes to teleport to the satellite for a more secure assembly area.
IN SMALLVILLE “Watchtower” was the codename
given to Chloe Sullivan in the episode Justice (Season 6) when she helped the team consisting of Clark
Kent, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow), Vic Stone (Cyborg), and Arthur Curry (Aquaman) break into one of
Lex’s facilities to rescue Bart Allen (Impulse) after he
was captured during a mission for Oliver Queen who
had recruited the other heroes to help him take down
Lex’s 33.1 facilities. In Season 8 (Hex), after giving
up on being a reporter and deciding she needed something in her life, Chloe decides to become “Watchtower” officially. Later Jimmy reveals to Chloe his
wedding gift to her, a tower that overlooks Metropolis and after Jimmy’s death Chloe informs Clark that
she will be using it as the base for the heroes. The
tower becomes the base of operations, Watchtower,
for the heroes and has been outfitted with the latest
advanced computer systems all funded by Oliver
Queen. Chloe Sullivan helps and keeps tabs on the
heroes from there. In the last season, Tess Mercer
takes over running Watchtower in Chloe’s absence.



Apokolips is ruled by the God,
Darksied. It is a ruin ecumenopolis with burning pits
of hellfire, extant in between dimensions, in result of
war that destroyed the old gods and created New Genesis and Apokolips separated the Fourth World from
the rest of the universe. It’s virtually a physical hell. It
is only accessible through the use of Boomtube. (Apokolips first appearance: New Gods #1 (March, 1971)
IN SMALLVILLE First referenced appropriately by
Granny Goodness in the Finale part 1 as a form of
sadistic solace. “ Evil in its purest form -- the heart of
human nature, obscured over time as something to be
cast away rather than embraced. Hades, Kali -- even
the word “Lucifer” is an old Latin phrase meaning
“morning star,” “bringer of light.” I’m afraid the centuries and translations have twisted Darkseid’s true
gifts. But before the end of days, his rapture will be
the only salvation.” It is a looming planet made up of
firepits to threaten the Earth’s atmosphere to merge.
Apokolips was gravitated toward Earth by the Ome67 / 2011 june & july / #13

ga Symbols that Darkseid and his
prophets branded onto the skulls
of humans. When Clark became
Superman and brought hope to
those that were branded, their
Omega Symbols vanished and he
was able to hurl the planet away
from Earth. As mentioned by
Lex in Finale part 2 knowledge
of Apokolips and Darkseid back
dates to the Veritas Journals.



Krypton is a
fictional planet in the DC Comics universe, and the native world
of the super-hero Superman. The
planet was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and was first
referred to in Action Comics #1.
Krypton is usually portrayed in
comics as having exploded as a
result of a nuclear chain reaction
caused by the planet’s unstable
radioactive core (which created
Kryptonite). As originally portrayed, all the civilizations and
races of Krypton perished in the

explosion, except for one survivor: the baby Kal-El who was
placed in an escape rocket by
his father, Jor-El, and sent to the
planet Earth, where he was raised
as Clark Kent by Jonathan and
Martha Kent and later grew up to
become Superman.
an ancient planet in a distant galaxy far from Earth. It is the home
world of the Kryptonians and the
birthplace of Kal-El. Krypton
was considered by the universe
as a peaceful and advanced planet
until civil war broke out, leading to its destruction in 1986 by
General Zod. At which time the
baby Kal-El was placed in an escape rocket by his father, Jor-El
and mother Lara-el and sent to
the planet Earth where he was
raised as Clark Kent by Jonathan
and Martha Kent and grew up to
become Superman. In season one
– Pilot Clark learns he is from
another planet and in season two
episode Rosetta Clark learns the
planet was named Krypton which

#13 / 2011 june & july / 68

was destroyed leaving him as the
only survivor.



The Fortress of
Solitude is the headquarters of
Superman in DC Comics. The
Fortress was introduced in the
story “The Super-Key to Fort
Superman”, published in Action
Comics #241 (June 1958). Typically The Fortress of Solitude is
located in the Artic and is kept secret from the general public only
Superman’s closest allies such as
Lois Lane and Batman know of
its location. The most recognized
version of The FOS is the original
Silver Age Fortress. This Fortress
contained an alien zoo of animals that Superman had collected
throughout his journeys along
with alien technology including
that of Krypton left to him by
his father Jor-El. It also contains
a laboratory, a Hall of Weapons
and a Trophy Toom. The Fortress

also contained a large statue of
Superman’s birth parents; Jor-El
and Lara-El holding a globe of
the planet Krypton.
IN SMALLVILLE The Fortress of
Solitude is replica of Krypton located in the Artic and houses all
the knowledge of the universe
collected by Kryptonians including that of their now destroyed
home Krypton. The Fortress is
also home to Clark’s biological
father Jor-El who is an artificial
intelligence entity. Jonathan Kent
once referenced the loft space in
the Kent barn as Clark’s Fortress
of Solitude but the Fortress was
formally introduced in Season 5
– Arrival. After Clark formed the
Crystal of Knowledge from the
Stones of Power, he was transported to the Arctic and threw
the Crystal of Knowledge into
the snow. The crystal melted into
the ice and formed The Fortress
of Solitude. The key component
in The Fortress is the console
which is the main power source
and serves as the primary way of

manipulating the Fortress, it is the Phantom Zone and focus on
made up of what seem to be im- Earth as their target since it is
penetrable crystals.
home to the Last Son of Krypton
– Superman; who’s father Jor-El
THE PHANTOM ZONE created the Phantom Zone and
was responsible for the imprison@CaptainIconic
IN THE COMICS The Phantom ment of many of its inmates.
Zone is a fictional prison dimen- IN SMALLVILLE Similar to the
sion featured in the Superman comics, The Phantom Zone was
comic books. It first appeared in created by scientist Jor-El and
Adventure Comics #283 (April used as a timeless dimensional
1961.) The Phantom Zone was prison for criminals throughout
discovered by Jor-El and used on the galaxies. Criminals who had
the planet Krypton as a method committed crimes on a grand scale
of imprisoning criminals. The in- like General Zod were stripped of
mates of the Phantom Zone reside their physical bodies and thrown
in a featureless state of existence into the Phantom Zone and turned
from which they can observe, but into non-corporeal phantoms. At
cannot interact with, the regular the end of season five ‘Vessel’ we
universe. Inmates do not age or see Clark is trapped in the Phanrequire sustenance in the Phan- tom Zone Crystal and in season
tom Zone. Superman develops six – Zod he is transported to the
communications equipment for Phantom Zone which is equivathe Phantom Zone known as the lent to a waste land where the sun
Phantom Zone Projector and can never sets. While in the Phantom
use it to release beings from the Zone Clark and other super – huPhantom Zone as well as imprison mans find themselves without
them there. Throughout the years powers but as soon as they are reseveral prisoners have escaped leased their powers are restored.

69 / 2011 june & july / #13


#13 / 2011 june & july / 70

discussions on whether or not
Amy Adams is a good choice
to play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman film, Man
of Steel. Some say she’s too
old for Henry Cavill or that
she doesn’t have the right look
and so on. I think the greatest problem with Amy Adams
is simply this: she’s not Erica
Durance. No. I’m not suggesting that Erica be hired for the
role. Smallville is its own entity with its own mythology that
shouldn’t coincide with anything else. However, I strongly
believe that there will never be
another live action Lois Lane
as fantastic as Erica Durance.
I think Amy Adams is a wonderful character actor who can
take on whatever challenge a
director gives to her, but Lois
seems to be the role that Erica
was born to play.
Margot Kidder had the snap
and Terri Hatcher was sexy,
adventurous, and possessed
the kindness that even Superman could admire, but Erica
captures every single aspect
of comic book Lois perfectly.
Erica is not only beautiful, but
she’s very sexy. On Smallville,
she starts off as a teenager and
has to grow into a certain level
of maturity. She does have a
bit of a wild side when she’s
drinking shots with college
boys, but as the seasons go by,
she develops a grace. Her sex
appeal isn’t only about how
amazing her body is or how
great she looks in all of her
fashionable suits, but it’s her
confidence as well.
Terri Hatcher might have
gotten into a lot of adventures
with Clark, but she wasn’t as
tough as Erica. Lois Lane is a

woman who isn’t afraid to get
her hands dirty. She’s completely fearless and chases any
lead without pause. It may be
extremely reckless at times,
but at least on Smallville she
doesn’t wait for Superman to
save her. She has often saved
herself, Clark, or at least held it
down until The Blur showed up.
Not all female actresses are convincing when they suddenly start
fighting, but I believed Erica.
Smallville may not have always had the best intellectual
stories, but Erica has given her
all with everyone. It didn’t
matter if she was stomping
down the dark streets in her stilettos as a masked vigilante or
when she had to give a heartbreaking performance when
she called off her wedding with
Clark right before the finale.
Erica is a true gem. She’s delivered the wit, the humor, and
the heartbreak.
Perhaps the great thing about
Erica’s performance is how
much she elevated Tom Welling as well. The beginning of
their relationship began with a
lot of bantering and their chemistry was amazing. Though
they picked with each other,
it was apparent that they did
care for each other. Instead of
admiring Lois instantly like in
most other incarnations or with
his relationship with Lana,
his love for Lois grew out of
the bond of their friendship.
They’ve shared their awkward
scenes, like when she stripped
in front of Clark. When she
jumped on Clark at the Daily
Planet and revealed that she
knew that he was The Blur,
Erica was just too adorable.
When she dunked Clark at the
high school, they had a playful

spark that couldn’t be denied
by anyone who watched it happen. Perhaps it’s my bias talking,
but Team Clois had the magic.
Erica and Tom could create an
entire universe without even saying a line to each other. All they
had to do was glance.
One of their greatest scenes
was in “Harvest”. I’m an old
fashion gal and I’d prefer if
Clark would have made an
honest woman out of Lois before their intimacy (or at least
sometime during the show) but
while they’re together, Clark
takes a moment and just gazes at the woman he loves and
you can feel how genuine the
moment is. Lois smiles back
at him and you can feel how
greatly she admires Clark and

71 / 2011 june & july / #13

how much she appreciates how someone like
him loves her. I’m not sure what ran through
Tom and Erica’s mind during this scene, but
that one stare was worth more than a million
One of the greatest things that Lois does for
Superman is inspire him. It may seem odd
that someone as powerful and good as Superman would need someone to inspire him to
be great, but he depends on Lois to not only
ground him, but to raise him up as well. In
the Superman comics during the “Emperor
Joker” series, the fate of the universe was at
stake and Superman literally needed Lois to
believe in him to save the world. Lois Lane
is tough, sharp, witty, clever, spunky, and so
on, but that’s not why Superman loves her so.
He sees a kindness within her and he knows
that she cherishes truth and justice like no one
else he knows, and we all know that Superman fights for those principles. It’s not easy
to possess that presence. Just as Christopher
Reeve had an unexplainable presence when he
played Superman, Erica Durance has the exact
same thing about her.
On Smallville, Lois might have had a few
bouts with insecurities when she struggled to
find her purpose and some moral dilemmas
(which I often found extremely uncharacteristic) on her journey to becoming a journalist,
but I feel the passion and dedication to fight
for right for right’s sake when Lois talks about
her heroes and all the hope she has because of
them. It’s easy to see how Lois would uplift a
man who can already fly. And Lois can keep
Clark in his place, but at the same time, Clark
became so much more man with Lois. It was
like Lana dissolved his spine and Lois built
him a new one made out of steel. He can tame
the beast that is Lois. He can grab her and
kiss her when he wants her to shut up and then
Erica can switch so well into a soft and vulnerable woman and she just lets him have her.
I adore Erica’s performance. Over the past
ten years of my Smallville viewing, I’ve had
a lot of complaints and disappointments, but
Lois was hardly ever one of them and Erica
certainly never ever received one negative
complaint. I loved her performance. I always
will. Now and forever, she’s my Lois Lane.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 72

73 / 2011 june & july / #13



Luke Tucker

reasons, but perhaps the biggest one is the ability
to re-invent itself and the mythology. From starting Clark Kent and Lex Luthor out as friends before becoming enemies, to introducing Lois Lane
into Clark’s life as the girl who drives him crazy
before, well, becoming the girl who drives him
crazy in a good way, to chronicling every step of
Clark’s journey to Superman with the invention of
his transitional “The Blur” persona. Staying fresh
and exciting for ten years has been all about re-telling the story of Superman in new and innovative
ways while remaining true to the characters’ core
principles, traits and relationships. And along the
way, this has resulted in creating new characters for
the mythology to help tell the story of the coming of
age of Clark Kent.
We all know the players who have played major
roles at one time or another as series regulars. Chloe
Sullivan, Lois Lane’s cousin and Clark’s close
friend since childhood, Whitney Fordman, one time
rival and later friend to Clark and Lana Lang’s first
love, Jason Teague, another love of Lana’s and son
of Veritas society members Genevieve and Edward,
and Davis Bloome, human alter-ego to the Kryptonian monster Doomsday. There have also been
regulars who are canon characters at their core but
original creations in terms of background. Lionel
Luthor, Lex’s often evil father to whom Smallville
gave a name and an in-depth biography, Lutessa
#13 / 2011 june & july / 74

Lena Luthor aka Tess Mercer, Lex’s adopted stepsister who actively fights her family’s evil nature,
and Jimmy Olsen aka Henry James Olsen, who died
tragically on Doomsday and was revealed to be the
older brother of young Jimmy B. Olsen, but whose
portrayer (Aaron Ashmore) ensured with his performance that Smallville fans will always consider
both Henry James Olsen and James Bartholomew
Olsen as Aaron. After all, since the Ashmores are
twin brothers (Aaron & Shawn) then it only seems
fitting that the Olsens are as well.
Series regulars weren’t the only memorable
new characters added to Clark’s universe. There
have also been many unforgettable recurring guests
over the years including Greg Arkin (Seasons 1 &
10), Sheriff Ethan Miller (Seasons 1 & 2), Eric
Summers played by Aaron’s twin brother Shawn
Ashmore (Seasons 1 & 3), Ryan James (Seasons 1
& 2), Dr. Helen Bryce (Seasons 2 & 3), Dr. Virgil
Swann played by the late great Christopher Reeve
(Seasons 2 & 3), Sheriff Nancy Adams (Seasons
2-5 & 7), Adam Knight (Season 3), Alicia Baker
(Seasons 3 & 4), Lillian Luthor (Seasons 3, 5 & 7),
Genevieve Teague (Season 4), Linda Lake (Seasons 6 & 8), Wes Keenan (Season 6), Julian Luthor/
Grant Gabriel (Season 7), Randall Brady (Seasons
8-9), Jeff “The Intern” Hage (Seasons 8-10), Alia
(Season 9), Stuart Campbell (Season 9), Former
District Attorney Ray Sacks (Season 9) and Faora’s
sister Vala (Season 9). As you can see the Smallville universe has created a legacy all its own that
respects and adds to the mythology of Superman!

Alicia Baker (Sarah Carter), Genevieve Teague (Jane Seymour) and Adam Knight (Ian Somerhalder): New characters
added to Clark’s universe.
75 / 2011 june & july / #13


Mike Schaffer

Smallville premiered. It was a story where everyone watching knew the ending, as it chronicled the
life of teenager Clark Kent as he eventually grew
into Superman.
The show, at its core, has been about identity.
Searching for it, developing it, processing it, interpreting it.
As the show started, Clark (played brilliantly by
Tom Welling) was trying to find his place in the
world. He knew there was something different
about him, but he was as shocked as anyone when
super powers, like strength, invulnerability and heat
vision, began to manifest.
He had an ill-fated on-again/off-again relationship with his high school sweetheart Lana Lang. I
mean, c’mon, everyone knows she was never “the
one!” But as the years progressed, Clark moved
on, discovering himself along the way. He learned
about his true origins, perfected his powers, and
found a peer group of individuals who had either
power or resources, along with the determination to
do what’s right.
Along the way, Clark found himself in strange circumstances. He had to balance his “professional” life
and his “personal” life, finding it extremely difficult to
#13 / 2011 june & july / 76

separate the two, no matter how much he tried.
On Friday, May 13, the show concluded its astounding 10 year run.
I should be sad, but I’m finding beauty in how
the plotlines of the show have intersected and paralleled with my own life. (I’ve been told by many I
may have a bit of Superman Complex.)
But, like Clark has evolved over the series, so
have I. Clark found his career calling (reporter/
superhero), I’ve found mine. Clark found his love
in Lois Lane (Erica Durance), I’ve found my wife.
Clark is about to make the biggest life change he’s
ever tackled, in creating a dual identity, unveiling,
at long last, Superman to the world. I’m about to
make the biggest life change I’ll ever take on, in
being a parent.
It’s quite poetic that the long-running series ends
at what is really the beginning. Everything over the
past decade of television programming has built to
this point. It’s been a lot of work, even a bit of a
roller coaster ride, but the REAL story has yet to be
That’s exactly how I feel about this new era in my
life as we are about seven weeks away from welcoming our first child. The first 29 years of my life
will have been an incredible, hard-to-believe, timeof-my-life ramp-up to parenthood.
The world may want a hero, but my daughter
needs me to be a Superman.



and loved characters to life, it explored
an unknown time period in our hero’s
life and not everyone watched it for the
same reasons. Nevertheless in its core,
the show was always about the journey
of Clark Kent, as interpreted by Tom
Welling. Now that the journey is coming to an end, the verdict is out about
if the model-turned-actor was able to
pull it off. And it is safe to say without a doubt: “he did!” Many worried
about his acting capabilities when the
show started, and it was a fair concern.
But those concerns were quickly laid
to rest right from the beginning of the
series as the hard working star earned
everyone’s respect and trust. Although
long time viewers were actually able to
watch the actor grow and develop as he
enriched his acting abilities and skills,
there were still great moments from
the get-go that proved his grand potential. Many folks believe the Superman/
Clark Kent duality started only recently
on the show, but since its first season it
was Tom Welling who created two personalities for his Clark Kent.
There was a Clark that was quiet,
in love with Lana, full of secrets and
guilt. Carrying the weight of the world
and taking full responsibilities for the
damage his arrival on Earth might have
caused. He was mild-mannered; he was
sweet, and a loving son. He was clumsy, especially trying to move around
the Kryptonite infested town of “Smallville.” But when someone was in trouble, or when in the face of his adversaries, Clark’s demeanor would change.
His pose, his voice, his facial expressions, everything would just become...
heroic. Don’t believe me, watch it, or
re-watch, and you will see what I mean.
Superman was always there. The duality of the man was evident even early
on. Now that the end of our beloved
show is upon us, we can at least be sure
or hope the heroic side of our decade
long hero, will be referred to by his permanent name of “Superman.” A name
he deserves and has earned, as an actor,
as a character, and as an inspirer.
77 / 2011 june & july / #13

APRIL 2011

Alex Lapthorne @prettyiconic
Rebeca Valdez @RebecaValdez
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Maria @fallenstar88, Kayla @Tide_of_Change and Sarin @Shakarlicious
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79 / 2011 june & july / #13



It’s not news that Erica Durance is a hard worker. Since she got the part of Lois Lane
on Smallville seven years ago, she has attended comic conventions, signing sessions
and press junkets. Our girl is definitely a trooper.
In season 10, her time on set was increased even more, as a result of her being
signed on to appear in all 22 episodes. At the end of 2010 the Smallville cast and
crew worked hard to shoot as many scenes as possible before the holidays, and
Erica worked 14 hour days, including Saturdays.
Earlier this year, on her limited days off, she auditioned for some pilot projects and
landed a guest starring role in the movie ‘Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie’, with
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, which should be out sometime next year. Immediately after Smallville wrapped up, Erica already had a new project in the pipe line.
She headed to Europe (Rome and Malta) to film "Gemelle" (Twins) a U.S/Italian production where she plays twin sisters. The trip also served as an excuse for Erica to
relax and also celebrate her 10th anniversary with husband David Palffy.
As soon as filming finished, she left Italy, sold her house, bought another place and
started work on financing "Deadly Winter", a film she and David will be producing
soon. That’s not all, Erica has landed her own pilot series "Saving Hope" with filming
scheduled to commence in Toronto later this month where she will also act as an
executive producer. Now tell me, is she living an hectic life or what?
In the midst of it all I had a fun chat with Erica who once again kindly opens up to me
about her life, marriage, projects, debunking some myths surrounding her persona.
She even jokingly called me bonkers for creating this magazine. Priceless!

#13 / 2011 june & july / 80

81 / 2011 june & july / #13

Hey Erica, Smallville is over...

It’s a bitter sweet feeling to say
Smallville is over. It’s an experience I will cherish always
and never forget. But the great
thing about working on a show
for so long is you take the experience with you where ever
you go, including a project I’m
filming in Italy.
That’s great, tell me more
about it...

It’s an Italian thriller called
“Gemelle” or “Twins” where
I play twin sisters, in which
one sister is a drug addict
and dare I say... a killer!
(laugh) A much darker more
somber role than Lois but
the challenge of playing two
parts, working with an Italian
crew is exciting.
I’m excited about some future prospects on my return
home, but for now, I’m having
an amazing opportunity working in Malta, visiting Rome,
Venice, adding another adventure to my life resume.

have it, I’m busy now filming
Even my spare time schedule is such that there is always
something to do or plan like
in any normal household with
kids who are extremely active.
My son is one of those kids
who is very competitively involved in sports which keeps
me busy yelling support on the
Down time allows me to
ground myself with a normal
routine that keeps my perspective on what is important
outside of work. The industry
can consume you if you are
not careful, so it is beneficial

Speaking of adventures, although you’re filming again I
assume you are having a different and maybe a more flexible schedule now compared to
the one you used to have when
you were filming Smallville.
Maybe now you have more
down time to enjoy with your

Yes, I always look forward
to spare time with my family,
even though as fate would
#13 / 2011 june & july / 82

to spend time with family or
meditate, walk/jog along the
ocean, yoga, work out, or lose
yourself in a great novel.
I admit down time is somewhat scarce, even at home.
David, my husband, is busy
again designing, building, yet
another house, which is another outlet for us that has a financial bonus. I like bonuses!
I’d like to go back in time to the
very beginning of your career
when you tried to pursue your
career in Los Angeles. Can you
share something about it?

Los Angeles is the place where
you assume you must locate

and establish yourself in the
industry. So, I lived in Los Angeles for a time before getting
Smallville. But as fate would
have it, ironically, I booked
Smallville after returning to
Vancouver, which proved that
even though you must establish industry ties in Los Angeles and be available for castings, that does not mean I have
to always live there.
That is why we have a place
in Los Angeles and Vancouver. I love Los Angeles and
spending time in California but
it is always refreshing to spend
time outside of that world and
return to Vancouver. I’m excited by the prospect of travelling at the moment and working in a foreign country.
Still in a "back to the past"
vibe I have always been curious about the whole process
of getting the Lois Lane part.
What was that like? I mean
who gave you the great news
you had gotten the part, who
was with you or who was the
first person you shared this
news with?

A huge moment for me. I remember arriving at Warner
Bros on a Friday for the studio and network test. Imagine this small town girl entering the lot at Warner Bros
and being in awe of all the
cinematic history. I realize
I’m not the only one who has
had that experience. I think
anyone who enters the lot at

Warner Bros has to be star
struck by what it represents.
I remember leaving the studio excited, yet numbed by
the possibility of becoming the next Lois Lane
when considering all
the amazing actresses
who had auditioned.
I remember being at
LAX later that day, leaving for a flight back to
Vancouver, and while I
was browsing for a new
book, my manager, Jeff,
called to say I’d gotten the
part. It was a surreal moment.
Like falling into a trance. After a few seconds, I woke up,
hugged David, then danced
crazily around the airport, then
called my sister, Jenny. Then
anxiety and panic set in, when
I realized I was starting on
Monday. I can’t believe that
was 7 years ago. It seems like

David for 10 years, he’s my
best friend. Besides the more
obvious reasons of a successful marriage or relationship,
the key is communication,
maintaining a sense of humor
and balance about everything.
A degree of balance comes
from his many interests outside the business as well. Humor helps to elevate us from
Wow! It must have been
obsessing, which is my obsespretty special especially besion. (laughs) It’s necessary to
cause David was there by
sustain a healthy perspective on
your side, being supportive as
what is important in our lives.
always. You’ve been together
Any relationship, whether
for 10 years and I personally
you’ve been together a long
think it is awesome to see how
time or not, can succumb to
you both always find a way to
the pressures of working in the
spend quality time together.
industry, and allow public perShare your secret to a successceptions to influence your perful marriage with us.
I’m fortunate to have someone sonal life. We are fortunate that
very close who knows me, who we have a very strong bond and
possesses a lot of business in- we have each other’s back.
sight and someone I love sharing time with. I’ve been with And you will be working together again. Yes.
83 / 2011 june & july / #13

There’s a film in the making, right...

I’m excited that financing
is coming together about a
film we’re doing later this
year dealing with a woman returning home to face
a tragic past, called Deadly Winter. It’s a powerful
script dealing with the Innocence project, a national
litigation policy that investigates the innocent on
death row. David has written/sold a few screen plays,
so we decided to keep this
one between us.
We have a ‘Thank You’ card in
the works for you and I noticed
most of the signers are women.
Have you ever noticed the
amount of female fans you have
or have you ever thought about
it or wondered why that is?

I’m grateful for having female fans, not sure why many
fans are women except to say
hopefully there are character traits in Lois that they relate to or are entertained by.

Whether it is her tendency to
throw herself at a situation or
say something without really
thinking of the consequences,
or her clumsiness, her forthright directness and willingness to stand her ground
based on what she thinks is
right, even though she may
be wrong.
But if she’s wrong she will
eventually admit it. Lois can
be something to everyone,
male or female because she is
a composite of many things,
including someone who is not
afraid to kick someone’s butt,
even if it’s made of steel.
On a personal note as to how
it feels to have so much female
support, I would say that it is
so refreshing to have women
bandy together about something and realize that we are
on the same side. So often we
forget how much comfort we
can get out of female friendship and support because we
can become too competitive
with each other. When we are

really honest with each other,
no matter what walk of life,
we all seem to have similar insecurities and issues that come
into our lives. Sometimes it
takes us seeing those things in
a fictional character to really
see ourselves in each other. So
In interviews you always say
"I’m fairly introverted" but
most of those who have met
you, besides saying how sweet
you are and that you’re s ‘joy to
work with’, they also say how
funny you are. So, introverted
who? (laugh)

I see myself personally as
introverted in the way that I
am not someone who is comfortable being at the centre of
too much attention. I prefer to
engage people on a more private basis. I’m not a gregarious person who enjoys telling
jokes, competing for attention. Yes, at work I’m very
positive and upbeat because
that’s part of my process and

I love working. My exuberance might be entertaining
to others, on the other hand,
some might say “that’s just
Erica, buzzing from a caffeine high!” (laugh). It happens occasionally when I forget to eat while working.
As a person, I’m most comfortable with a select group
of friends, chilling, going for
dinner or having family and
friends at home where I can
really relax.
So much of the business is
about hype and promotion,
answering a lot of questions
in a certain way to hype the
episode which demands a lot
of energy. It’s a responsibility of my job to sell what fans
are looking to see and hear in
interviews or during conventions that encourage people to
watch the show. Afterwards I
return home to a more relaxed,
introverted me.
Got it. There is a beautiful grand
piano in your living room...

I always wanted a Grand, I
got it as a surprise birthday
present. I used to play the
piano and I have started playing again, though it’s difficult
to practice regularly with my
So you’re practicing again.
That’s good to hear because
when I saw it I could immediately envision a jam session
going on right there in your living room. Yep I’m that good at

envisioning things (laugh).

Envisioning a family jam session is unlikely (laugh) but
my son plays the bass guitar
so maybe that’s not too far
off! I like music and it has
always been part of my life.
There is always music in the
house, whether I’m playing
the piano or not.
What’s your favorite TV Shows
at the moment?

I have a few shows I watch
whenever I can. The Good
Wife, Bones, Fringe, Modern
Family, Game of Thrones,
Walking Dead, Raising
Hope, Hot In Cleveland. I
have to say I am more a film
person who loves going to the
cinema or watching a film at
every experience. I do not
take myself too seriously!
What kind of films do you like? (laugh) Though my husband
might disagree! I admittedly
Indie films perhaps?
I am not specifically partial take my work seriously. I’m
to indie films over a big com- intense about anything I love
mercial studio film. I simply or believe in and that’s my
enjoy films. I judge a film work and my family. Outside
on whether it entertains me of that, I try to treat everyone
or moves me emotionally. I with decency, and not define
am looking for an emotional people by their profession,
connection regardless of the but by their actions. A cliché,
but true.
genre, or type of film.
I have an easy question for you.
(laugh) Who is Erica Durance?

Who am I? (laugh) Good
question! I have no idea. I try
to do the best with what I’m
given. I make mistakes like
anyone else. I try to improve
myself as much as I can with

Recently you said people have
lots of assumptions about
you. I’ve read/heard people
say several times "Oh Erica is
a typical Alberta girl". What
about you or your personality
makes people think you’re ‘so
Canadian’ or ‘so Albertan’?

85 / 2011 june & july / #13

I’m not sure why someone
would say I’m so Canadian or
Albertan except perhaps as a
Canadian we have a reputation
of being too polite or apologetic. (laugh) I think that is a
generalization. If being polite
or apologetic means I care if
I’ve made someone feel uncomfortable or tripped over
them or accidentally slugged
them during a fight sequence
(laugh) then I must be Canadian. Many people fail to realize I’m also an American
citizen by way of my mother
who lives in the States. We’re
all a product of our upbringing and I spent a lot of time
living in a small town and
that’s still a part of who I am.
Being polite doesn’t mean I
won’t stand my ground when
I’m compromised. Maybe
that’s the American side of
me! (laugh)
Ok so it is a myth. So let’s

debunk a few myths. If for
instance someone says ‘I think
Erica Durance is a bad driver’
which I do not believe, ok.
(laugh) That whole ‘I almost hit
Tom Welling in the parking lot’
was a little incident (laughs).
Well, if someone thinks you’re a
bad driver what would you say...

I’ve been driving cars and
trucks since I was 14 living
on a farm. That experience
speaks for itself. If you have
any concerns about my driving and you see this 5 liter
BMW X6 screaming down
the highway, ready to drive up
your backside... maybe move
over, let me pass! (laugh)
Oh my goodness, I’m cool on
the sidewalk thanks (laughs).
Ok and if they say ‘Oh Erica is
bad at cooking’? (laugh)

I can find my way around the
kitchen very easily during
family get togethers... even in
high heels!

Wow! I’m no Martha Stew-

art but I can make a few tasty
dishes that could find their way
into someone’s cookbook!
I’m impressed. If they say
‘Erica has said she’s not exactly computer literate I doubt
she knows how to start one’
(laughs) (Please make me
proud on this one, you *know*
how to do that, riiight.)

Sure... if I could only find
the KEYS to start the thing!
For years I worked as a
background agent for films that demanded a lot of computer knowledge. So, yes I can access the cyber
world when I need to. We have
several computers at home... you’ll
be pleased to know... all different
colours! (laughs)

Oh my goodness! Somebody
save me, there’s a teeeaser
in the house! (laughs). You

dyed your hair and we saw a
blonde Lois Lane. What do you
think about that silly quotation
‘Blondes have more fun’? Do

Blonde hair did not provide me
with more enjoyment or opportunities! It was changed out of
necessity for Smallville after I
had gotten the part because it
was a gentle contrast to some
of the existing cast at that time.
Personally, I prefer my natural
color which it is now. My enjoyment is connected to who I
am and what I’m doing, but if
coloring my hair red means another job, then bring it on!!!!
Lois had a geeky side. She even
had her own Xbox! I have an
Xbox 360 and a Wii. Do you play

My son shares the same interests in games such as XBox
or Wii etc as any other 11
year old! And so do I!!! Well,
#13 / 2011 june & july / 86

so to speak! Occasionally, think you’re bonkers!
I’ll slip behind the controller
and indulge him with EA’s I-k-n-e-w-i-t! (laugh) I’m
“Need For Speed”, or some proud to be bonkers \o/ Now,
sports game, in a moment of a serious question. That’s
weakness...but I rarely win! *your* moment. You were so
That doesn’t mean I don’t vital to Smallville’s success esgrab a controller late at night pecially in the final 3 years. You
and practice. (laughs). It’s the set a new standard, a new level
competitor in me. We’re not to your career; You know exactinto the blood and guts game ly what you want, and what you
spectacle. Video games are don’t want when it comes to
secondary to athletics and ac- your career and future projects.
ademics in our home.
The question is, what are your
future career goals?

Drumroll, please. Erica Durance, be honest, I’m dying to
know what your first reaction
was when you found out about
‘Durance Magazine’? I bet you
cringed and said ‘WTF’ (laughs)

Yes, at first I was thinking
who in their right mind would
want to create a Durance
Magazine?! Frankly, I still
do! (laughs) I admire your
entrepreneurial savvy. I still

Yikes! I guess they’re simple,
that’s to keep working, to
challenge myself with new
experiences, to feed my desire to continually grow. Sure,
like anyone else, you have to
have goals that give you purpose. I can only think or wish
of what I want out of the business and out of life and do my
best to see them through. It’s
also important, I think, to re-

87 / 2011 june & july / #13

alize that you have to be open to adjusting your
pathway to achieve goals when you are faced
with obstacles and find a way to circumnavigate
around them to get what you want. As you age
(god forbid) and get wiser (laughs) your goals
sometimes morph slightly into something else as
you change with every experience. Change is not
a bad thing.
I’m not the same person I was years ago when I
booked Lois. I’ve learned so much about myself,
the business of acting and I can honestly say all I
want to do is stay working and challenge myself
with every project. I don’t agree with colleagues
who say, “I won’t do television or I’ll only do
films or I’ll only do theatre!”
What this business teaches you is that you are
not always in control of your destiny. It’s a very
competitive environment, and decisions are
sometimes based on other people’s perceptions
of you. So, it’s important to be open to every opportunity, and not limit yourself, while understanding there are no guarantees about anything
you do. I’ve done past projects that fell short of
my expectations but I learned from many intangibles that helped me.
I was lucky that Smallville was good to me, giving me a positive opportunity to work and learn.
The experience also taught me that I cannot please
every person or fan (laugh) with what I do. I can
only do what I think is right for the moment, then
move on as best I can using whatever I’ve learned
for the next project.

Erica Durance has her own TV pilot: Saving
Hope where she plays the female lead and act
as an executive producer.
Inspired by newspaper columnist Ian Brown’s
"Mount Hope" series and based on stories
from Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, Saving Hope stars Erica Durance as Alice Joy, the
idealistic Chief Surgical Resident at a hospital
whose happenings are narrated by its comatose Chief of Surgery.
Saving Hope is written by Malcom MacRury
and co-written by Morwyn Brebner; Directed
by David Wellington and Produced by Ilana
Frank. The trio credits include Rookie Blue.
In the U.S. the network is possibly ABC, which will
be confirmed after the pilot is completed in June.


TV Pilot
Saving Hope I Prods. Inc.
Prod : A. Leo, L. Pope
Dir : David Wellington
Cast : Erica Durance, Michael Shanks
PM : Armand Leo
PC : Karen Doble
Shoot : June 15-25/11

Erica, thank you so much for taking some time off to
grant me this interview. Feel free to send a message
to your fans.

Dear fans, I’m humbled by your support. Thank
you for being a part of my journey on Smallville.
As a reminder, I am not on Twitter/Facebook or
IMDB, nor is David. Please be vigilant and careful about what you read. God Bless.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 88

89 / 2011 june & july / #13

Alias: Checkmate
Played by: Pam Grier
Appearances: 3 episodes Season 9 (Absolute
Justice, Checkmate, Sacrifice)

IN THE COMICS Amanda Waller is a major
character in the DC Comics universe. She leads
the government agency Checkmate in its White
Branch (Intelligence) as the White Queen, and
has even worked with Lex Luthor on various occasions. As a highly manipulative and dangerous
agent, Amanda had often led the Suicide Squad,
a government agency conceived to deal with the
growing metahuman population in prisons inuniverse, leading to their use as deniable agents
in missions of questionable morality.


Real Name: Arthur A.C.” Curry
Alias: Aquaman
Played by: Alan Ritchson
Appearances: Seasons 5 (Aqua), 6 (Justice), 8
(Odyssey) & 10 (Patriot)

IN THE COMICS Born as Orin to the Queen of
Atlantis, A.C. is abandoned as a boy (Modern Age),
drifting until he is taken in by a lighthouse operator
named Arthur Curry, who names Orin after himself.
As a young man he was captured and held prisoner in
Atlantis, learning that his mother too was being held
captive. When she died, he fled to land and eventually became an emerging hero named Aquaman. He
would later return to Atlantis and be welcomed as
their King, and would marry a woman named Mera.
IN SMALLVILLE A.C. shows up in Smallville
investigating Lex’s marine weapon testing program,
only to notice and save a drowning Lois Lane. The
two are smitten at first sight, and enjoy a brief late
summer flirtation. Here A.C. has the same general
background as his comics counterpart, only he is

#13 / 2011 june & july / 90

IN SMALLVILLE Amanda Waller comes to
Smallville in the episode Absolute Justice (Season 9) Waller hired Cameron Mahkent aka Icicle
to hunt down and kill members of the Justice Society of America, using his anger towards them
as a catalyst. She later sent clues to Lois Lane
about the JSA and Icicle to which she began investigating. After giving Lois time to investigate,
Waller visited her, telling her that she planted the
classified information and gave her a phone before leaving, all this without introducing herself.

unaware his
mother did not
die when he was
a baby.After Clark
teaches A.C. there are
more legitimate methods to crime-fighting
than sabotage, he says
goodbye to Lois and
sets off to make his mark
on the world. He returns
a couple times to help Clark on missions
along with other future JLA members, and shows up
with his new wife Mera in Season 10. A.C. helps
Clark learn more about the nefarious VRA and he &
Mera give Lois & Clark a preview of what marriage
is like for heroes.
91 / 2011 june & july / #13


Alias: Impulse
Played by: Kyle Gallner
Appearances: Season 4 Run,
Season 6 Justice and Season 8

IN THE COMICS Bart Allen is born in the future,
the grandson of the time-traveling Iris West-Allen.
Suffering from a hyper-accelerated metabolism, Bart
ages so fast that he appears to be twelve when he is
chronologically and psychologically only two years
old. To keep him from going insane he is raised in a
virtual reality machine that creates a simulated world
which keeps pace with Bart’s scale of time. When it
becomes clear that this method is not helping he is
rescued by his grandmother, Iris Allen. Iris takes him
back in time to the present, where Wally West, the
Flash at the time, tracks him down in a race across the
world. By forcing Bart into an extreme burst of speed,
Wally manages to shock his hyper-metabolism back
to normal.
IN SMALLVILLE The version of Bart Allen that
is portrayed in Smallville is noticeably different from
the character in the comics. For Smallville, the character has an almost obnoxious sense of humor. This
is a character trait of Bart during his time as Impulse,
but is toned down considerably when he becomes Kid
Flash, and later, The Flash, in other venues. In 2004,
Bart worked with a fence named Hanison, although
Hanison often cheated Bart out of the stolen goods’
true value. Bart happened to be in Metropolis when
Jonathan Kent was about to get run over by a drunk
driver. Before Clark Kent could rescue him, Bart rescued Jonathan at super-speed but also stole his wallet.
Clark tracked his father’s credit cards and located the
hotel room in which Bart was staying.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 92

based on the different eras of the
comics, has seen an abundance
of different origin stories and histories. The original Bizarro was
created in a laboratory accident.
A scientist was demonstrating his
newly invented “duplicating ray”
to Superboy, testing it on a radium pellet and a jewel. However,
the duplicated radium was nonradioactive and the jewel melted.
The scientist then stumbled and
knocked the machine, inadvertently creating an imperfect Superboy.
Clark, or simply Bizarro, was the
last and possibly most dangerous Zoner. He was accidentally
created in a laboratory on the
planet Krypton, and was sent into
the Phantom Zone by Jor-El and
Martian Manhunter. He escaped
when Clark Kent opened a portal
to Earth so he could escape from
the Zone using the House of El
gateway. Bizarro followed him
and spent the next several weeks
seeking a host that could sustain
him, though humans could only
serve as a host for up to 24 hours
before he would need a new vessel. Bizarro eventually confronted Clark and replicated some of
his DNA, allowing him to create
an imperfect clone of the Kryptonian which would act as a permanent host body for Bizarro
to inhabit, which also gave him
Clark’s powers.

Played by: Tom Welling
Appearances: Season 6
Zod, Phantom; Season
7 Bizarro, Gemini and

Alias: Black Canary
Played by: Alaina Huffman
Appearances: Season 7 & Season 9

IN THE COMICS Black Canary has a subsonic
scream which generates a powerful sound wave,
which can disintegrate arrows, shatter glass and knock
people unconscious. When she uses her subsonic
scream the sound around her becomes muffled in order to project her “Canary Cry”. In modern comics,
the Black Canary is a mantle possessed by two characters, the senior Dinah Drake Lance (a member of
the Justice Society of America) and later, her daughter
Dinah Laurel Lance who would become a member of
the Justice League of America. In the Black Canary’s
first appearance, she appeared to be a villainess but it
was later revealed she was infiltrating a criminal gang
from the inside. Both characters are naturally darkhaired but either wear a wig or dye their hair to enhance their disguise. In the comics Black Canary and
Green Arrow are destined to be together.
IN SMALLVILLE Dinah was first seen as a mysterious blonde woman who watched Chloe Sullivan steal
a file from Lex Luthor and burn the information onto
a DVD. She was paid by Lex to steal the disc and attacked Chloe to obtain it. When Chloe got to the roof
to wait for Green Arrow, Dinah fought Green Arrow
and escaped. She gave the DVD to Lex Luthor, and
he offered to “make it worth her while” if she brought
Green Arrow to him.
93 / 2011 june & july / #13



IN THE COMICS Born in Gotham City in the 25th Century, his father abandoned him and his twin sister due to
a gambling addiction. He makes a name for himself as a
star football player at Gotham University, but his life falls
apart when his father convinces him to start throwing football games. He is found out and disgraced, and he takes a
job as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum
where he steals his pal Skeets and a Legion Ring to time
travel and become a hero in the past.

IN THE COMICS Carter started out known as an
Egyptian Prince named Khufu, one who believed he
would be reincarnated. He and his love Chay-Ara
were killed by an evil man named Hath-Set, only to
have their souls live on and be reincarnated lifetime
after lifetime. They would always find each other,
only to be torn apart again by death.

Real Name: Michael Jon Carter
Played by: Eric Martsolf
Appearances: Season 10 (Booster)

IN SMALLVILLE Booster’s origin is almost identical
to his comicbook counterpart (Modern Age), though his
twin sister and father getting him to throw games were
not mentioned. Here and in the comics he is based in Metropolis, and he becomes fast friends with Blue Beetle. In
the comics he makes his name by saving the President, but
here he attempts to take Superman’s place in the modern
world and to get a hero making interview with Lois Lane.
Clark helps him see the error of his ways and Booster finds
the hero within himself. Self-promoting and shameless as
it may still be. Right Skeets? “Affirmative, sir!”

IN THE COMICS The super-villain Brainiac
as he appears in the pages of DC Comics is quite
different from his interpretation on Smallville.
Brainiac is an artificial intelligence that originated on the planet Colu. This new version of
Brainiac resembles a much larger and more muscular version of the original, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Brainiac, and has motives similar to
the Superman: The Animated Series incarnation
of the character, in that Brainiac travels the universe and steals the knowledge of various alien
cultures, abducting and shrinking cities from
each planet as samples, and then destroys the
planet so that the value of the destroyed civilization’s knowledge is increased.
The original earthly vessel for a version of Brainiac was Milton Fine, who was infected by nanite
probes (which later migrated into Doomsday, the
Brainiac 2.5 android, and finally into Lena Luthor), served and sent as a remote construct for
the real Brainiac to find the last Kryptonian.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 94

IN SMALLVILLE Brainiac is a Kryptonian
artificial intelligence designed and built by the
scientists Dax-Ur and later Jor-El to aid in the
war against General Zod, but was corrupted by
Zod and used to assist in the destruction of the
planet Krypton. After escaping to Earth in the
Black Ship, Brainiac assumed human form as
Dr. Milton Fine, a professor at Central Kansas
A&M before seeking revenge on Clark Kent after being restored because Clark destroyed him.
In 2006, Brainiac unleashed a computer virus that infected every piece of technology on
Earth, leading to Dark Thursday, and released
Zod into Lex Luthor’s body, but was destroyed
by Clark using the Kryptonian dagger. Brainiac resurfaced in 2008, killing his creator DaxUr to get the knowledge needed to repair his
damaged system. He then put Lana Lang into
a coma, and had Kara Kent follow him back
through time to Krypton before its destruction
to kill Kal-El as a baby.

Real Name: Carter Hall
Alias: Hawkman
Played by: Michael Shanks
Appearances: Seasons 9 & 10

IN SMALLVILLE Carter’s origins in Smallville are
nearly identical to his Modern Age counterpart. That
is no doubt thanks to Geoff Johns, who introduced
Carter to Smallville in Absolute Justice and who also
wrote much of his origin in the comics. Carter has
much guilt over the break-up of the Justice Society of
America (JSA), but is convinced by his friend Kent
Nelson (Dr. Fate) & Clark to give heroism another
chance. Carter plays a key role in helping Lois understand her place in Clark’s world, and he sacrifices
himself to save her from Deathstroke in the actionpacked mid-season cliffhanger of Season 10, “Icarus”.

Alias: Dr Milton Fine
Played by: James Marsters
Appearances: 14 episodes - Season 4-10

95 / 2011 june & july / #13



Real Name: Mary Louise Shroger
Played by: Keri Lynn Pratt
Appearances: Season 10

IN THE COMICS Cat was a renowned gossip columnist from L.A. who moved to Metropolis to work
for The Daily Planet. Recently divorced and a recovering alcoholic with a young son Adam, she goes
undercover at WGBS to prove herself to the Planet
staff. She eventually works at both places and gets
her own talk show. She has a good life until Toyman
kills her son, devastating Cat, who needs the help of
her friends at The Daily Planet to get her back on her
feet, where she becomes completely career driven.
IN SMALLVILLE One of the initially more confusing adaptations, in “Crossfire” a Catherine Grant
#13 / 2011 june & july / 96

Alias: The Blur/Superman
Played by: Tom Welling
Appearances: 217 episodes (Season 1-10)

played a huge part in Clark Kent’s
life, having been his best friend since
they were young and being one of the
first people to know his secret. After
having worked at the Daily Planet
for a few years, she managed the
Isis Foundation after Lana Lang had
gone. She has always been a help to
him and his team of heroes. Founding Watchtower, she has become
part of the team, helping the vigilantes on missions and any endeavors.
Once her long-term romance with
Jimmy Olsen ended after her was
brutally murdered by Davis Bloome,
she became involved with Oliver
Queen whom she later married.

IN THE COMICS Born Kal-El on Krypton, where
he was raised by his parents Jor-El and Lara, until their
home planet was destroyed and he was sent to Earth.
After being adopted and named Clark Kent by Jonathan and Martha Kent, he grew up in the small town
in Kansas where he developed his powers and began
his journey to become the hero he is known as worldwide, Superman. He began to work at the Daily Planet,
creating his alter-ego as Clark Kent, so he could save
the world as Superman and have plausible reasons to
be missing throughout the day, as well as always being
at the scene of the crime. Along with the job, Clark
puts on a different demeanour than that of Superman,
a mild-mannered, clumsy, and most definitely classified as nerdy personality in his dark rimmed glasses
and plain business suits.

seemingly pretends to be an angel on a date with Clark
for Lois & Clark’s attempt at hosting morning television, only to steal the show out from under Lois. She
shares the WGBS background of comics Cat. However, in “Shield” we are introduced to a different Cat
Grant. She maintains a majority of the background of
comics Cat, but at this point her son is still alive and
well and her real name is Mary Louise Shroger.
Cat “borrowed” Catherine Grant of WGBS fame’s
name for her pen name to protect herself and her son
from her ex. All of her core comic traits are there, just
re-imagined. She remains highly annoying to Clark
and especially Lois, with whom she develops an adversarial friendship with. Though she can be a shameless flirt as her comic and Lois & Clark: TNAOS
counterpart are famous for as shown in Booster, she is
generally more of an annoyingly perky over-achiever
from a small town who adores kittens and sweets.

IN SMALLVILLE Smallville, unlike the comic
books, is focused more towards showing the audience
Clark Kent’s origins and his journey towards his destiny as Superman. Dealing with growing up a gifted
boy among a world of normal people, and the struggles
he’s faced becoming accustomed to it. He must figure
out who to trust, and how to handle the burden of keeping his heritage a secret from his friends, while also balancing love and a future. He deals with relationships, a
long and often uneasy one with Lana Lang, along with
his destiny with Lois Lane. But he also faces many
foes such as Lex Luthor, Zod, and Doomsday along
the way. In the later seasons he begins to work at the
Daily Planet and slowly begins to adopt an alter-ego,
protecting his secret and making sure that Clark Kent
and The Blur are never connected as one.

Alias: Watchtower
Played by: Allison Mack
Appearances: Season 1-10


IN THE COMICS Chloe Sullivan
was introduced into the comic book
world after she was created for Smallville. Her first mentions in the comics
were small but prominent and very
exciting to fans of the show. “Chloe
S.”, was signed on Pete Ross’ cast,
and a post-it read “Call Chloe” on
Lois’ desk. In the DC universe, she
is a reporter for metropolitan.com, an
online newspaper.

97 / 2011 june & july / #13


Played by: Steve Byers
Appearances: 3 episodes Season 10 (Abandoned, Masquerade, Finale)


Real Name: Victor Stone
Played by: Lee Thompson Young
Appearances: Season 5 Cyborg, Season 6 Justice and Season 9 Salvation

IN THE COMICS Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, is a superhero who is half man and half
machine. His body was destroyed in a tragic accident, but he was saved through experimental
technology; his body parts have been replaced
with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and
weaponry, while constantly providing life support. Stone struggles with his humanity as a machine, although his advancements have made him
an unstoppable powerhouse. He has primarily
been a member of the Teen Titans, but he is also a
member of the Justice League of America.

Played by: Michael Daingerfield (Supergirl) / Steve
Byers (Masquerade) / John Glover (Finale, Part 2)
Appearances: Season 10

IN SMALLVILLE On the show, Cyborg’s implants are endoskeletal, while in the comics his
implants have always been exoskeletal. This
creates a distinctive and different look between
Smallville and the comics. Feeling sympathy for



Victor and his search for his beloved girlfriend
Katherine Goodwin, SynTechnics scientist Dr.
Hong allowed him to escape captivity. While
making his escape, Victor was struck by Lana
Lang’s car. After watching him walk away without a scratch, Lana called Clark Kent to investigate. Victor explains he became a living machine
as part of the machine project researched by the
evil Dr. Allister Krieg sponsored by Luthorcorp.
In season eight when Clark and Lex disappeared
from the Arctic Circle while in the Fortress of
Solitude, Oliver revealed that Victor and Bart Allen were searching the southern hemisphere for
them and found nothing. In season nine under the
orders of Chloe Sullivan, Victor helped Roulette
and the rest of the league manipulate Oliver overcome the depressive and self-destructive behavior
he began exhibiting, following the murder of Lex
Luthor. Victor’s part was to hack into Oliver’s
bank accounts and drain him of his funds. Their
actions allow for Oliver to recover and retake the
Green Arrow title as well as work towards reforming the League. In season ten Victor is seen
briefly at Hawkman’s funeral procession.

IN THE COMICS Darkseid is an evil
New God who rules the planet Apokolips.
He is at war with Apokolips’ rival planet
New Genesis and the superheroes of Earth,
most notably Superman. One of Darkseid’s main goals in his life was to control
the Anti-Life Equation, a source of power
that grants absolute control over all others
when discovered and spoken; it is mathematical proof that all life, hope and freedom are useless. He believed that much of
the equation was on Earth and was the reason for his constant attacks on the planet.

corrupt it. The dark force is presumably at
large trying to secure a new vessel to possess. Re-emerging on Earth, he sought a
vessel to inhabit so that he could directly
influence Earth’s people and started to
gather prophets to further his cause. Darkseid can corrupt souls and minds of living
beings, twisting or refining them into tools
for his own purposes and desires, and those
possessed by him, are left stained and become completely loyal to him. But he can
only possess hosts that have darkness in
their hearts that they can’t control; He is an
IN SMALLVILLE Darkseid is a dark extremely powerful telekinetic who can inforce that both Jor-El and Jonathan Kent fluence the movement of objects and peohave warned Clark was coming to Earth to ple, demonstrated when he choked Clark.
#13 / 2011 june & july / 98

IN THE COMICS Originally
born on New Genesis, the unnamed youth was corrupted by
Darkseid. Darkseid made him
believe that his pet cat had killed
his pet bird. He punished the cat
by burying it alive. When the bird
came back, he killed the bird in
a fit of rage. Then he followed
Darkseid to Apokolips.
a minion of Darkseid. He owns a
series of nightclubs and throws
fetish parties, such as the Club
Desaad party hosted at Maxwell’s. Desaad first appeared,
bringing Gordon Godfrey to
Granny Goodness and explaining to her that Godfrey had been
chosen to be the third minion of
Darkseid and that their unholy
trinity was now complete with
him and they were ready to prepare for the arrival of their dark
lord and the coming war.

Alias: Doomsday
Played by: Sam Witwer and Dario Delacio
Appearances: 22 episodes

IN THE COMICS Doomsday was born on one
of the most hostile worlds in the galaxy, prehistoric
Krypton. An infant was released into this environment
and killed, the surviving and strongest genetic matter
was cloned and re-released so the process could be repeated until the resulting being was powerful enough
to survive. He became so powerful, he killed most of
the planet’s population before clinging to a cargo ship
fleeing the planet and went into space with nothing
but a strong primal hatred of all life.
IN SMALLVILLE As a human, Davis worked as
a paramedic at Metropolis General Hospital. Davis
Bloome was the Earth camouflage for the Kryptonian
creature Doomsday, the result of a fusion of genetic
material taken from the most violent Kryptonian lifeforms and the Kryptonians General Zod and Faora.
99 / 2011 june & july / #13

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